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Published: Thursday, Jan. 30 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Forbes magazine, which no one would accuse of being part of the "liberal media", ran a piece on this plan yesterday. Their conclusion was that it amounted to a tax cut on corporations and a tax increase on workers. Republicans just can't seem to help themselves, everything they do takes away from workers and gives to corporations.

Far East USA, SC

The GOP has FINALLY, after years of carping, after 40+ votes to kill, after screaming repeal and replace, they have finally written an actual replacement proposal.

They will quickly find out that the devil is in the details (as it always is)

I am quite confident that it has some good and bad parts, just like Obamacare, just like any piece of legislation.

And, given the GOP bases stance that really pushed Repeal and then do nothing, I have a suspicion that the pushback for the Patient Care Act will come as loudly from the right as the left.

Regardless, at least the GOP has actually written something. I have been carping for them to put forth a real plan, and now they have done it.

So, I will commend them for doing so.

Now, they will have to defend it.

Wonder what Mike Lee thinks about it. (I think I could guess)

Hayden, ID

Democrats will never go for this health care plan because it leaves too much freedom of choice for insured people, for doctors, your insurer and that is too practical. Demos must control you, your insurer and your doctor for them to approve.

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

@ JoeBlow. The difference that you will see is that the GOP plan will not be forced upon us, concocted behind closed door, bribery used to get it passed (Louisiana or Nebraska purchases),explained with "we will have to pass it to know what's in it", lied about ("If you like your insurance you can keep it, Period"). and mandated! It will be open, honest, clear and it will actually help patients, doctors and insurers, not destroy them.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

Sounds like it has some solid points (and a few glaring weaknesses).

But the real issue is timing.

This should have been on the table when the ACA was initiated.

The Republicans are a day late and a dollar short here. I hope they learn to come to the table at the right time when key legislation is being produced.

South Jordan, UT

Dan conveniently forgot to mention the part where it will start taxing your health care plans from your employer. As the first comment mentioned, it's nothing more than a massive Tax burden shift from the wealthy and business to the middle working class.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Read the text of the proposed Patient CARE Act, it is only eight pages. Lookup the word "gobbledygook". The "new" plan is not an authorized duty of Congress. Nothing in the Constitution allows the Federal Government to regulate or issue health insurance. Insurance companies are not controlled by the Federal Government, nor are they subject to Interstate Commerce laws, because their license to operate limits them to issue policies within a State.

Insurance is a mess, but it is a mess because of government. Look what Obama has done. He has destroyed an industry that is the backbone of the stock market. Where do you think insurance companies put the money they receive from premiums? It is invested. In the worst case, they can invest premiums for at least thirty-days before paying for services. That "float" adds billions to the stock market, billions that enable the common person to borrow for a house or a car.

The Federal Government can help in limited ways:

- Tort reform

- Equality in issuing policies

- Equality in pricing (the lowest price a doctor charges is the price he charges for all patients)

salt lake city, utah

Dan, forgot to mention the plan has a new tax on workers. Your employer health insurance will now be taxable (first 67% I think).

Tax subsidies to the working poor. Guess what they all ready have deductions that eliminate their federal taxes.

The plan does nothing to ensure everyone has skin in the game. In fact it expressly guarantees we will still have large numbers of folks using the ER as their medical plan. Aside from the fact this is not good for the individual it's horrible for everyone else who is paying.

The one place the plan could gain traction is the ability to have a crappy plan if that is what you want. Albeit it only effects a small portion of Americans it's the battle cry of the republicans.

There's still no chance it has any hope of becoming law until there is another President.

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

@ isrred. Since the "rich" pay the vast majority of taxes that are paid, your suggestion that this is a tax burden shift away from the wealthy is nonsense. The wealthiest Americans pay nearly 80% of all federal taxes and about 47% of other Americans pay no federal income taxes at all. So please explain how this plan shifts the burden onto the middle class? Incidentally, about 80% of us get our healthcare insurance from our employers as part of our compensation package which means business is already paying for the vast majority of our healthcare insurance, so what changed? To provide healthcare insurance to the poor, someone has to pay for it and the truth is we already are! Why do you think hospitals charge $5.00 for an aspirin tablet? There is no such thing as something for nothing.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The ACA is working...

It's putting private insurance in "a precarious position". That's what it was intended to do.

It's supposed to cause the crisis that will get Americans out of their private insurance and running to the Government for refuge. Then Democrats will be forced to take over this whole industry... (for our own good of course).


It's a downward spiral folks. When not enough young/healthy people sign up for insurance... Premiums must skyrocket (or they won't have the $$$$ to pay our medical bills. When premiums skyrocket... people will bail and go to the cheaper/subsidized government plans. Businesses decide they can't afford to provide this benefit and dump their employees on the Government plan... and Democrats will have to take over (for our own good).

Then there will be no competition, and the only forces remaining to force improvements to the system... is how loudly and effectively we can howl and petition the Government to improve our healthcare.

I just hope it won't get political (right). Or Democrats only listen to the people/communities that voted for them, or communities who's votes they want to extract with their favors.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, the GOP has the New Jersey governor to use his methods to get what they want.

Springville, UT

Where were the Republicans four years ago when the ACA was being discussed? (Hatch refused to participate in the discussions).

At this point, the ACA is pretty much entrenched and by the time this legislation went anywhere, which it won't, it would be disruptive. These Senators would do better to proposes specific ideas/legislation that addresses the weaknesses of the ACA and makes it better. But they won't. Here's why. This is nothing but a tactic for the upcoming elections. Mark my word on that.

South Jordan, UT

Four years ago, the GOP cried for patience to analyze and study and come up with a good plan instead of implementing a poor plan. ACA was rushed and ill-conceived. It was wholly and completely driven by politics and had nothing to do with trying to help people.

Where is it today? More people are uninsured today as a result of this plan that were uninsured four years ago without it. It is accomplishing the exact opposite of its stated intents. Of course, the stated intents were not what the Dems were really aiming for. ACA was a Trojan Horse and the gullible part of our society is still trying to drag it through our front door despite its overtly apparent flaws.

I applaud the GOP for not having a comprehensive plan four years ago (they had several plans with much smaller scope and an idea to more gradually overhaul medical insurance). Any plan four years ago would have been equally ill-conceived. They would have been as short-sided as the Democrats.

Far East USA, SC

"The difference that you will see is that the GOP plan will not be forced upon us, concocted behind closed door"

Oh Puleeze.

The insurance mandate was a GOP idea to begin with.

"bribery used to get it passed"

Unfortunately, this happens quite often in all kinds of legislation. You act as though this is the first time.

And the oft used "we will have to pass it to know what's in it"

This refers to evolving legislation. There is no sense in carping about legislation that is being modified. Until they agree on a final version and pass it, the general public does not know what is in it. Just red meat for the right.

"It will be open, honest, clear and it will actually help patients, doctors and insurers, not destroy them."

We will see. But you seem to have made that declaration, why? Just because the GOP proposed it?

I predict there will be strong GOP pushback from the hard right.

Your rant would appear to just be partisan acceptance of GOP proposed legislation.

Gotta love that mentality that "If only we would let the GOP run everything, life would be grand."

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

JoeBlow. Well, we are seeing what happens when Demos run everything aren't we?

Salt Lake City, UT

If you could deduct all your medical expenses, including healthcare premiums, from your taxable income, that, alone, would be a great help.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

The real republican plan: Cut taxes on the rich, increase taxes on the poor and middle class and leave millions without access to health coverage.

2 bit
Cottonwood Heights, UT

RE this question from Esquire 8:21...
"Where were the Republicans four years ago when the ACA was being discussed?"...

Locked out of the room (with lock and key). Remember... Democrats actually changed the locks on the chamber doors so Republicans couldn't enter the room while they were working out the ACA.

You have a very short memory.


This was a VERY sobering event at the beginning of the Obama Administration. It revealed the REAL Barack Obama style of governing (not the "hope & change", and "no more Washington as usual"... he promised during the campaign). I think it was an important event in American History and will have repercussions for a long time.

But to answer your question of where Republicans and their suggestions were back when ACA was begin written... they were locked out. Told "We don't need your votes", and, "We don't care what you have to say, we have the votes to do this... and we're going to do whatever we want".

NOT a good first step if you are trying to change "Washington as usual". I thought "Change" meant more bipartisan... not more dictatorial!

Provo, UT

As for the cries of "This is a huge tax on workers!" You DO realize, don't you, that Obamacare already has taxes on employee health plans, right? If your health plan is "too good" you get to pony up some more, on top of your premiums.

I think the point of the GOP plan is to try and wrest control of the insurance from employee plans to people plans. So you can get your own plan without relying on your employer.

Saint George, UT

Roland Kaiser: Wow, I found something with which I can agree! The Republican plan is horrible. However, what you and the rest of the everything is free crowd don't realize is that there is isn't a snails difference in the end between Obamacare and the Republican alternative. It means less freedom, more tyranny, worse healthcare,but more power in the cesspool of Washington. What world do people live in who think that Washington is a sacred cow that must be worshiped and obeyed?

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