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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 28 2014 8:55 p.m. MST

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Kings Court
Alpine, UT

If Mike Lee is so worried about cronyism at the top, why does he take money from special interests such as Freedomworks who are funded by the very cronies he despises?

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

Barack would be happier if no one was rich rather than some rich and some poor.

I'm ashamed at lazy people who think rich people need to give them their money simply because they are rich.

The government does not become more expensive simply because Mitt Romney made a lot of money.

When Mitt creates value(something liberals don't do), it doesn't make it more difficult for me to better my life.

And the value rich people create doesn't happen automatically, its not a guaranteed outcome. So to suggest what he earns belongs to the entire country is pathetic, and a lazy response.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

The number of people on food stamps has doubled in the past 5 years.

And barack considers that a success.

Mapleton, UT

Why when I listen to Sen. Lee am I always reminded of Don Quijote? Could it be the fanciful thinking and forever tilting at windmills?


Mike Lee is one of very few we hear talking sense in Congress. I am very pleased he is from the State of Utah; how refreshing to hear someone really addressing the problems of the honest and hardworking in the "lower" classes and helping to point out the croney system at "the top". He seems to very nicely mix justice and compassion in his views and aspirations for the benefit of all honest men who are so rarely appreciated or represented in Congress and the White House.

Well done, Mike. Keep it up!

Salt Lake City, UT

"tea party response"
Their own response reveals a solid split in the Republican Party.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

Obama is not very wise to make income inequality a campaign issue - since it has only increased during his reign of terror

Saint George, UT

BO will go down as the worst president in American History, which is unfortunate for someone who had the mantle of the greatest nation in history!

Brigham City, UT

Senator Lee, and why do you and your father choose to work for the government? Why major in college in political science? Why have you lived in Washington DC much of your life? Our country is going forward, much is good in our land. We need less attorneys and more farmers, more people willing to be a common person, less graduate degrees, and more janitors and security officers and grocers, and nurses and high school teachers, and cops and firemen, and librarians, and poets and dancers and artists and scientists.

Everyone Gets a Gun
Salt Lake City, UT

"London-based national government" ?? What sort of nonsense is that?

Mrs T
Coalville, UT

We sure appreciate a true friend to freedom. Let's pray he stays true to it. We need representatives who serve us and not themselves or party!

Far East USA, SC

I think Mike Lees response is reasonable, but expected.

The meat from the article

Protest against dysfunctional government
Rubio and Ryan are working on welfare reform
"As for healthcare, the best way to repeal Obamacare is to deliver better solutions, he said."

Ok fine. Protest if that makes you happy. That is about all they have been doing.
Rubio and Ryan? Great. Let them work on something. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of it. At least they would be FOR something for a change.

Healthcare? Completely agree. 40+ votes to kill something is a joke. I am pleased that Lee understands that going back to pre Obamacare is not an option.

So? So? Who is working on that? Write some actual legislation and put it on the floor. Let the American people see the GOP healthcare proposals.

I am all in favor of repealing Obamacare. Show me something better. In all these years of being against Obamacare, the GOP has not offered ONE alternative. STILL.

When the GOP starts proposing solutions to known and existing problems, I will again consider voting for them.

Bob A. Bohey
Marlborough, MA

@Christopher B: Ah, yes only the wealthy conservatives provide value to American society. The liberals are just lazy and suck off of the wealthy. What a well thought out and reasoned post. SMH.

Bob A. Bohey
Marlborough, MA

@bandersen: Sorry, Ronald Reagan has that distinction and will keep it for the foreseeable future.

Far East USA, SC


Looks like the GOP released a proposal for health care called the Patient Care Act.

Finally. And I commend them.

I read it and it actually goes beyond the GOP healthcare talking points and actually has some substance.

We should all look it (and any proposal) with open minds and judge it on its merits.

It will be interesting to get into the details.

Kudos to the GOP for finally penning an actual plan.

Springville, UT

Lee offers a perverse view of income inequality. He offers nothing but criticism. No ideas. No proposals. He offers only the same, tired rhetoric that is followed up with nothing of substance. And for Republicans to complain is astounding. Last week in a briefing, I saw a chart of Congressional accomplishments since WWII. The do-nothing Congresss of which Truman complained was extremely active compared to the current Congress, by an enormously high factor. The fact remains that the GOP is more interested in seeing the President, thus the country fail, rather than moving forward. The President gave an optimistic message, but told Congress that they can either start doing something or he would to the extent of his authority. Ane the President is right. It's time to get something done. Americans are tired of inaction. Lee and his Tea Party friends represent the past and offer nothing to help the American people. Nothing but worn out rhetoric.

Phoenix, AZ

Why is it that all the things Lee professes to disparage so much are the things that are so evident in his being.

Mcallen, TX

Inequality does exist, because we're not all the same.

Equality would be great if I had paid vacations to Hawaii every year.

clearfield, UT

Joe Blow

Here is something better than Obamacare. Letting most people keep their current insurance, (which is what Obama promised in the first place) and then set up a government program that assists the special needs people, who have pre-existing conditions that would suppliment their current health plan. A system like that would cost billions less than this total revamp of everyones health care plan, as well as take care of those with special added needs.


Maybe you don't see it, but progress today would be any opposition to Obama and the Democrats. After all look where we are after Democrat control beginning in 2007. Imagine how bad our economy and debt would be if the Republicans had not won the House in 2010 and Reid, Pelosi, and Obama had had free reign to spend what they wanted. Our debt would be over 20 trillion by now. That's why a good political policy is to just reject all that Obama and the Democrats propose. After 5 years, it is a failure.

Fairview, UT

Mr. Bohey,
Let's compare, shall we?
Reagan: brought down the Berlin Wall
Obama: built walls between classes
Reagan: Lowered taxes, precipitating 25 years of growth
Obama: Raised debt to $17 Trillion, propagating and deepening Bush's recession, which was started by a poorly conceived "stimulus."
Reagan: ended Soviet threat through strengthening America's military
Obama: strengthened America's enemies through weakening America's military
Reagan: put more people to work
Obama: put more people on welfare
Reagan: didn't nationalize any industry
Obama: commandeered one-sixth of the economy with Obamacare and totally screwed it up

Yes, history must surely see how imbalanced the scales are in comparing Obama to any president.
At least he takes Carter off the hook.

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