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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 28 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

We can do nothing. It would be considered a "regulation" that hinders profit for one, and second, it's the banking industry they are untouchable, even after the bailouts, nothing has been done, nothing will be done.

Draper, UT

SEY has pointed out an important fact: cybercriminals are way ahead of current credit card technology. These guys didn't just break into the system at POS (checkout) sites, they broke into the entire corporate system, thereby rendering useless all the safety standards set forth by the payment industry. And these criminals used a variant of software that is commercially available on the Internet! There are many legal sites out there assisting cybercriminals.

Surely, the rate of cyber crime is closely linked to the economy--as it suffers, the crime rate rises. Ipso facto, it's no wonder European countries have been forced to resort to more complex and expensive security measures. We should take note! At the very least, US retailers, like many other US industries, should take advantage of the Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISAC), who receive assistance from the FBI, US Computer Readiness Team, and similar organizations. Retailers work together on many other issues, why not cyber-security??

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