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Published: Monday, Jan. 27 2014 5:55 p.m. MST

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Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT

Neither Mike Lee nor President Obama have a clue about how to solve the income inequality problem we face. The tea party has no solution other than grow the economy, which plenty of experience has shown to be ineffective at best. The Democrats seek to redistribute wealth, and the Republicans cry foul. The problem isn't the REdistribution of wealth; it is the initial distribution. The only way to keep excess revenue from going into the pockets of the already wealthy is for businesses to hire more people, pay them better, or, best of all, share ownership with those who actually create, sell, and service the products. Stop treating human beings as commodities, as human resources, as a cost to be minimized. This undergirding philosophy of corporate capitalism is inconsistent with our political system and our social ideals.

Far East USA, SC

"Or, in Joe Blow's case, not knowing what to do with a businessman that charges too much! "

Nice try. I do know what to do, when I can get the information.

Good faith estimates in real estate must be, well, er, Good Faith.

I got one prior to an outpatient surgery. When the the surgery went as routine, and the bill came in over 30% higher, I asked why. "those estimates dont mean anything" was the answer.

So, how about a law, (oh no, govt regulation) which requires hospitals to, at a minimum, put out a real good faith estimate? How about giving consumers the information necessary to make informed decisions.

As it stands now, it is not possible in health care.

Saint George, UT

I find it ironic that the Tea party didn't even exist five years ago. It is also ironic that most of the posts here are from Democrats, a party that represents only 33% of the electorate, and yet you'd think that their views represent all of America and parts of the Asian and African continents. If 40% of the electorate no longer considers themselves Democrat or Republican, what does that tell you about both of those parties? Of course, the irony continues, all those facts combine to give the Democrats a mandate? Does the ostrich image come to mind? In fact, the tea party is an enigma, claims no members,isn't even a party--they have no platform, represent no constituency, don't patronize people with lies, don't tell people how to vote, don't employ people on the plantation system (minimum wage, welfare, and war),believe in the rule of law, like the constitution (imagine that), understand history, think that family is important, go to church, actually want to work, and would like the rest of the world to catch on to what it is like to be free from the all encompassing grasp of government.

Saint George, UT

Joe Blow: I agree with you on the Health care criticism. I have health care through my employer. Do I have any clue what things cost? Not even! why! There is no incentive for me to evaluate the cost for health care procedures, doctor visits, etc. The list is endless! Why? Because government is in charge! My health care is just like belonging to a club or getting cable T.V., all of which occurs because government won't allow the consumer to figure things out for themselves. If you or anyone else thinks its going to change with universal healthcare, you don't understand human nature. Costs are going to explode and at the very least, it will be rationed and our health care system will look more like third world! The only way to control costs is to make sure everyone understands the rules and offers incentives for people to control costs themselves. I am a teacher (a sizeable number across America) and I know I don't care what things cost. I just know I have it,just like a host of other teachers. That alone tells me it is a loser!

Far East USA, SC

"There is no incentive for me to evaluate the cost for health care procedures, doctor visits, etc. The list is endless! Why? Because government is in charge! "

I dont see that as the cause at all. Tell me what the govt is doing which precludes a hospital from giving you a good faith estimate that is accurate.

Then tell me why something that you know costs $5 gets billed at $75. What specifically does the govt do to cause that?

It is much easier to just "blame the govt" than to think of the actual causes.

Look at the profits of hospitals and insurance companies. Compare it to 10 years ago.

You will find the bulk of the problem.

Boston, MA

All I want to say is, "I can't wait to see the Tea Party response." I'm curious how much it will have to do with reality.

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