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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 28 2014 8:20 p.m. MST

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Colorado Springs, CO

There was nothing that could have been done to save the MWC once the big boys came calling. BYU might of stayed had they gotten the TV permissions that BSU recieved later but the MWC was to stubborn to even consider it in 2010. The MWC should also have expanded earlier adding BSU and Nevada while adding a championship game. It would not have saved the conferance but BYU would have had more reason to stay with a rivalry with BSU when Utah left. Had BYU gotten a better TV deal BSU and BYU would likley be splitting conferance championships every year and winnig 10-12 games easily. Utah State could have replaced Utah and SMU replaced TCU. It would not have been perfect but not as bad as is it now.

I still think BYU could come back to the MWC under the right conditions, namely TV. Playing BSU, Utah St., SDSU and AF would still be fun every year. It might also be their best shot at a BCS game or even a top 4 seed with an undefeated season. Stranger things have happend in the FBS.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

There was in place criteria that determined the BCS conferences. There was to be a review the year after most of these changes. The criteria considered: number of BCS bowls won, the number of BCS appearances, the number of top 25 finishes and there were probably others. With Utah's two BCS wins, TCU's BCS wins and appearances, Boise State's two BCS wins (and as a member of the MWC the MWC would have gotten credit for those wins) in addition to all the top 25 finishes by BYU, Utah, TCU, and BSU the Mountain West would have replaced the Big East as a BCS conference. I have often felt that was one of the reasons that Utah, Boise State, and TCU were invited to join existing conferences. But now with the changing format, it's just an academic issue. Regardless, I am so happy with Utah's current position!

Salt Lake City, UT

The biggest downside for BYU, Utah and TCU staying in the MWC - the MTN, which was a disaster that quickly died as soon as BYU and Utah sponsors stopped running ads on the MTN.

The 2nd biggest downside was the MWC tourney played on UNLV's home court every year.

For years we were told that there wasn't another basketball venue in Las Vegas big enough to accommodate the MWC tournament, yet somehow, the PAC 12 was able to find one - the difference between having a forward thinking commissioner like Larry Scott and a loser like Craig Thompson.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Brave,
Insecure fans hang their entire existence on their conference membership. I don't see BYU or BSU doing that. And the way the utah program is headed you may just get your 20 year wish. Please feel free to slap another PAC sticker on your bumper

Gilbert, AZ

timid sparrow

You're still dealing with BYU and Boise State fans from the perspective of being nothing but punching bag for the big boys of the PAC 12:

4-5, 3-6, 2-7 = 9-18 in football
3-15, 5-13, 3-5 = 11-33 in basketball
bottom of the conference in nearly every other PAC 12 sport

There's no fan base more delusional and insecure than Utah fans who are forced to cheer for their conference, because their team has done absolutely nothing in the last three seasons worth cheering for.

Enid, OK

@ Brave Sir Robin

And yet your comment is totally devoid of any insecurities or irrational thought?

20 yrs of PAC12 losses (that's about 200 hundred losses....200!) just so you won't have to deal with some fans?

Give us all a break....

Somehow I don't think Kyle Whittingham would consider you much of a Ute backer.

Central, UT

Made a move up in the Conference now if we could just drop the Cougs from the schedule.

Murray, UT

Honestly, Deseret News, do you really have to rehash all of this again? Utah fans are very happy we are in the PAC 12 both for superior athletics and the opportunity to hob nob with the academic elites. Please leave well enough alone. BTW, the Wall Street Journal published a report not long ago putting a dollar value on the top 50 college football teams. Utah was ranked 39th, ahead of Oregon State, Washington State and Arizona of the PAC 12. Utah is making strides and will continue continue to rise.

South Jordan, Utah

You just might get your wish Sir Robin. I, along with many others, would be surprised if Utah really competes for a PAC12 title much more than once each ten to fifteen years. That gives you how many more seasons to enjoy - three, maybe four?

If your hatred for the fan bases of BYU and BSU is that severe, then I guess you are in a better place. Enjoy your new rivalry with Colorado.

The gist of the article is dead on. It is a shame that money, power & prestiege got in the way of what would have been a really, really fun and good conference.


We need to remember the abosulte incompetence of the MWC commissioner and the horrible Mtn channel. The Utes and TCU acceptance of their invitations was a no-brainer. BYU's decision to go independent was the best option available without an invite to a major conference and Boise State was caught in a very difficult situation.

I still wish the Utes & Cougs would have been invited to the PAC12 together to maintain the rivalry within a conference, but its hard to argue with either school's decision.

Go Utes!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Better question:

Why would we have?

And for those who want to bring up the big fish small fish thing, remember this: A "small fish in a big pond" is bigger than a "big fish in a small pond"

Just look at what the Pac 12 did to the WAC and quasi wac byu this, a combined 14-1 record. Even the best WAC team fresno got hammered by an average Pac 12 USC team in the bowl game.

Shoudlnt every fish want to be as big as possible? That's the goal right?

For those who stick with the big pond small pond thing as relevant at all would conclude that it was better to be WAC champion Fresno this year than Alabama because WAC fresno was the biggest fish in their small pond and Alabama was only 2nd biggest fish in their SEC pond. See how silly that is to think that being a small fish in a big pond is somehow bigger than a bigger fish than you, but one who is smaller relative to their pond


Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT


Nice try. Utah has a losing record, and your response is I'd rather lose for the next 20 years? So. you'd rather go through 4 new head coaches, chaos, and be the doormat of the Pac 12? So much for the "Winning Tradition"
again, nice try.

Salt Lake City, UT

After all the shuffling, I've had to ask myself what I prefer: watch my team be the big fish in the small pond, or see them as the small fish in the big pond.... I still can't decide!

Go Utes!....and good luck BYU

(We're not all classless)

South Jordan, Utah

The arrogance of the Utah fan base - after going 1 - 20 or so on the road in basketball since joining the PAC-12 and equally as bad in football is pretty sad. So tell us, 3 years into your newly found fame you have accomplished what? How many titles? Runner-up? Seems to me, as evidenced by reaction on these boards, your focus is and will continue to be BYU. I for one wish that these 4 teams could have played in the same conference. The mixture of really good teams and a few not so good teams would have made for fun football and basketball and a more highly-respected power conference.

Cedar Hills, UT

"I'd rather Utah not win another PAC12 game for 20 years... "

Be careful what you wish for Brave Sir Robin....


Down Under,

"Insecure fans hang their entire existence on their conference membership. I don't see BYU doing that."

Well, that's because.. Hoo boy. How do I break this to you?

Danbury, CT

I disagree with the BYU fans on this board. You get better by playing with tough competition, not by playing the Wyomings and CSU's of the world. I wish BYU had been taken by the PAC 10. That's where our fan and recruiting base are and it's where the big media is in the West. To make matters worse, Utah has beaten us 4 years running. Face it, TCU, Utah and Boise all went to and won 2 BCS bowls while our team did not. Our kids are no less talented. These teams EARNED their way into better conferences. We have no claim on anything. There's no excuse.

Let's be honest about it...

Ken Lee
Pasadena, CA

And again…as was predicted in earlier posts…Ute fans line up to point to other PAC12 teams that did well as if that was "their school." Did you feel extra proud when New Mexico did well in basketball in prior years? Did you pop out your chest when BYU was the only team doing well in football for 30 years? you lot are really funny and predictable. If your team relentlessly loses, in any conference, you still have a weak "spoiler" team. The conference affiliation doesn't bail you out…."Yeh, but USC did good against Fresno State and…and…Fresno was good..so it's almost like the Utes were good after all"….geeesch!

Plano, TX

I think everyone won. Maybe BSU didn't do quite as well, but how they perform the next few years out of conference will maybe reflect an overall drop in program quality (just a hunch). Everyone will be fine. The U will hit stride and do well in the PAC as well. BYU will get a good OC and rise up to win some against the ND and WI type teams they'll see a couple of times a year.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Give it to me straight. I'm a big boy and can take it. I don't need to hide behind a stack of pac stickers or banners and beat my chest about conference affiliation. BYU loves their indy status and loves even more their contract with ESPN SPORTS, the leader in sports by the way. And I will say that ESPN also loves BYU right back. You see when you are on TV every week in front of a national audience there is no need to hide. We ARE SECURE. Get the difference?

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