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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 28 2014 9:05 p.m. MST

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Cedar City, UT

South Jordan kids shouldn't have to go to West Jordan schools and shouldn't have to accept them into theirs.

West Jordan, UT

@TiCon2. What kinda of comment is that? It's all the same school district and for the most part the same demographic. Are you saying that West Jordan kids aren't as good as South Jordan kids? If you are saying that, I question why? Is there anything measurable other than Terra Linda is a top rated school and less crowded. Is there a special South Jordan arrogance that makes South Jordan kids incapable of mingling with their friends to the north? Remember that South Jordan is smaller in land and population, has less money, less influence than West Jordan. If it weren't for Daybreak, South Jordan would still be a farming community. What are you getting at?


Uless of course they are good atheletes, then it will be just fine to have West Jordan kids in their schools! Yes there is an arrogance element to it!

Bluffdale, UT

some day we will have to build more schools, some of you dont understand that the bond was a long term thing, and to do it now would have saved money and border changes.by waitind in the future taxes will be much higher than the bond would have made them, and more more emergent. i only have 2 children but i was happy to pay more taxes for more schools because i think thats what america is all about. prepare for the next generation. but it seems people only think about now. thats why our air is so bad dirty power makes quicker profit now for stock holders, without regard for the life of our planet. another way to prepare is dont have children.

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