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Published: Thursday, Jan. 30 2014 6:40 p.m. MST

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Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

I've read the Bible consistently. I've discussed the Bible with Catholic Priests, Born Again Christians, Atheists, Agnostics, people in my faith etc.

What they should have surveyed is how many people have a Bible in their home and actually read from that Bible. I can't tell you the number of times I have entered a home, with the residents explaining their love and passion for the Bible. When we sit down to read it, they have to dig it out of a closet or search the room for it. Then I cleaned off the years of layers of dust from the book to start reading. You can love something I suppose, but, you can't really love it until it's a part of your life.

Danbury, CT


My experience is that Atheists are even more dogmatic and completely close-minded. I've lived in several countries where Atheism is quite strong. It is my experience that Atheists know next to nothing about the Bible. They know what's been quoted to them of a few obscure passages that support their non belief, but never, NEVER open it up to study on their own.

So unless the Atheists in Provo where you live are avid Bible readers, I'm surprised to hear you make this claim of Atheists across the country and worldwide. There is nothing to support your claim.

Danbury, CT


I'm sorry you feel that way. Originally, the New Testament was written for and read by people who were disenfranchised and castouts of society. It spread across the Roman Empire precisely because it appealed to people of different races and classes of people. It says God is "no respecter of persons", that men should "love their wives as Christ loved the Church", and many other teachings which were revolutionary in their time for preaching that all were "children of God".

I ask you to read it in the frame of someone in the first or second century, with all the class restrictions and divisions of that day. Even within Judaism, Paul and Peter and the other Apostles were pushing the envelope to embrace men and women of different nations.

You use a Greek name....have you ever been to Greece or studied ancient Greek culture?? I highly recommend it.

gambier, oh

Why does the "Christian" community in America always bring on the biggest fight against one of their staunches allies in the defense of Christ throughout the world. It is not the Atheist, it is not the Buddhists, not the Muslims, and it is always those who should be sharing with us in our efforts to bring Christ Like service to the population of God's children. I shouldn’t be amazed but I really am. I teach the Gospel Doctrine class and study the scriptures on a daily basis.

Cardiff By The Sea, CA

The magazine industry has greatly suffered since the advent of the internet. Quite frankly, most people do not subscribe to the old school magazines of the past. The printed media is on it's way out. Their investigative reporters have no budget for travel, interviews and are probably paid dismal salaries. Hence, the poor job of investigation and relying on less than credible sources for their information. There seems to be a complete lack of due diligence, fact checking and honest journalism. If there was ever a Bible reading people, it is the people of Utah.

Saratoga Springs, UT

as a 20+ year convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints i find myself disappointed sometimes at the little time I spend in the Bible. I do read daily (or at least try to) and i find that i delve into other scriptures more often (Book of Mormon primarily)
if the question were posed who reads "scriptures" more, the results would probably been much different!

Carson City, NV

Well, these studies really missed the mark! Most LDS do use lds.org to read scriptures on line because of also needing Book of Mormon and D & C scriptures. I help prepare a Sunday School lesson for my disabled grandson every Sunday so I know this. I agree with one of the other commenters, when discussing scripture with a non member I usually know more about the scriptures than they do, because of the daily scripture study and Sunday School. Bogus research I believe. And I'm a little from the old school, I love reading my scriptures from my quad, when I can hear the pages softly rustle as I turn them.

Here, UT

I grew up in the LDS church and we never read the bible at home. Never.

I read it for Seminary class, just like I read the BOM and D&C.

Even with the push from Seminary, most of the kids didn't bother to read the books. It was the same in my ward; everyone knew the basic scriptures quoted regularly, but nobody really ever read the whole book.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

It's plosable possible. I can only speak for my self, it's been years since I read any scriptures.

Gilbert, AZ

My personal experience has always been that athiests never read the Bible and that evangelical protestants only read specific verses that they often misunderstand or misinterpret to fit their own agendas. The only real in depth Bible conversations I've had have been with Mormons and Catholic priests.

Casey See

Another issue I have with this study, It only assumes that Christians and Jews are God Fearing. The question asked was, do you reay the Bible or Torah weekly or daily? So for those who are Muslim that read the Koran (Quaran or any other spelling you want to use), they have to answer no, but that doesn't mean that they are Godless people. The same could be said for a number of other religions.

A very biases poll in that it looks at spirituality can only occur via one method, their view point.

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

"...for the teachers of religion of the different sects understood the same passages of scripture so differently as to destroy all confidence in settling the questions by an appeal to the Bible." J.Smith. We used to call it "Bible bashing" in my missionary days and nothing ever came of it, except ill feelings.

Kearns, UT

Scientist, you ought to get your facts right. Mark 321 was absolutely correct. I found many dusty Bibles in my mission experience. I also found some that did have good knowlege, but no better than many Mormons that I know. I'll put my knowlege of the Bible up against any Born Again Bible Thumper any time. In fact I had that opportunity many times to use that knowlege on my mission to Texas, and my knowlege has increased over the years. No brag, just fact.

This poll is a load of manure, obviously. Unless they checked the area between 2nd North to 13th South and from 5th E to the mountains.


This morning I read Malachi chapter 4, and thus finished reading the Old Testament again. I will now start on the New Testament again. I read at least one Chapter of the Book of Mormon each day and one Chapter of one of the other standard works of the LDS Church each day. (These include the three already mentioned as well as the Doctrine & Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price. I laughed when I saw the surveys.

Evansville, IN

If the ranking is based on how often users access Gateway Bible study aids (which IS a very good, extensive resource), then it is a no-brainer that SLC comes in last. It is not a site Mormons would tend to use, even if they are studying the Bible at exceptionally high rates. It would be like measuring internet use on a computer based how often a person uses Internet Explorer while ignoring those who use Safari or Firefox.

Hayden, ID

The Pharisees were Bible scholars so evidently it takes more than just reading the Bible to find the truth.

Midwest City, USA, OK

It made sense when Time was listed as the publisher.

What's beautiful about things like this is that it really tells you up front the efficacy of who's doing what. If people released a study that listed the "most western United States cities" and put Tucson in last, you'd know there's something really wrong with the study. This is much the same case; any study or review that suggests that Salt Lake is inactive in reading the Bible is exactly the same kind of nonsense levied against the Church during the restoration. They'd might as well write an artcle suggesting that we'll use a space ship to go to a planet full of lizard people.

Honestly, atheists don't like us because we're Christian and read the Bible, and Christians don't like us because we're not Christian, we also read other stuff, and we believe things in the Bible that they don't believe. People didn't like us because we practiced polygyny, and as people riot to changing marriage, there are increasing numbers of them today who don't like us because we don't condone polygamy!

Farr West, Utah

A survey based on who uses their software? You might as well say that if evangelicals (or any other group) don't comment on this DN article they don't care about the Bible. How absurd!

Far East USA, SC

"Why does the "Christian" community in America always bring on the biggest fight against one of their staunches allies in the defense of Christ throughout the world."

It would appear that you are onto something. Look at history. This is not an isolated incident.

Religion typically does much to divide.

American Fork, UT

Church. It's always about the stats.

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