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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 28 2014 8:20 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

I expect BYU to move back to the MWC after their basketball obligation to the WCC ends. That is, if the MWC allows BYU to come back...

Lincoln City, OR


The better of the local talent goes to Utah??? I thought that ute fans knew how to read the "stars" chart... BYU has boxed the utes ears in Basketball over the past few years and the difference seems to be getting bigger not less... In the last 2 years BYU has acquired four 4 stars while Utah has one... They also have four 3 stars while the utes have 2... So please explain the reasoning for your comment...

In football the utes have done slightly better but I emphasize the word "slightly".

Orem, Utah

If BYU wants to win another national championship in football, as expressed by Bronco, they need to either get into one of the Big Five conferences, or consistently schedule enough of those teams every year for SOS.

SOS is totally important in getting into the final four, which is why the Big Five have created interconference scheduling pacts between them. This cuts down on how many lower-level schools they'll be playing in the future, meaning the MWC will never have any team with a high enough SOS to get into the final four, even if undefeated.

BYU CANNOT win the NC again if they rejoin the MWC. THAT would be admitting they're just mid-major fodder.

Layton, UT

It's been almost 4 years since I've had to listen to a Utah or byu game on the radio because they weren't on tv.

Fashion Police
Olympus Cove, Utah

Big 12 Call Yet?

"If Boise had a half decent academic program we would probably consider them for a Pac 12 invite."

Who's "we".

The Utes are nothing but yes-men; we all know which schools are the real power brokers in the PAC 12 and Utah certainly isn't included among them.

Get over yourself CB. The Utes will always do whatever they're told to do by the PAC.

St George, UT

Unfortunately, money is the only thing that matters. I, for one, am disappointed that BYU has nothing to play for but pride (they will never have the athletes to play for a national title). They need to get into a conference, like the Big 12, but they're making too much money being Independent. At least Utah has an 'outside' chance every year to play for something.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

If the primary objective of these athletic departments is $$$, then the moves were good. However, the price of that $$$ is total athletic irrelevance. That is indisputable.

Syracuse, UT

I really don't know that BYU would join the PAC-12 if offered. It would have to offer no Sunday play and Byu would be forced to give up some big time consessions dealing with BYUTV. The PAC 12 Network cannot even come close to what BYUTV has to offer and so they would look to see what they could steal by way of money. BYU would love to win another NC, but the powers that be don't have that as their number one goal. I for one am glad that BYU is Independant, that goes with who we are....independant of being controlled by other schools. They don't tell us what to do and how to do it, all the while we bow down to them be their servants.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

@Chris B

A small fish in a big pond gets eaten by the bigger fish or must hide in the shallows in order to survive. Its far better to be independent like a whale or shark and choose where to feed. Some years the whale feeds on guppies and gains strength. Other years it feeds on bigger fish. The independent fish always makes sure it gets its fill while never having to hide in the shallows.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"What if Boise State, BYU, TCU and Utah had all stayed in the Mountain West?"

Then no one would know what playing a real schedule looks like. Going 10-3 in the MWC was meaningless, relative to the Big 5. The struggles Utah and TCU face in tougher leagues only proves it.


Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

After all of the dust cleared I am happy knowing that USU is where is should be for the first time in a couple of decades. The MWC gives the Aggies regional teams that they can build rivalries with. USU has made major improvements in every aspect of their football program and have shown that they can compete for the conference title in their first year. That is what college football should be all about. It is a shame that the Utes and Cougars gave all of that up for $$$.

Before you slam me about being a small fish in a small pond let me point out the other school I have a degree from, The University of Texas at Austin. Perhaps you have heard of the Longhorns. Yes, I love Texas having a legitimate shot at a title every few years, but I would rather be a USU football fan in the MWC than an Iowa State or Kansas football fan in the Big 12. If you can't compete in your conference you're just collecting a paycheck to pad the conference leaders' stats.

Highland, UT


utah's futility is not only because of the harder schedule as you want to claim, there are other factors as well. One is that utah's coacheing staff is in constant disarray. Another is that once urban meyers recruited talent was gone utah has been in steady decline, the tougher schedule has just made it more apparent. utah's 2008 team would have competed just fine in the pac12, they probably would have won 10 games that year, but they simply are not as good, and never really have been, as that one year made utah "fans" think they were.

Go ahead and look at their year to year records and the places they finished in the mwc, it is lower upper end for the most part and not particularly impressive. You utah "fans" just suffer from a delusion of what you think utah once was and that delusion is feeding into another delusion of what you think utah is now.

Central, UT


I will answer your question, MWC will not take BYU back, if the remaining founder schools have any say (AFA, Co St, NM, SDSt, UNLV, Wyo).

How many of those schools have played BYU or are scheduled to play BYU? There is much shouting about tradition and rivalary from the blue team when a certain red team drops them from the schedule but where is that same tradition/rivalary mantra regarding other schools?
Wyoming = 77 games
Colo State = 69 games
New Mexico = 60 games

Long deep traditions and 0 games since independence and 0 games scheduled. Those schools will probably never schedule BYU again. Yea, "I know we are so good blah blah blah and they are grateful blah blah blah..."

Every other sport (except Mens Volleyball) sacrificed for independence in football.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Re: Utelogy

So I guess going undefeated and beating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl was meaningless since Utah was a MWC team. You said it - not me.

Indianapolis, IN

Would I ever want BYU to join the PAC 12? No. I don't want us affiliated with those schools or those fan bases.
Utah joining the PAC 12 is like the high school band geek who gets to hang out with the cool kids as long as he carries their backpacks. Face it guys, they don't respect you.

I'm glad we are out of the MWC, and I am fine with being independent. But I will admit, I would rather be in the BIG 12. We would have actually fit in with that crowd.


How many times are you all going to argue about this topic in these comments strings?

I'm done.

Draper, UT

Enough with the fish in a pond analogies already. Must be a very slow news day when the DNews stirs up this debate again.

BYU and Utah made the right decision by leaving the MWC. The annual Mtn. TV revenue was ridiculous for either school to sustain an athletic program at the level they wanted.

You can complain about Utah taking the PAC 12 money all you want, but had you been the AD at a public university where funds are already sparse, you would have too. Budgets rule college sports just like they do any business, and college sports is business whether we acknowledge it or not.

Neither school is tearing it up on the field/court. Fans of both schools are ridiculously impatient and the expectations are absurd.

I enjoy the experience of being in the PAC 12 even though Utah has performed poorly. That is a paradox few understand, but wins against PAC 12 teams are more meaningful and fun for me as a fan than a season sweep over Wyoming or CSU.

Frisco, TX

Nobody knows exactly what the conversations were, but based on what I know, I honestly believe BYU had the opportunity to go to the BIG12. But we blew it. The BIG12 would have accepted our no Sunday play, which should have been the only issue.

But BYU was nervous that Texas, Oklahoma might accept the PAC offer. BYU tried to flex its muscle for TV rights, and the BIG12 laughed, and BYU did not want to tarnish relationships with the religious schools of the WCC only a short time after accepting.

I do wish BYU could move all sports out of the WCC and back into the MWC, except for football staying independent. I wouldn't even mind a partnership deal like Notre Dame has with the ACC playing 5 MWC teams each year in football.

I don't wonder what could have been, because once the BIG12 and PAC12 came calling; TCU and Utah would have been silly not to accept. However, I do think both schools put too much pride in their conference affiliation, and need to be more concerned about winning than being satisfied with conference membership.

South Jordan, UT


Mention that you don't want your cougars in the Pac 12. You stand alone.

Just Wondering...
Gilbert, AZ

@ DraperUteFan:

How about the losses to Pac12 teams...Just Wondering...if those are meaningful too? I hope so, because there are, and will be, more losses than wins!

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