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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 29 2014 4:55 p.m. MST

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Richfield, UT

I think this bothers me because I have a close family member currently involved in one of these programs due to their actions becoming a legal issue so it was court ordered, it appears this behavior is rooted in issues from years earlier with an absentee parent who is no longer a factor. The program outlines how they work, the expectations, amount of supervision, visit rules, contracts to follow said rules wether at the facility or off the grounds, how counseling will work first individual & group at the home, then progressing into family first with parents & child & so on.

I have watched this poor kid that was so defiant & dangerous to herself & others go from defiant to scared to improving greatly! She is now doing extremely well in school making up credits for when she was failing miserably, being polite, dressing modestly without complaint, & thrilled to see family members she was so angry with all the time. This turnaround was not overnight, she had to spend about 4 months away from home messing up losing privileges left & right at first having awful court dates. About 3 months ago she & turned that corner. She is still full of life & really happy!

brian timothy
Lehi, UT

Phil mcgraw is looking out for .... phil. He espouses that these treatment facilities are the best of the best. Every one and everybody he mentions or refers to ... are the best of the best. He has representatives from these places in the audience and they get their 2 minutes of blurbing. don't know if you've noticed but they all say the same things about their programs. Best of the Best. I truly doubt mr mcgraw has been to any of these places and done any thorough review of what happens. Nope, don't believe it. There is lots of money in the psychology game and unfortunately there's one guy who wiggled his way into it. ... at the expense of many broken families and individuals. His spiel is formulaic, predictable and unimaginative and often dangerous (per the lawsuit noted here. And the list could go on and on. oh, and by the way, This ain't the first rodeo I've been to either. Pretty apt description ... rodeo.
okay - that's my 2 bits - could write a book

Sophie 62
spring city, UT

Anyone who watches Dr Phil knows that he is blunt and direct and doesn't suffer fools gladly. Why anyone would go on tv to air their problems is beyond me, but they had plenty of chances not to do it. He didn't call them up and say, "I hear you have a promiscuous teenager, come on my show and let me publicly embarrass you."
They initiated the contact. They chose to appear on tv with him, knowing he doesn't pull punches when trying to get to the heart of a problem. Now they're embarrassed? Good grief.
He offered to pay for therapy, and let me tell you, these facilities are not cheap. Yet again they had the choice, and also the responsibility to check out the place, get references, ask their doctors for recommendations, and so on.
We don't have enough information about what happened to the girl to judge whose fault it was that her arm was injured. But it sure isn't Dr Phil's.
I think some lawyer and these parents are going for the big bucks. Sadly, the girl will lose.

Mchenry, IL

If a medical doctor makes an error it's not the parents fault for going to that doctor. He places himself as health care family repairer guide and also needs to take responsibility when his council goes terribly wrong. Further it's a crime for an adult to sleep with a minor. He said they would help them, they didn't. What made that place chosen? it's not okay to break someone's arm for not obeying you. The 15 year old didn't chose to be there. She can not sign a waiver to be on a show. She is a minor. Instead of protecting her from being sexually abused by adults near her she was sent to a place that physically abused her and probably more. Why is unbelievable doc phil would need to be accountable. It is not okay to entertain at the expense of vulnerable people. It's not okay to pretend to be an expert. I think the suit may make people think twice about going on, realizing it doesn't always equate to getting help in exchange of embarrassment.

Logan, UT

You know... It cracks me up.. .they wanted help with their "out-of-control" daughter... It never ceases to amaze me that they ask for help, they get it, and just because they don't like what it takes to be a "real parent" they are now looking to make some easy money out of the situation. They should be sent to the facility to learn how to be actual Parents.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sounds like the parents should be sued for prostituting their child on media, causing her issues to be publicly known, putting her at risk, not properly investigating the school into which they put her. These parents, her legal guardians, are once again passing responsibility onto others, when they should be the ones taking the blame and paying the lawsuit.

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