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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 29 2014 7:25 p.m. MST

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Tooele, UT

@ Chris B:

Two questions in reply to your recent comment...

1) Exactly how do you know the the specific reasons most BYU recruits pick BYU as their first choice?

2) How many years has it been since Utah has had "a truly amazing year" (as you put it) with Kyle as Utah's head coach?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Since 2005 byu has had 8 players drafted, 7 since 2006. Bronco and Kyle were hired in 2005 I belive so it probably makes sense to compare from 2006, but use whichever you prefer.


23 players since 2005
18 since 2006

Which one of them has had an undefeated season?
Which has ended the season in the top 5?
Which has beaten end of season 10 teams twice? And which never has done that?

Tooele, UT


I noticed you addressed only 1 of Tator's 5 points in comparison of Bronco football compared to Utah football.
I agree that the number of first round picks in recent years has been equal. Scratch that one. It's a wash.

What about his (or her) other 4 points that you failed to address?

Tooele, UT


Weren't most (if not all) of the 6 players Utah had drafted into the NFL in a single year recruited by Urban Meyer, who coached just before Kyle?

Stockton, CA

What put Utah on the map and left it with a national reputation was Urban Meyer. When he left, so did his shadow. Kyle was trained by Urban, so he's been able to prolong the effect, but it's fading. That could change with circumstances in the future, but the forseeable doesn't portend that.

Cheyenne, WY

Does anyone know whether Isaiah Kaufusi has committed somewhere all the sites say no but his twitter account says he is byu bound?


Regardless, they're fun to watch and follow. When you know your abilities, the exciting thing is to exceed them and surprise others in the process. This happens every week during the season and is one of the joys I get in following them closely. Just imagine the excitement for the twos as they prepare to defend the vacated one position and take possession of it.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"Weren't most (if not all) of the 6 players Utah had drafted into the NFL in a single year recruited by Urban Meyer, who coached just before Kyle?"

Are you sure you want to play that game?

Do you know how many guys Bronco has recruited and had drafted in his ENTIRE time at byu? And remember, don't blame me, you're the one who brought up recruited and drafted.

Number of guys Bronco has recruited and had drafted:

10? Nope
9? Nope
8? Nope
7? Nope
6? Nope
5? Nope
4? Nope
3? Nope
2? Nope
1? Nope!

Zero! Bronco has NEVER recruited a guy that has been drafted yet. Ya, go ahead and tell me Van Noy will be drafted. He'll be Bronco's first guy EVER that he's drafted and recruited.

Glad you brought up that good point though about other coaches recruiting certain players!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Who are the 2+ players byu has had drafted in the first round in the last 3 years. You say byu has more than Utah, and Utah has had 1.

Who are your 2+?

This should be good...

Lincoln City, OR

oh chris, so many inaccuracies... A coach gets recruiting credit for any player that starts playing for his team after he becomes coach of that team... Max Hall, Ziggy Ansah, Vic So'oto, Harvey Unga all came into the program under Bronco and he gets recruiting Credit... He will also get credit for Van Noy, Hoffman, Hadley, Manumaleuna, and Sorenson when they get drafted this year... And he will get credit for Bills and Hill when they finish.

As you know (or should know) a BYU coach has a long pipeline because of Missions and Red shirting so it takes awhile for a player to get through... In 5 to 6 years time Whittingham will be embarrasses with a comparison to Bronco... (That is if Whittingham hasn't been fired by then).

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Are you really going to blame the 18 to 7 difference(starting with 2006 draft) on a mission pipeline? Right, because Bronco probably has 10+ guys that will be drafted in the next year or two window?

At most Bronco should only be behind Whittingham by a 2 year average, and that's being generous since not all byu players go on missions and some Utah do players do. But lets be generous to you and say 100% of all byu players go on missions and 0% of Utah players do, even so at most you would be behind 2 years.

18 to 7

Draper, UT

Not sure how many making comments have been directly involved in a D1 Football Recruiting Process... Locally, BYU + Utah really have taken the local recruits for granted. Many have insinuated via their posts that BYU goes after a "special" type of athlete - well they missed out on their poster boy this year and a local kid. MACK RICHARDS was probably The Best Playmaker/Receiver in Utah last year and maybe even at the College Level. I'm a BYU Alum + a 25 seasons BYU Football Season Ticket Holder- I'm not sure that I'm a BYU Football Fan right now. I witnessed this past Season's underwhelming results. Not so sure about BYU's future. BYU offers Mack Richards "preferred" walk-on but they say they want speed, athleticism + principled-based recruit... not too sure who/what they want anymore. I'm not interested in watching a QB who's allowed to pull the ball + run 20+ /game when their best RB gets 10 touches + QB can't make a read on a pass play past his 1st primary. Really? BYU needs to remember what made them a good-to almost-great program.


From what I'd heard BYU had decided not to offer any scholarships but to extend their holier than thou "preferred walk on" status to these players. After all who wouldn't want to play for BYU?

West Point , UT

At some point Chris B is going to realize how much his NFL players argument makes Bronco look like a MUCH better coach than Whitt. One coach is outperforming his talent while the other is grossly underachieving.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

"My daddy can whip your daddy"! Boo hoo. Oh, my. The pettiness is overwhelming. Besides, "What difference, at this point, does it make"?!

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