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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 29 2014 2:30 p.m. MST

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2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Ya... Because we saw Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were totally willing to cross over the isle on Obamacare. What a hoot!


I'm really surprised people weren't more concerned about the National Debt. You can have a great economy, but if the debt keeps increasing the economy will have to be absolutely FANTASTIC for the foreseeable future for the debt not to become a real show-stopper (even if economy does well).

Oh well... I guess we're attracted by shiny things the media dangles in front of us, and we can only focus on one thing at a time (because healthcare and Social Security dropped right off the chart) and a lot of people are unemployed today... so it's natural the economy would be #1.


I wonder who would be better equipped to manage an economy turn around? Barack Obama (who has never worked in a corporation), or Mitt Romney (who has turned around hundreds of failing companies and got them growing and hiring again and making profits again)?

Oh well... we want the economy to recover... but we keep demonizing corporations and any politicians who don't hate corporations... I guess that makes sense...

Cedar Hills, UT

just look at his embarrassing poll numbers and that pretty much tells the tale. His speech yesterday was the least watched state of the union in the past 20 years and for good reason - people listened to the man LIE for 4 years regarding "if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance period" and now they are supposed to tune in and listen to more lies? Once your credibility is gone people tune you out and they have tuned Barack out. He is NOT a serious leader and so expecting some great new innovative solutions for the nation is a joke. The ONLY thing we learned from the speech was the fact that the man has decided to become a KING now and by-pass congress since they refuse to rubber stamp his proposals as he expects. What a sorry excuse for a leader.

Cedar Hills, UT

Barack's got this all figured out...increase taxes and cut jobs via Obamacare.

Mcallen, TX

Don't need to strengthen the economy!

We have food stamps, and other subsides.

Forget your independence, Barry will take care you.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Speaking just for myself, I learned plenty - about patriot.

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