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Published: Friday, Jan. 31 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Why is this in the news section rather than being labeled an editorial?

Murray, UT

You who whine about opinion in the paper, perhaps you should not read the opinion pages if that bothers you.

Thank goodness there is a paper bold enough to print opinions that are not pre-approved by the federal government.

salt lake city, UT

Our liberal or moderate posters should not be so emotional or upset by this editorial. This is the DNews and never have proclaimed to be "fair and balanced". I assume they read this newspaper for the same reasons I do. To understand the other side, to get a different view point than what you find in other outlets. Most of what was written here was an opinion, not a fact. It was how one person views things through their life experiences and outlook. Conservatives have such a strong dis-like for this President for a multitude of reasons but the biggest is due to his success of seizing the conservative freight train that was destroying this nation. Our country is in a much better place than it was 5 years ago and is heading in the right direction and BO deserves a lot of the credit. This author and newspaper helps remind us of where we were at and what was destroying this country under conservative leadership. And for that reason alone, I will continue to read it.

Fuaamotu, Tonga

@ Doug10

"I think the author has decided to air his personal biases in this article."

Uhhh, yeah. That's why they call it "opinion."

clearfield, UT

To Ranch, FT and all the rest. I challange you to cite any newspaper, news TV show, magazine, ect that is without any kind of bias.


If things are so great with Obama these last 5 years, why are so many Democrats beginning to run away from him before election in November? The only thing you guys have is speculation, not fact, that he prevented things from getting worse. We have the same speculation that had McCain or Romney won, things would be much better. What we do have though is fact. And the fact is that after 5 years of Obama all polls show Americans see Obama as failing up to now. If he doesn't turn it around in the next few months, and the Republicans win the House again and maybe the Senate, he will end up with the most unproductive 8 years of any American presidency. However, I do hope he keeps on bombing those terriorists with the drone strikes. That is the best thing he has done.

Cedar Hills, UT

this is one of the best "spot - on" articles I have read from the Deseret News and I have to applaud the writer for a job well done. I really can't add anything more to what was said. Although I didn't quite have the stomach to watch the hour long state of the union I did read the speech afterwards and I have to marvel how a man can stand and shamelessly tout the Affordable Care Act after the past three years of bald faced lies about keeping your doctor and insurance especially knowing millions who have lost their insurance and can't afford the state exchange offerings are probably watching ...and throwing things at the TV!! The man in the Oval Office certainly lives in a bubble void of any connection with reality.

Cedar Hills, UT


Instead of falling back on the weak "partisanship" excuse it might help to actually tell us specially what was said in the article that was off base. If you check the latest ABC, NBC, Wall Street Journal polls you will see that over 60% of American agree with the writer of this article that indeed Mr Obama is not to be trusted nor is the man competent to fix the economy.

salt lake city, utah

"Partisanship rears it's ugly head once again in the DN."

Partisanship is the kindest thing you could call it. Everyone expects the DN to be partisan. I would think the continual half truths, selective memory, and lack of context would be the most upsetting to those not of the persuasion.

How do you talk about jobs without talking about an economy that was losing 250000 a month before he became President?

How do you talk about a recovery without acknowledging that we are pretty much at the same unemployment figure Regan was at in his second Presidency?

How do talk about preventable embassy tragedies without acknowledging the 13 embassy attacks in the preceding 13 years?

There's one simple answer to all those questions and it's simple partisanship. They massively dislike this President and he has cleaned their clock twice, and FT is right, this country is in a much better place than it was 5 years ago under conservative (thousands of Americans killed, trillions of dollars wasted, an economy in absolute free fall, and inequality soaring).

Grantsville, UT

Actually "The one go again" the comment about a rising tide was first used by John F Kennedy.


Why do those who love the current POTUS assume that those who do not appreciate his blind ambition and lack of experience were in complete support of the previous POTUS? Might not Bush be accountable for things, as they were when Obama took control of the executive office? I believe so. While some argue that things are better now than 5 years ago - I would ask for objective facts to prove the point. However, can you say that things are better in the 5th year of the current administration than they were in the fourth and fifth years of the previous administration? If so, what are the objective facts?

Is there any argument that Obama was one of the least qualified and least experience executives to serve in this position? A leader? Really?

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

No Mitt, no happy.

American Fork, UT

You're singing to the choir here. But I'm still not voting republican next time.

Ogden, UT

Mikhail, objective facts are sometimes difficult to come by. In the short term the unemployment rate is a quick and dirty way of looking at things. But in a prolonged downturn like we are currently experiencing, after a while people simply give up on looking. The method of calculating unemployment would have you believe that if they are not looking, they must be employed. Nor does it acknowledge the under-employed who in desperation have taken anything they can get.

A much better indicator for the current situation is the workforce participation rate. From the late 40s to the late 60s it hovered around 59 to 60 percent. Then for what ever reason, more women began working and it climbed until it leveled off at 64 percent during the Carter years. Then it rose steadily during the Reagan years, bounced around the 66 to 67 percent range all through the Bush-Clinton-Bush years. Then in 2009 it began a steep and steady dive and doesn't show any sign of a turn-around yet. Current rate is 62.8, a level we have not seen in 36 years. The current policies do not seem to have worked.

Salt Lake City, UT

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

It was actually JFK who said all boats float in a rising tide. President Kennedy would be castigated by present day liberals for his balanced and moderate policies. The accusation of partisanship by the left is an attempt to deflect the highly partisan nature of the State of the Union address. It was unvarnished campaign rhetoric. If you want unbalanced, partisan reporting read the New York TImes and other national news sources. Thanks DN for bringing some balance to the calculus.


VST, they moved it.

Salt Lake City, UT


Well said!. As a conservative Independent (former Republican) I agree with your assessment. I do not believe that Mitt Romney would have brought many solutions to America's problems other than helping the rich get richer. President Obama promoted healthcare reform which is so badly needed in America with our hopelessly broken healthcare system. At least he had the compassion to eliminate the insidious prohibition of folks with pre-existing conditions from being able to get insurance. Kudos to him for that! It appears we need to clean house in Washington, starting with the extremists in both parties and try to get good men and women who will work with integrity and collaboration to find better solutions to America's problems.

Utah Soldier
Bountiful, UT

bungalow -

How can you say that Obama cut the deficit? He is the ONLY president to have 1 billion dollar deficits - which he did 4 years. He increased both the deficit and the debt. Now, the deficit is going down, but not at the levels of Bush.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Mike Richards
"Obama has never run a business."

Hoover and Bush were business owners, how'd that work out for the nation?

@Chris B
"it soared to over 11%"

Unemployment never got to 11% under Obama, it peaked at around 10.0%.

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT


How about the auto industry bailout?

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