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Published: Monday, Jan. 27 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Bob K
portland, OR

You are entitled to that opinion -- since you are writing it on the DN, we might safely assume you are passing on what your church teaches.

However, taxpaying American Citizens who can ONLY marry same sex without lying to themselves and God, deserve the social, tax, and status benefits that you receive.
The actions of these citizens are not subject to your religious objection, nor are they subject to proof of reproduction ability.

Morally, and Constitutionally, there is no argument against this, except those based on religious beliefs. I ask you to look in your heart and examine whether the huge opposition to marriage equality by some churches is based on fear their OWN members will want to do it.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mr Philips argument is in fact the exact parallel of arguments made against couples of different races wishing to marry before 1967. The fact is that marriage between two consenting adults cannot legally be prohibited by state law on the basis of factors over which neither person can control.

Same sex couples can and do successfully raise children, and denying them the legal rights and responsibilities given to straight couples is legally and rationally indefensible.

Here, UT

Didn't you get beat up enough over on the Tribune the other day, Ryan?

Discrimination and bigotry are not American values. They're not Christian values. They're simply not values at all.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

There are those, and there will always be those, who think that they are special, that they have the right to recreate society in their image, even though the life that they have chosen does not permit them to "recreate"; therefore, they have to convince the rest of society to do what they do. Then, they call us bigots because we can look in the mirror and see that our Creator has given us a marvelous body that is capable, if used properly, to "recreate".

Each of those who are crying "foul" has a mother and a father, yet they tell us that they want "families" that are absent either a mother or father. They breathe in the air that their Creator provided for them. They soak in the sunshine that their Creator sent to warm them, yet they mock him as they tell us that he made a mistake when he created them.

Read their words carefully. See for yourselves what they advocate. See for yourselves how they twist and turn the logical to the illogical.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

All American citizens deserve to have the same rights. End of story.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


"All American citizens deserve to have the same rights. End of story"

As soon as you start fighting for polygamists rights to marry and two brothers who want to marry each others's rights to marry I'll be a little more sympathetic to your claims you're fighting discrimination and for equal rights for all.

American Fork, UT

An interesting attempt to twist logic around, but it just didn't work.

South Jordan, UT

"They breathe in the air that their Creator provided for them. They soak in the sunshine that their Creator sent to warm them, yet they mock him as they tell us that he made a mistake when he created them."

Mike, it is your side that has for centuries sent the message to these children of God that they are broken and damaged. Gay people don't mock God. Gay people don't think God made a mistake--God created them as they are.

Here, UT

Mike Richards says:

"There are those, and there will always be those, who think that they are special..."

He's referring to straight couples who wish to deny equal treatment to gay couples.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Also there were some people that actually thought that black people were an inferior race... not the case in the same-sex marriage story.

Most people (excepting bigots) love LGBT people as much as any other person. Very few people are saying LGBT people are inferior. Many people just don't want to redefine the age old term "Marriage" to mean a man-man or a woman-woman cleaving unto each other and becoming one flesh. To them a man-man "marriage" doesn't make sense in that context. Because to them "Marriage" is a religious ceremony where a man and a woman are given certain sexual privileges before God that they don't have with any other human being in the world. Sexual privileges that don't make sense in a man-man or a woman-woman "marriage".

To them "Marriage" is not about tax benefits, hospital visitation, SS benefits, etc. It's the key part of the plan that brought them to this earth. Their goal to form a family and multiply and replenish the earth.

I don't love any LGBT person less. But still God's goals and laws have not changed.

Sorry Charlie!

In the past one hundred years gay people in the US have been legally subjected to forced castration , forced shock therapy, institutionalization, imprisonment, forced lobotomies. They have also been subjected to a great deal of violence including brutal murders. In other countries around the world the LGBT community still faces imprisonment and even execution, so I don't really think the LGBT community is simply "riding the emotional coattails of racial segregation" and comparisons to racial segregation's are quite fitting.


@chris b

Is there a reason you do not want to discuss the merits of the states claims and instead want to divert the discussion? When a polygamist family or two brothers decide they want to peruse legal recognition then maybe you can right a letter to the editor and we can have a discussion over whether the state has any compelling interest in denying those rights until then why don't we stick to the subject of the letter.

provo, Utah

Straight marriage is so important that you should be fighting for bills that make divorce illegal.

What truly saddens me is that the human brain is even capable of the hypocrisy being shown on these boards about the constitution and the supposed threat gay marriage poses to your own marriage. It's shameful to say the least.

Provo, UT

Legislating in favor of immorality will never bring peace and contentment. This lack of contentment will always be blamed on those who not only believe in God but also believe Him when he says 'thou shalt not.'

Forcing photographers through legal means to photograph gay weddings; legally shutting down religious adoption centers; forcing clergy to marry gay couples etc. will not bring the peace sought by gay individuals. Living God's commandments will.

Sorry Charlie!

in the wise words of peter, paul and mary, "how many years can some people exist before they are allowed to be free?" I brief review of history tells the truth about the many violent and horrible pains that have been inflected on the LGBT community over the past hundred years and maybe that is the true motive behind the desire to not treat them as fully human, I think many are afraid that this history may actually be taught in the same way that the wrongs inflected on the African American community are taught in our schools. It certainly seems true of this paper that refuses to print those facts in these forums time and again.

Murray, UT

Great letter!

Men and women are different from each other, always have been and always will be. All the legislation in the world does not change this fact. Mocking religion does not change this fact.

Salt Lake City, UT

2 bits: "Very few people are saying LGBT people are inferior."

You've not been paying attention to history. There is a reason the gay rights movement adopted the pink triangle as a symbol. Ever seen the Westboro folks? Not many people go around beating up strangers because they see them as equals.

2 bits: "To them 'Marriage' is not about tax benefits, hospital visitation, SS benefits, etc."

Unfortunately for your argument, "marriage" is very much about these things. When I wrote my small check to Sheri Swensen 20-odd years ago, I instantaneously got a whole slew of legal benefits (some of which you have listed). Gay couples could see a lawyer and generate contracts, trusts, wills, etc. and get some slight approximation of the benefits I got, but they could never get all of them and it would cost them dearly in fees and time.

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

Quoting a passage from her late husband's writing, Coretta Scott King reaffirmed her stance on gay and lesbian rights Tuesday at a luncheon celebrating the 25 anniversary of the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, a national gay rights organization. "We are all tied together in a single garment of destiny . . . I can never be what I ought to be until you are allowed to be what you ought to be," she said, quoting her husband. "I've always felt that homophobic attitudes and policies were unjust and unworthy of a free society and must be opposed by all Americans who believe in democracy," King told 600 people at the Palmer House Hilton, days before the 30th anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination on April 4, 1968. She said the civil rights movement "thrives on unity and inclusion, not division and exclusion." Her husband's struggle parallels that of the gay rights movement, she said. - Chicago Sun Times, April 1, 1998, p.18.

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

Keynote speaker Julian Bond, chairman of the NAACP, firmly linked the gay rights struggle to the Civil Rights movement, saying gays and lesbians should be free from discrimination.

"Black people of all people should not oppose equality, and that is what marriage is all about," he said. "We have a lot of real and serious problems in this country, and same-sex marriage is not one of them."

Salt Lake City, Utah

@ 2bits: "Very few people are LGBT people are inferior."

Except Utah's entire defense of Amendment 3 is based on the premise that LGBT people are inferior and LGBT couples form inferior families.

The trick is trying to prove that is not based in animus.

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