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Published: Monday, Jan. 27 2014 5:30 p.m. MST

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Spanish Fork, UT

DUI should be no future driving priviledge and mandatory prison time. DUI homocide should be a capital offense. We've excused drunk (drug) driving far too long. Consequences are not severe enough.

Sugar City, ID

This is so tragic and unnecessary.Anyone convicted of drunk driving should have permanent revocation of his/her driving privileges. Some countries have this law and there is almost no drunk driving in these countries.

Tooele, UT

Re: "It's not fair"

No, it's not. But we'd better get used to more and more of it.

The "hospitality" industry continues its assault on the reasonable alcohol restrictions that make Utah a little safer than other places, and the marijuana industry is closing in on us from 3 sides.

It's just a matter of time -- and, not much time, at that, if poison purveyors have their way with venal Utah legislators -- before drugged and drunk operators will be a common fixture on our roads, trails, and waterways.

Their carnage is already WAY too high. But they'll continue to insist we owe them more and more of our innocent children's lives.

Oh My Heck!
Vernal, UT

So sorry for your loss. He is so cute! I have grandsons this age, and can not even imagine losing them this way. Hugs and prayers.

Iowa, Iowa

When people are no longer rewarded for fleeing the scene but punished harshly they won't try and flee the scene or blend in as they tried this time.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

First time DUI should be mandatory loss of license (no way out) for a year or two accompanied by a month or so in jail. Next time the license is lost. Period. You can reapply after 5 years with certain provisions and you get to spend a full year in jail. Third time - lots of jail time and you never get to reapply for a license. Ever.

Utah wannabe
Sequim, WA

This is SO very, very sad. Little Zane looks like the sweetest little boy - so bright-eyed and happy.

I believe the law should change such that anyone caught DUI/DWI is convicted of attempted murder, regardless if there is an associated accident. All drivers need to understand that getting behind the wheel while under the influence is attempted murder because they are not in control.

My heart is heavy for Zane's family.

Farmington, UT

Alcohol should be taxed at a much higher rate and the money given to victims of DUI. NO plea bargaining ought to be allowed if someone is killed as a result of DUI.

We need TOUGHER laws, TOUGHER judges, TOUGHER prosecutors, and an END to DUI's all together. There is no such thing as responsible drinking and then driving....in ANY amount of booze.

Many the Legislature could do something about this. But then again.....

Salt Lake City, UT

An unfortunate counterargument for the legislature to "modernize" Utah liquor laws. When alcohol and hospitality interests are placed above the good of the community, this will not diminish.

Murrieta, CA

The first time you get caught DUI is not the first time you have driven drunk. I don't have the answers, but it needs to be considered more of a crime than a mistake.

Utah, UT

Tougher laws will do nothing to prevent DUI's from occurring. Alaska has some of the toughest DUI laws in the nation and still remains on the top of the list for DUI incidents. We need to stop addressing the symptoms and start tackling the real issue - the legalization of alcohol and other drugs in America. They should all be illegal and banned. Too bad States and the Feds make too much Money off the corporate empires destroying this nation.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Drive drunk go to prison. Not jail and not a fine.
Drive drunk kill someone go to prison longer.

Instead of holding a gun they are holding a 4000 pound car. Both are deadly. Both can kill and both need not be used when drinking.

We send people to prison for shooting at people why not driving cars? A deadly weapon is a deadly weapon.

optic yellow
Ogden, UT

If you are pulled over and found in violation of the state's DUI laws you should be charged with "2nd degree attempted murder."

If death has resulted because of your actions... remove the word attempted.

Put up a sign going into and out of every bar, and in any location where alcohol can be purchased simply stating "DUI = 2nd degree attempted murder"

Or add too all the manufacturers posters/ads/messages "Please Enjoy Responsibly"...AND DON'T TRY TO KILL ANYONE!

Think before you drink, don't drink before you drive!

Lindon, UT

I doubt the perp will get out of this. He probably will not have the $'s that a "good" attorney would charge to get him off or plea bargain. Hate to say it, but money talks.

I pray that Heavenly Father will comfort this family and they will receive a witness that their son is with Him.

Rugeley, Staffs

My heart goes out to this young family. The loss of a child is always an awful experience, but the loss of such a wonderful little boy in such circumstances is beyond comprehension. As a grandfather of children of the same age, I am devastated for them.

That the driver tried to "...blend in..." shows the sad state that mankind has arrived at. It is so typical of the "avoid blame at all costs" society we live in. I have had folks damage my cars in car parks, and drive away, which is a form of theft in my eyes. "Damage something, drive away, and leave someone else to pay" is so prevalent. The decline of moral standards is everywhere, and becoming almost acceptable as the norm.

I hope that the immediate and extended family can gain comfort in the fact that one day they will see and hold their loved one again. It does not diminish the immediate feeling of loss, but the Comforter can be a great boon in time. God bless you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Mr. Smitty
Salt Lake City, UT


Do not blame the hospitality industry. Blame the individual. New York has a lower rate of drunk driving related deaths than Utah, and we know a far higher percentage of people in New York drink. Keep in mind that drunk driving related death rates of plummeted during the past decade, and it has nothing to do with decreased drinking. Furthermore, let's not forget that even we were to outlaw alcohol, people would still drink.

Blame individuals, not alcohol policies.


The simple truth of this issue is that the law can take away their licenses and revoke all privileges and they will still find a way to drink and drive. The ONLY way to stop them is to toss them in jail, period. No bail, put them in jail and leave them there. My second to the oldest daughter is still alive but she will never be the same, brain damage, broken bones that have taken many surgeries to fix, 9 months in a coma, hospital then nursing home. Waist length hair ripped from her scalp when it got tangled in the seat belt as her vehicle rolled end over end 3 times and it bounced her like a rag doll. Drunk driving is sheer stupidity and selfishness. Call a friend, call a cab, walk home, do whatever you have to not to have things like this happen.

Then to add insult to injury here this drunk tried to blend into the crowd in an effort to escape?

Lock him up, give the father of this child the key and let HIM decide when to let him out. NEVER

Casey See

This article hurts at so many levels. I used to agree that anyone DUI and kill someone should be locked up. Then I met a family whose husband in his younger days did drink alot. He got sober and remained that way for 15 years. One day at work, some collegues thought it would be fun to give him some Hard Ike Lemonade, and get the "Mormon" drunk. While driving home, he took a turn a little wide and hit another driver and killed him. When the police arrived they gave him a breathalizer test and he measured just over the legal limit for alchohol. He spent the next 10 years in jail and his family was bankrupt.

The judge threw the book at him because of his prior history even though it had been 15 years. He didn't even know that his co-workers had given him spiked lemonade. They got off scott free. I am all for tough sentencing, but there has to be some ability to take into account all facts.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Revoking licenses or 'privileges' does NOT prevent the driver from driving! Take away their cars AND licenses. You can bet your friends wouldn't allow you to drive their cars after a night out of drinking. Or wake up in the morning to realize that your car is gonzo.

We would take away a person's guns.....take away their 'instrument' of destruction. Yes, they could borrow or buy another car. Odds are no one would let them borrow their car or it would cost them money they don't have.

That is part of the solution. Definitely it isn't legalizing drugs. Alcohol is here to stay, unfortunately.

10,000 deaths per year because of drunk drivers is unacceptable. But we as a society don't focus or do enough to address this issue.

Salt Lake City, UT

IMO impaired driving needs some incarceration as a mandatory result. I can be 48 to 72 hours in the county jail or other designated impaired driving holding area. The vehicle should be impounded if owned by the driver, if by someone else, investigation why the owner permitted the driver to drive.

Dram shop laws need to provide victims and families access financially to the establishments who sell alcohol to the impaired driver. This would include hospitality industry.

Injury or death needs significant incarceration time.

Substance abuse may be a disease or illness but it is not society's responsibility to bear the cost of treatment. Recidivism is high and "cure" or better said future abstinence is problematic.

Accidents, unplanned events, will always happen. Mitigation, driving impaired, is the problem and should be addressed.

The public needs to feel a sense that justice toward the victim is being served, too often the legal system treats the perpetrator as a victim and ignores the maimed or killed.

We haven't discussed the legal status of the driver have we? What if the driver has a driving privilege card instead of a license? Maybe the legislature could look into that can of worms.

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