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Published: Monday, Jan. 27 2014 12:15 p.m. MST

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E Sam
Provo, UT

So Becky Lockhart is positioning herself to the right of this very conservative governor. So that answers the question of whether or not she's running for governor. I have this sinking feeling in my gut right now.

Sorry Charlie!

and so begin anew the circus that ends with a laundry list of silly and often unconstitutional bills we all get to pay to defend and that make us the laughing stock of America.

Hyrum, UT

I like and applaud the Speaker's approach of being innovative and open to new concepts in addressing the issues and problems we currently face as a state. It's often too easy and can almost be a habit to keep raising taxes (again) whenever the apparent need for new revenue arises... which is and will be often.

Guiding principles can and should be solid and enduring while approaches should be fresh, new and pliable in their application.

If her actions do comply with her words, she would indeed make a good state governor and should be considered a viable candidate for 2016.


Wonderful. The House has 45 days to get something done and Speaker Lockhart has decided to use it to launch her run for governor.

Becky, we are paying you to take care of our business - not yours. Your political posturing can wait until the end of March.

Park City, Ut

"In his opening speech, Senate President Wayne Niederhauser, R-Sandy, told his colleagues that returning to fundamental principles is essential to securing individual rights and free government" Which is code word for what exactly?

Murray, UT

Since when has it become a core Republican value to do everything possible to hurt and punish the poor and middle class?

salt lake city, UT

Sounds as if the national, conservative, political landscape of lions eating their young has taken hold here in our happy state. Is the GOP setting itself up for a civil war within the party ranks.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Don't worry. The Governor wasn't there.
Just like he wasn't there when Swallow resigned, or when the same sex marriage rally was at the Capitol

Jefferson, Thomas
Bluffdale, UT

It would be something really new to actually have a conservative Governor. The last several have been nothing but wet-the-finger, RINO, leaders, if such can actually be called leaders. I challenge anyone to site just one conservative Governor from the state of Utah who's conservative leadership approach would be comparative to the great Reagan or Thatcher, I'm not looking for style, there's only one but as principled should not be hard, but is. Not in my 50 plus years at least.

Provo, UT

I agree with Speaker Lockhart about no new taxes and definitely not joining Obamacare's Medicaid option. Governor Herbert needs to listen to the people of Utah. We do not want to be a part of Obamacare.

let's roll

So Speaker Lockhart wants a Governor of action and then gives specifics about only thinks she wouldn't do (Medicaid, raise gas tax).

Any chance she shared any specifics about things she would do?

If not, I'm afraid she's just another politician who wants to get elected on the basis of platitudes rather than specifics.

Provo, UT

Lockhart's speech was unprofessional, ignorant, dishonest, and detrimental to the future of Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

Rep. Lockhart, please stand in front of the single mom who works two part-time jobs, neither of which offer employee health insurance coverage, who has a sick child requiring expensive treatments and who is struggling every day to juggle rent, food, and medical costs.

Tell us your alternative to the ACA that will give this woman access to health insurance.

We know what you _oppose_; far-right Republicans such as yourself have made that clear for years now. There's neither a problem solving theme nor evidence of reasoning in your statements of how much you hate all things Obama, but consistency in your opposition is not the same thing as having a superior alternative.

What we're anxious to hear from you is specifically what you _propose_ to do about healthcare costs being the #1 source of personal bankruptcies in the nation.

Murray, UT

@Sal The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is nearly a copy of Romney Care (MASS Health) and was modeled after an early 90's Republican model for providing health care to citizens.

Centerville, UT


You may ask the same question of our President, Obama. Since when has it become a core value of the Democratic party to hurt the poor and middle class?

Look at the evidence.

SomewhereIn, UT


"Since when has it become a core Republican value to do everything possible to hurt and punish the poor and middle class?"

Last time I checked, Obama had a (D) after his name.

Francis LeGuarde
Sandy, UT

I don't necessarily have a problem with Speaker Lockhart challenging the governor, but she needs to do better than vague name calling.

It's worth noting that "innovation," as state leaders frequently call for, requires talent, funding and leadership — even if it is designed to trim government and save money in the longterm. Calling for innovation is a far cry from actually doing something revolutionary. I see nothing in Ms. Lockhart's speech or background that leads me to believe she is capable of producing the type of change she calls for.

Centerville, UT

Can we get over the idea that the AMA provides health care or affordable health care. It does neither. Chip currently provides health benefits for this poor working mothers sick child. Other programs provide care for this family. Programs in effect prior to AMA. AMA does not. But the health exchanges will gladly allow this poor women's identity be stolen by fraudsters. Compassionate Dems will gladly make sure this poor working mother gets the health care the middle class gets, by making sure the middle class has no health care either.


I will vote for Lockhart - I won't vote for Herbert. Lockhart is grabbing the bull by the horns. Herbert is waiting to see if it will follow him into the chute.

True Blue SEoul
Orem, UT

I'd imagine if you would drop the crap about Obamacare, and first explained how many uninsured there are in Utah, and that we could insure nearly all of them for next to nothing because someone else agreed to pay for it, then the vast majority woudl be okay with it. I don't see where Lockhart gets the idea that Utahns don't want to expand health care coverage.

Anyway, tired of seeing people posturing for other offices while supposed to be doing the work of the people. Gov. Herbert is about as conservative as they come, last thing we need is a Mike Lee type as governor. Ugh!

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