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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 28 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

We no longer have much of a union because of the unrelenting attack on social security and pension systems. The super wealthy have desired to undo the New Deal since its inception. Not only that but they want to impoverish retirees of all types because they think they are a drag on their profits. This is trickle down class war. Boomers in particular had better wake up an smell the coffee soon, or their final years will be bitter (and impoverished) indeed.

San Francisco, CA

Despite the sputtering and raised blood pressure of some conservatives who ubiquitously go apoplectic with any view that doesn't jive with theirs, I for one hope this is Obama's George Bush moment of "I'm the decider." It's about time he became a force to contend with in leadershp. After all, what has he to lose at this point? After beng pushed around by losers for about six years, it's about time he took the reigns and he legislated from the Catbird Seat he occupies, much to the angst of the losers who have been nothing but doorstops for the past 4 years to the detriment of the nation. I can already hear the cries of "Dictatorship" from that delegation already. I can only say "Get over it already!"

Everett, 00

I'm just agasped at the amnesia of those forgetting the last 2 years of BushCo.
and STILL thinking what America needs is to get back to that...

Housing values slashed in 1/2,
The Stock Market lost 2/3 of it's value,
Unemployment quadrupled,
gas was over $5 a gallon,
and Detriot went bankrupt becuase nobody wanted their cash cow, gas-guzzling SUVs anymore...

Do you Really want to go back the way things were then?

Salt Lake City, UT

@JerryBall "After being pushed around by losers for about six years, it's about time he took the reigns and he legislated from the Catbird Seat he occupies, " Absolutely. From Obama I want more FDR, less Professor Woodrow Wilson. Give 'em heck! I'd use stronger language, but this is the Deseret News.

Sandy, UT

@mountainman. I have health insurance so I do not need to enroll in obamacare.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I wonder if the constantly increasing debt will come up... and if he intends to INCREASE, or DECREASE it?

How many times have we voted to increase our debt limit... just in the past few months? Seems like we are constantly doing it. Even while we say that we know that there's a debt crisis directly in our path.

My family can't just increase our debt limit multiple times each year whenever we run out of money. Yet my family is funding a government that keeps doing it. And they know it will end badly. But they don't care! As long as we don't crash or have to cut back on services during THEIR administration.

My family can't survive when we can't even pay the interest on our debts by applying 100% of our income towards our debt. Yet we think it's OK for our government to be in that position.

I suspect that government spending will not even come up tonight. It's easier to just keep our heads in the sand (for now).

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Am I better off than I was five years ago? Has my health insurance become less expensive, as Obama promised ? Have I been able to keep my doctor and my insurance plan, as Obama promised? Have our embassies and consulates become safer? Have the troops been removed from Afghanistan? Does the world respect the United States? Is terrorism a thing of the past? Is everyone who wants a job fully employed and earning a wage that allows him/her to provide fully for his/her family? Are our children better educated? Are more companies closing foreign plants and reopening those plants in America? Can our children and grandchildren even take a home-packed lunch to school without someone throwing that lunch in the garbage claiming that only the government knows how to feed children?

Obama would be well advised to stay home tonight. We've heard all the lies that we need to hear. His platitudes are nothing but an exercise in futility.

Far East USA, SC

"How many times have we voted to increase our debt limit... just in the past few months? Seems like we are constantly doing it."

Yes we are. And that is because congress will only fund it for a few months at a time.

Blue Springs, MO

All I read is about the war Bush got us into. Do any of you know who controlled the house when Bush was President. In case you forgot it was democrats DUH

provo, Utah

I remember when republicans said the economy was fine even when we were losing millions of jobs a year; the stock market was up and that was all that mattered. They all said the economy was fundamentally fine - look away.

Lots of soldiers dying 2000 - 2008 ? For the glory of America. We were being attacked every day somewhere and Bush never got blamed for any of it.

Now they don't care that the stock market has done well and they are finally loosing sleep over the death of every American death. Good on that one at least. Too bad it will flip flop as soon as they have the presidency again.

provo, Utah

The house doesn't control congress, as a whole the senate is more powerful which the republicans held for the previous 12 year before 2006.

If the house had real power it would have their repeal of Obamacare would have stuck - some 30 times.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

It truly amazes me that there are still people who do not recognize the complete failure of this administration. When will they stop blaming everyone else and simply admit that Obama is a disaster

Cedar Hills, UT

I wonder if the "year of action" will be as good at the "summer of recovery"? Perhaps a better motto for 2014 would be the "year of re-action" which Barack and his tiger team led by Jay Carney are experts at. The term best suited for the state of the union - "stink, stank, stunk".

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