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Published: Friday, Jan. 31 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

When the inexperienced think that they know how to run a country because their "teacher" told them what to do, that nation will suffer. We have suffered since Obama took office. Millions of us are unemployed or underemployed. Millions of us have lost valuable health insurance or had our policies changed so that any sickness will bankrupt us. He put businesses in jeopardy when he forced them to close their doors or cut back the hours of their employees to thirty or less per week.

Obama has never run a business. Most people agree that he has never even had a real job. His experience with economics is limited to the books his professors told him to read - books that promote socialistic ideas instead of American values. He doesn't know that employees must provide value and that their value must at least equal the wage that they are paid. Raising the minimum wage does not increase an employee's value. It increases his cost. Increasing costs force businesses to either shut down or fire people.

Obama just doesn't care. He thinks he is right and that everyone else is wrong.

Ogden, UT

Hey when you're a snake oil salesman you gotta sell snake oil!


Taking credit for things that he didn't do, blaming those who oppose him for all failures, claiming that his philosophy is virtuous while it is intended to provide centralized governmental power - this is his pattern. Calling those who disagree with his philosophy ignorant, bigoted, out-of-touch, or worse appears to be his only mantra.

How is it that the citizens of this country would select a man with little experience who has embraced governing philosophies that have always failed?

Can this trend of weak thinking and uninformed and emotionally based decision making ever be reversed?

Does this man actually believe anything he says? What objective evidence do we have that we should believe anything that he says? It would appear that blindness can also be a choice…

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Barack said he'd keep unemployment below 8% if given only first of many spendathons of 787 Billion.

it soared to over 11%

Barack promised he'd cut the deficit in half in his first term.

He increased it

You'll have to forgive us if we don't believe what barack tells us he's going to do with the economy

Here, UT

Partisanship rears it's ugly head once again in the DN.

Roosevelt, UT

I think the author has decided to air his personal biases in this article. Having voted for Bush number one and two I was surprised to see Pres Obama get into office and more surprise4d to see him keep it.

However Obamacare has made some strides to identifying the huge medical problem in our country, and he did that in the face of the entire GOP party and some of his own party.

The author says that 3% of the population gets the minimum wage, yet he does not mention that in our state 17% of the population gets that minimum wage.

I have learned something in the past 5 years and that is if we want something done in this country that Mr. Romney or Mr. Boehner are not the ones to get it done.

Like him or dislike him Pres Obama is effective.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Republican President Reagan said a rising tide floats all boats...

Republican President Bush(1) said read my lips no new taxes...

Republican President Bush(2) signed off on Cheney's deficits don't matter mantra...

You'll have to forgive us if we don't believe what Reagan/Bush(1)(2)/Cheney/Republicans ever told/tell us what they were/are going to do with the economy.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Awe, yet another article with no substance and nearly all the radio head talking points listed.
This counts as an article?
The big bad Obama is the worst president since the last president, who we loved and obeyed.
"He may be the president who gave us the still scary threat of Obamacare"

Scary? Only to people who listen to their radio scare them all day.

Come on Dnews, this is not an article its a hit piece.

Provo, UT

In doing the homework, one will realize that the House of Representatives has sent many worthwhile bills to the Senate where Harry Reid has stopped them. Most bills haven't seen the light of day. Who is the obstructionist here? Please read about the scores of people who have lost their healthcare plan(s) because of Obamacare. Please read about the jobs going overseas. Please read about the Obama White House appointees...Please note that it is important to listen to and read more than one's favorite sources. I am tired of hearing about Mitt Romney and John Boehner and their inability to get things done. Where is the evidence? Mitt ran a successful business and hosted a wonderful Winter Olympics--pulling it out of the red, dealing with security issues right after 9/11--he was an Olympics boss who led by example working the venues, etc. Mitt was also a governor who, from what I have gleaned, never took a salary... Mr. Boehner and the House try, but their roadblock is the Democratic Party controlled Senate. Please read at least three different "news" sources per day, if you dare...

clearfield, UT

We all should have known/realized/seen that Obama was not going to listen to anyone except the smartest person on Earth, himself, when he asked for the Simpson/Bowles commission to come up with an economic plan, and then he totally rejected it. And we still have people who defend Obama by citing Reagan and Bush failures. Yeah, that really solves our problems in 2014. Why not go back and blame King George. It would have about as much relevance to todays problems, which are beginning their 6th year under Obama.

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT

Ambrose is trying to out-Krauthammer Krauthammer. "He may be the president who gave us . . . the most emaciated, laggard economic recovery since World War II." Um, who is it that has opposed every measure to try to deal with unemployment and jumpstart economic growth? That would be the Republican House. I would challenge the Deseret News to find an op-ed piece with some substance, some semblance of balance, and some evidence of being attached to reality. This is embarrassing and yet is symptomatic of why the GOP is struggling to retain adherents.

Charlotte, NC

It is almost impossible to take this president seriously after all the missteps and lies. If "if you like your doctor and insurance... PERIOD" wasn't enough, we now know that Benghazi was not only preventable but from declassified documents we know that he was told it was a terrorist attack the day the attack took place (remember the YouTube explanation, lol). Anything to get reelected. Now to change the subject, he goes to the tried and true class and gender warfare. And you know what? Americans were dumb enough to fall for it. They were, after all, dumb enough to reelect him.

Charlotte, NC

There you go again:

Reagan was quoting John Kennedy who was explaining why lower taxes would stimulate the economy. Yes, Kennedy was a Democrat but would have nothing in common with Barack Obama and co.

Saint George, UT

Those who support the Democratic and Republican proposals for the last twenty years or more have only to look around to see that this country is not what it was before then. It has been a slow slide into the sewer. Anybody who thinks that it is O.K. for any president, whether Republican or Democrat, to ignore the Constitution is lost! My mechanic, whom I consider the type of people that are not only the backbone of this country, but have a really good sense of when people are telling the truth, said it best, "He just needs to go away!" I could tell his measured words were the kindest he could express. This President is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country, besides the immoral and corrupt politicians, and lazy, immoral, and entitled citizenry that don't understand the difference between the Constitution and toilet paper.

Durham, NC

"Remember the Keystone XL pipeline he did not want to build even though scientists had spent three years and filled eight volumes showing it was safe?"

Jay, I do. I also know through my work with the companies involved that the route presents nothing new, but a short cut to what already exist. When you pull back the covers, it is simply a competitive play against rail... not the huge job maker as advertised by some.

It really isn't worth going line by line through this diatribe... but needless to say it is the same old talking points heard now for 5 years. DN is becoming more an outlet for biased reporting and a spokes piece for the Koch Brothers than it is a reputable news paper that speaks values that reflect its ownership. There was absolutely nothing promoted or moved forward here.... a lost opportunity to move the conversation forward.

Glendora, CA

The media will continue to rally behind their creation, Barack Obama.

Charlotte, NC


You have a very short memory. Obama got EVERYTHING he wanted for the first two years. You name it, he got it and it has been a disaster. The Democrats own it.

Driggs, ID

Re: There You Go Again - These people are no longer in office ... but you have a point. Too many citizens (me included) align ourselves on political ideals and blindly follow those who claim to represent our interests (full disclosure - I am conservative), and blindly hate those who don't. Both major parties grew government and eroded freedoms while having majority control. Meanwhile, congressional salaries and benefits continue to increase and most everyone leaves Washington quite wealthy. Instead of bickering, let's unite against our common enemy. Let's clean house in Washington and elect people who will establish term limits, representation eager to listen and compromise for the betterment of the people, and those who will eliminate or at least put constraints on lobbyists. who will listen to each other and work together. Upward mobility should not be reserved for our politicians.

Mom of 8
Hyrum, UT


Who says a newspaper is supposed to be bi-partisan? If you're looking for more liberal views, I can send you list of dozens of papers.

I challenge you to name one truly neutral paper. Besides "The National Enquirer."

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment.

I agree with your comment.


Driggs is one place Heaven can be found on this beautiful earth.

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