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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 29 2014 1:20 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Well lets see.

Did unemployment stay below 8% when barack said it would if he was allowed just the first of many spendathons of 787 Billions?

No, it soared to over 11%

Did barack cut the deficit in half in his first term like he said?

No, he increased it at unprecedented levels

West Jordan, UT

I disagree with those economists who think that raising the minimum wage is a good thing. It seems like the only things being looked at with this issue is helping people pay bills - which is fine, but there is a whole other side to this story that is not mentioned nor considered. By raising the minimum wage, employers must pay higher benefit costs for those employees, payroll taxes go up, salary compression becomes a real issue (if the bottom rises, then what is the new worth of the jobs above?), costs of good sold are likely to go up or jobs will be lost to compensate for the rise in wages, etc. I think what would be better is not higher wages but better opportunity. Make education more affordable. Re-organize health care so that it is more affordable (the ACA is NOT affordable in my opinion but quite the opposite). The government needs to quit politicking and focus on bi-partisan results/solutions that work in the short/long-term, and not just for special interest groups.

concord, 00

I am not against raising the wage a reasonable amount but I am 100% against tying it to inflation. This will only lead to a spiraling cycle of increased inflation and minimum wage increases that will devalue the dollar and cause far more damage than it is trying to fix.

Charlotte, NC

Redistributing income does not stimulate anything. But it gets the conversation away from health insurance and Benghazi!

Provo, UT

If we wait for our typical corporations and small business to increase wages of their own volunteer free will and choice, we will continue to get more of the same only worse: tiny worker wages and a disparity of management wages to worker wages of about 4000 dollars to 1 dollar.

Sierra Vista, AZ

If he thinks it is such a great idea to raise the minimum wage 40%, yes 40%, then what is up with giving loyal Federal workers a 1%, yes 1% raise once in the last five years, and no other, yet he has increase our health care contributions, lower our retirement..., so what, we don't count, or he is doing this on the backs of Federal workers? He has done nothing in his entire time in office except hurt the working people of this nation.

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