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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 29 2014 7:25 p.m. MST

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Highland, UT

Other than Trey Dye, who played in our league before he moved to Texas, I have no idea how good any of these kids are as players. But one thing you can count on is that these kids have been well vetted for character and all that come will be fine additions to our community. Congratulations to those that are already committed and to those still trying to decide I hope you find what you are looking for here and decide to come to BYU.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

It will be interesting to see if byu can reverse the trend of 4 years in a row losing the recurring battle both head to head and average stars to a power conference program here in our state. In fact, byu's best average star rating of the last 4 years is still worse than the worst year of the last 4 for that power conference program.

Best of luck to all recruits.

Mcallen, TX

BYU has won more football games, (year in & year out), for decades,-than any other team in the state.

I'm sure this class will keep the tradition going.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

I'm sure these recruits are relieved to know that they aren't being recruited by a lame-duck coach. I would really hate to be recruited by a coach with one foot out the door. I'm sure these kids will do great.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Chris B,

It sure would be interesting to see if that team you speak of is going to be able to win enough games to keep the coach employed. That isn't a powerhouse program. Of course you could be referring to SUU.

springville, UT

Maybe they just wanted to play in a bowl game during their college careers?

Provo, UT


Do you honestly think byu is better than the other two top programs in the state? Honestly?

If byu and Utah switched schedules last year what would their records have been? Utah would have had at least one more win than byu did because Utah beat byu. Byu would have been 4-8, 5-7 if they got lucky, if not worse than that.

How byu fans could possibly think they have any bragging rights of utah fans is absolutely 100% beyond me. byu has lost 4 in a row to utah. you have to be delusional to somehow convince yourself that byu is better. it just doesn't make any sense at all to a rational human being.

I'm not saying utah is hot stuff, or that they are miles ahead of byu, but they have proven 4 years in a row that they are clearly the best program in the state.

Cheyenne, WY

Just a little research doesnt matter much because signing day is about a week away.
Head to Head BYU-3 Utah-1
BYU 2.71 star average Utah 2.52
Utah is tied with colorado for 2nd worst star average in power conference recruiting classes (Wake Forest worst).
BYU is better in star average than 12 power conference schools.
Utah class is 7 commits larger it is higher to maintain the high stars with the bigger class.
Both teams are working on some good recruits that could bring the average up, or other recruits that could bring the average down.

Hyrum, UT

@ Chris B:

Everything appears normal. The original anti-BYU being one of the first once again to comment on an article 100% about BYU.

One clarification, Chris. The things you mentioned... winning the head-to-head battle in recruiting... is mostly subjective... one person's opinion over another. Thanks for yours, but it doesn't seem to carry much weight with most of the other people commenting here.

The article mentioned some of these players also being recruited (and perhaps even offered) by Utah. And yet they've have already committed to BYU. Not an indicative sign of any other school winning a recruiting "war" against BYU. All schools win some and lose others.

Even player stars is mostly subjective. Different people rate different strengths differently. Not all rating services rate each player the same. So again, who won or wins the recruiting "war" is mostly just opinion. How each team does on the field is what really counts.

Who usually wins the most games... BYU
Who lately has won head to head... Utah
Who is consistently ranked higher... BYU
Who plays and wins more bowl games... BYU
Who plays on national tv the most... BYU.

Hyrum, UT

@ reasonableUTE:

Since BYU and Utah will never be switching schedules, we have to decide on what those 2 teams do with the schedules they have.

And you have to concede one overlooked point. Kudos to BYU for not getting in over their heads regarding their schedules. Utah truly seems to be drowning with their conference schedules.

They would've been better off impressing everyone in the MWC than being made fun of as a consistent cellar team in the PAC12. No doubt their fans would be happier, too. And Utah wouldn't be needing to change offensive coordinators every year.

So in light of that, BYU does win more games, qualifies for more bowls and is consistently ranked better nationally than any other college football program in the state. How could any objective observer not rate them as the best in the state?

@ Chris B:

Though obviously still an ultra-Ute fan, thank you for being more civil than with most past anti-BYU comments. I see progress being made which might lead to actual, meaningful back and forth commenter dialog. Such things are appreciated.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I am certain that these are fine young men. They also look like more of the same. It should be obvious by now that the present level of recruits cannot take us to the next level of performance. The Cougars need more "speed" (you know what that means), size, and strength. Still, no matter how good they are, without a more creative offense 7-9 wins is the best we can do. Being able to score inside the twenty is a hallmark of a successful program. Unfortunately, it is not BYU's strength.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

This is gearing up to be one of our best, if not the best recruit class ever.

Murray, UT

That is what EVERY fan says of EVERY class every year. We won't really know for 3 or 4 years (or in BYU's case 5 or 6)

Provo, UT

@ Tators

Once again, a byu fan conveniently overlooks the fact that byu hasn't beat utah in 4 years. In regards to who recruits better, I think star rankings are a complete waste of time. The only way to tell who recruits better players is pitting those players against each other. Utah has won 4 times in a row against byu.

you are right, the teams can't switch schedules, so arguing that because one team has more wins they are better is ridiculous. Any sane person knows the only practical way of deciding which team is better is by pitting them against each other and watching the game play out. We both know this is true, stop trying to pretend it isn't.

Provo, UT

@ Tators

So you are saying that Utah State is the best program in the state? They finished with the best record, and were ranked the highest at the end of the season. So according to your logic, despite the fact that Utah State lost to both Utah and BYU they are the best program in the state. Hopefully by now you can see how ridiculous your argument is.

Highland, UT

christina BYU's class is higher than utah's in average star rating on both Scout and Rivals. utah's is rated higher overall because of total numbers of committments but they have virtually no chance of catching BYU in average stars, and that gap will widen if Damien Mama, the #1 rated offensive guard in the country, commits this weekend. utah is a program in serious decline and that trend is going to continue as the losses continue to pile up.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA


"BYU has won more football games, (year in & year out), for decades,-than any other team in the state."

Wrong. My nephew's Pop Warner football team wins like 13 games every year. Clearly they are the best football program in the state.

Or is my logical fallacy going to force you to recognize your own?

Layton, UT

Players that sign with byu make a unique commitment and should be congratulated.

Chris B,
Let them sign who they can, they're not a threat.

Provo, UT

@ duckhunter

Utah is a program in serious decline? What does that say about byu?

I don't understand recruiting rankings smack on the Utah or BYU side honestly. The only real way to determine which team has the better players and coach is by having those teams play each other, and watching those players go head to head against one another. We all know how that turns out every year for Utah and BYU.

BYU fans say, "well byu finished ahead of utah in the rankings this year so they are the best program in the state." Completely ignoring the fact that Utah State finished ahead of byu in the rankings and finished with a better record. If you go by head to head wins, Utah is the best program in the state. If you go by end of season rankings Utah State is the best. No matter which way you slice it, BYU is cannot be the logical choice for the best in state program.

Henderson, NV

Wayne Rout,

BYU has been searching for 'more speed' for a long, long time. I have been watching their games and following them since 1984. Some times they get some and often times not. There is not typically a lot of speed in the LDS athlete pool. BYU gets good athletes though. And probably will continue to do so. But their worth often times is heavier on technique, character, and overall production in their sport - often times not due as much to overall physical athleticism. Is that equation going to change? Probably not. BYU has to make do more with maximizing scheme, execution, etc etc. For example, this past year in football they 'left a lot on the field' in terms of scheme and execution. Their record could no doubt have been better with maximizing those things, despite maybe giving up a bit with regard to certain athleticism qualities in some ways. And they still went to a bowl game....

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