Comments about ‘Oregon will oversee settlement process between Christian bakers, lesbian couple’

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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 28 2014 6:10 p.m. MST

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Bob K
portland, OR

First -- as I understand it, they had shopped there before, just as the men in WA had bought flowers for 9 years from the woman who turned them down. The brides were acting perfectly reasonably, in a suburb of Portland (a very lesbian town).
How better to feel humiliated than to be turned down at one of your favorite shops?

Second -- the right has used this case to rant about "forcing people to bake a cake". Actually, that would be involuntary servitude. Since the discrimination was illegal in OR, kindly stop saying the baker had a right to say no.

Third -- from my observation of the baker in TV interviews, I wonder how he spoke to them. Perhaps if he had asked very nicely whether they would mind too much if he didn't want to do it, they would have just gone elsewhere. Telling people they are not the right kind of Christian (as has happened to me) is rude, at best.

Fourth -- I think some accomModation should be made for the religious, but it will be very complicated to work it out fairly.

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