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Published: Sunday, Jan. 26 2014 5:20 p.m. MST

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Northern Utah, UT

In my experience as a teacher, home-schooled or charter schooled students to not always equate to better educated. You have to be very disciplined as a parent to properly homeschool a child. I have known several families who "home-school" children who can't read and write as well as their public schooled peers. I have also known brilliant students who were home-schooled, it depends upon the parent who is doing the teaching.

Mom of Six
Northern Utah, UT

In the past 5 years, I have seen bills in the legislature aimed at teacher accountability. We get very little pay for what we do compared to other degreed professions, and everyone in Utah thinks this is ok.
I could take large class sizes, long hours and lack of respect from others IF....
-Students came prepared to learn, and were not distracting others everyday.
-Students completed assignments on time and with a good attitude about learning.
-Students were expected to attain a certain level in every grade, and were not allowed to move up grades without attaining that certain level.
Students could be suspended for lack of preparedness and poor behavior. Those wanting to return to school to pay a fine....add those fines up, this could make some revenue.
-Parents were not either absent or helicoptering every move that teachers make, complaining about teachers being mean or unfair when their child did not get to participate in fun activities that they didn't earn.
With the bar being raised to asinine levels for teachers, isn't it about time for students and parents to hold some of the accountability as well?

Mcallen, TX

It cost over twenty thousand dollars per student in New York, and New Jersey, for a school year. We spend more money on education than all countries combined.

If money meant better education,--why do we have so many living in poverty, and are unemployed? Why so many on food stamps?

Pasedena, CA

To "teachermom6" and how do you propose we change the attitudes that parents have?

sunamn, IN

.To fund Utah state runs school a waste-Utah schools are not up to the standards many school to the east of the rocky mountains. My daughter was struggling in Indiana taking advance math spending hour or more 6 days a week, went to Weber High did little to get straight As in calculus which she may have received if she put in 1-2 hours aweek as her brother did who was better in math than she. When i lived in Utah 30 years ago a fellow employee from Missouri told me the same thing I did not believe it until I say it in my own kids in the high school level. Beside Utah spends as much as Indiana does, and Utah does not have the ghetto/hood problems which more than compensate the child to adult ratio

State run schools in Utah? no fund vouchers

Mcallen, TX

@Orem Parent--define adequate funding. How much money does education need?

Perhaps, adequate management of funds, would be a more accurate term.

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