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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 28 2014 10:40 p.m. MST

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Castle Valley, Utah

It's so sweet that so many showed up for the "battle", but....um....this is only going in one direction. On the one side there is an argument, and on the other there isn't.

South Jordan, UT

Why do protesters have to show ill-mannered action when the other side of traditional marriage just want to meet and express their views in an honest and straight-forward manner? Let every man have his turn to say what is in his heart. To be disruptive during a a man's sincere speech is very disrespectful and does nothing for your cause!

Salt Lake City, UT

I enjoyed attending the traditional marriage rally this evening, and loved seeing so many people coming together to voice their support of a child's basic right to a mother and father.

equal protection
Cedar, UT

These arguments simply have no common sense and are not grounded in reality.

1. "Biology is not Bigotry." Assisted Reproduction is Biology and legally available for both opposite sex and same-sex couples, therefore civil marriage is not logically limited or defined by biology or body parts.

2. "Every child deserves a mom and a dad." Civil marriage law doesn't make that determination for same-sex couples, adoption and reproductive law are obviously the correct legal tools. Marriage discrimination only hurts same-sex families, without legal rights, spousal health care, end of life decision making, social security and pension benefits to name just a few of the approximate 1100.

3. Some explain to me what they mean by "We believe in traditional marriage"...which tradition? History is riddled with dozens of different variations...and exactly are they trying to protect it FROM? Historical view provides perspective; "We are not against anyone, we simply believe in marriage for only those of the same race."
In the words of Bishop Desmond Tutu: “I am not interested in picking up crumbs of compassion thrown from the table of someone who considers himself my master. I want the full menu of rights.”

St. George, UT

If this really is about the children (it changes every other day) then what about considering the interests of those children already being raised by same-sex parents. Do you propose to take them away from these couples? What about same sex couples getting married is bad for the kids they are already raising? I see that as a very important and valuable step toward protecting those kids from harm. How, exactly, will kids who would otherwise be in a home with their biological parents, be harmed by this? Are same-sex couples going to steal children from heterosexual couples?

Look people, none of the arguments the opponents are presenting are logical. They are driven by a religious mandate, pure and simple. Allowing same-sex marriage in the state of Utah would undermine the very foundation of the Mormon religion. THAT is why, despite presenting no compelling evidence that children are at risk, these people are so afraid. This is an existential threat to their religion. It is time to call a spade a spade.

Bob A. Bohey
Marlborough, MA

The anti-constitutionalist religiously aligned must come to the understanding that no religious rationalization makes their position right or legal under the Constitution of the United States.
I applaud the young people at the rally that challenged the anti's and reminded them that their continued discrimination will not be tolerated.


Being "for traditional marriage" does put oneself against gay people and their civil rights, contrary to Amendment 3 supporters' claims. It's like someone saying in the 50's that they're "for white rights", but "definitely not against black people, heavens no". There's no good way to sugarcoat discrimination.

play by the rules

I saw a very large group of Traditional marriage backers who were respectful and well behaved. I saw another group filled with hate with posters of religious symbols slashed out. It spoke volumes of the two sides of the argument.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I was at this rally. The only ones who were disrespectful of anyone were the LGBT protesters and hecklers. They were REALLY tacky. BTW, there were a lot more than 700 people there in support of traditional marriage.

Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez was particularly powerful with his appeal in favor of children's rights to have both a mother and a father. Being raised in a same-sex home and living in the gay community for 40 years, he knows whereof he speaks. I encourage everyone to go on youtube and listen to his story.

It was stated at the rally that our country has gone to a very dark place. That is true and if we don't turn it around, I'm not sure how much time is left for us as a nation or as a civilization.

play by the rules

I will stand with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob on this issue.

Murray, UT

From the article, a homosexual partner with children said "We are not asking for something different or special, just what everyone is getting."

Too bad he didn't think about 'his?' children's desire to have what everyone else is getting, a Mother and a Father. He freely took that from them, without thinking about what they would want.

No surprise that there was a rude and uncivil outburst from the SSM side. They have progressively become less tolerant over the last few years. I posted that it was likely on Monday. I am no prophet, it was just easy to see coming.

Los Angeles, CA

They have never found that their is anything in one's 'biology' that determines that one is 'gay' though they had certainly made many efforts to find some link. All have failed. Even more recent studies on identical twins where one became gay and one not failed to determine that one is born 'gay.' Biology is biology and one is female or male though sometimes something happens in development where one is born with the sex organs of both. But their chemical makeup still is male or female. Simply put. If one has chosen to live a gay life style they have that freedom of choice. But all applicable research still shows children do best ideally in a traditional family situation, as long as it is within a 'good' or 'healthy' situation.

Salt Lake City, UT

"We are past the point of needing or wanting you to understand, it is clear that the tears, heartache and devastation do not speak to your hearts," she said, addressing opponents of same-sex marriage. "We are past the point of civility, as calling us unnatural, asking us to stifle our love and promoting only one type of family as traditional is beyond being civil."

This is precisely why I have become unsympathetic toward same-sex marriage. At one point, I was a supporter who lost friendships over my views on SSM. However, as the movement has developed I have watched it become an ugly smear campaign, void of any even attempt to understand or compassion for those who disagree. The tactics and rhetoric used by proponents of SSM are more akin to those used by Tammany Hall than to those employed by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, leaving any comparison to the civil rights movement farcical and lacking.

Indeed, as Gandhi (to whom they should look more closely for inspiration) said, "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind".

Salt Lake City, UT

For marriage, not against anyone... says the signs held up by people who are directly against marriages (and anything similar like civil unions since Amendment 3 banned those too) for same-sex couples.

Pleasant Grove, UT

@play by the rules

"I will stand with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob on this issue."

You do recall, of course, that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had multiple wives. Can we assume this means you're in favor of polygamy?

Rep. LaVar Christensen seems to think that our legislature has been elected to represent either God or Christianity, rather than the voters. This is a republic; not a theocracy, and Rep. Christensen would doubtless be outraged if another representative announced that he was backing a measure in the name of Krishna, Shiva, Allah or Mohammed.

I saw all the same arguments used years ago when the "defense of marriage" issue was interracial marriage. They didn't fly then and they won't fly now. And unless people are prepared to take some sort of legal action against the millions of single-parent homes with children, the "children need two parents" argument is clearly just a pretext.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

People are still making supremely ignorant, arrogant comments about choosing to be gay. If one stops and thinks logically then that should be a choice for everyone. If you are heterosexual ask yourself when you made that choice. It's just they way you are. Once you arrive at this epiphany then a person with a soul and a heart cannot wish to deprive two loving people the chance to be married.

Sugar City, ID

If we expand the definition of marriage to include same sex couples, where does it stop? If homosexuals can marry because they are presently committed to each other, why can't polyamorous families (two or more adults of different sexes) be allowed to marry also? Already there are hundreds of thousands of these "families" in the USA anxiously looking forward to the recognition of gay marriage so they can receive legal recognition. Or what will prevent three or more people of the same sex to marry? Before long, the word "marriage" will have not any meaning at all. What we will have is social chaos: lots more children being raised in dysfunctional homes, more poverty, more crime, more child abuse, more divorce, more venereal disease and higher taxes. This is a legitimate concern. I've yet to hear a logical response to this concern from anyone supporting gay marriage. Doesn't he state of Utah has a legitimate interest in preventing this kind of social disruption and abuse of children.

Los Angeles, CA

The people who claim to be "supporting traditional marriage" aren't really being honest. Marriage between heterosexuals is not threatened here. They aren't "supporting traditional marriage" they are trying to prevent gay people from having equal rights. Marriage equality won't make heterosexual marriage illegal.

Salt Lake City, UT

Badgerbadger: "Too bad he didn't think about 'his?' children's desire to have what everyone else is getting, a Mother and a Father."

I would maintain that having two parents period is much more important than having one of each sex. It's more about sharing workload than gender modeling. Consider that there are no "accidents" with same sex couples. Every child is wanted. Can't say that about straight parents. Given that about half of marriages end in divorce, straights are doing more than there share of ensuring that children are denied a mother and father. The percentages show that political effort would be better spent shoring up hetero marriages than fighting gay marriage, if you sincerely want to help children.

Cats: "Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez was particularly powerful with his appeal in favor of children's rights to have both a mother and a father. Being raised in a same-sex home and living in the gay community for 40 years, he knows whereof he speaks."

I haven't seen the video you cite, but it seems like he has turned out pretty well despite his alleged limited upbringing. He is his own counterexample.

Queen Creek, AZ

It sounds like in 2004, UT voters spoke their minds about what they wanted, which was a traditional definition of what marriage is, and what marriage isn't. Like JSB said, if the line is erased between hetero and homosexual marriage, then that line doesn't just encircle those two types of relationships, but has to now be redrawn to include (and exclude) whatever else people may find acceptable or off limits. I've yet to hear a valid argument about this topic that doesn't include disparaging terms like "bigot" and "homophobe" to mar the traditionalists as insensitive and reproachful. This ad hominem approach is disdainful and lacks merit; furthermore, it is not helpful in coming to an agreement we can all live with. I believe in traditional marriage because to me, it is sacred. When God joined Adam and Eve, He sanctified and approved this family unit as the basis for all human organization. I'm not saying there isn't a way that federally, same sex couples can't enjoy the same protection under the law. As a state though, Utah's laws should be respected when supported by the voters.

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