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Published: Sunday, Jan. 26 2014 5:20 p.m. MST

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Bountiful, UT

Instead of either of these proposed tax increases, why not accept Energy Solutions offer of 1/2 Billion dollars so they can accept the same kind of waste they are accepting now, only it would come from a foreign source, then invest this money and use the earnings towards education?

slc, UT

For the most part people from Utah are not willing to pay more. Most of them believe the state should educate their 'huge' families for free.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


Herriman, UT

"Low performing schools reform their practices?" I have yet to see a school staff refuse to review their teaching practices in the hopes of doing a better job with their students. With that said let's take a look at a few practices that work, if you have the will to follow thru.

Insist upon following thru with school district attendance policies. Students who don't attend get dropped. They can come back the following semester. Students who misbehave consistently get dropped. They are interfering in the learning of others. They can also come back the next semester.

Insist upon professional attire from your educators. If you want to be taken seriously as a teacher don't dress like your students.

Finally, don't just teach the material. Teach young people. Give respect, regardless of their age. Expect respect. Turn learning into a joyful event worthy of their time.show relevance. Smile. And students, we understand your issues. Just remember schools are for learning,not for being babysat.

Erda, Ut

People homeschool and give their kids a better education. I don't think money is the answer. Unions require too much of our tax dollars for pensions, benefits etc.... I also don't think if your kids are out of school, you should have to pay taxes for education. Vouchers for those with kids and leave us that raised ours, put them through college....alone. So tired of politics being the answer. Parents step up and take control of your children's education.

Springville, UT

Are you (DesNews) ever going to prove a correlation between more money and better students? In the 30 years I've lived in Utah, this pumping for money has gone on every year. Prove the correlation, then we'll talk.


No, not no, Ice Cream Sandwich! "You get what you pay for" works in every other walk of life, but not education. In education it's called "throwing money at it".

Mcallen, TX

Why can't we have parents pay a small tuition fee? Have it go directly to the school before government gets its hands on it.

When people have children, they should bare some responsibility for raising them. Feeding and educating should be a part of it.

Murray, UT

@Health Teacher - your property taxes pay for services we ALL use in order to live a comfortable life within our private residence. Roads, utilities, fire/police services, and so many other services and infrastructure all of us rely on are paid through property taxes because without these services the quality of our private residence ecosystem would be diminished.

Syracuse, UT

Polls like this don't matter at all because lawmakers don't care about you or me. With our current system, the caucus delegates are the only people who matter to our legislators. In Utah, the real election comes during the Republican primary, and only caucus delegates get to vote. Once you've made it through the republican primary, you are basically a shoe-in for office. There are some pockets of Utah that democrats actually get a chance, but in 98% of the state, once you win the republican primary, you are in like Flynn.

This is EXACTLY why we need a direct primary! Sign the Count My Vote petition!

Indianapolis, IN

As a BYU fan, I can't believe I'm going to agree with Chris B.
Spending does not equal quality education.
I'm from Utah and have since lived in PA, NY, an now IN. The kids in Utah schools are just as educated (if not more) as the kids in all these other states, despite spending the least per pupil on education. The real difference comes from the time and effort parents put into their own kids education and not leaving it up entirely to the schools.

Too much money into the system breeds corruption. I dare you to take a good look at NY schools.

Centennial, CO

If I were living in Utah, I would want to see line-item school district budgets before voting in any tax increases.

Schools where I live, and schools in all other places too, always have several spending categories that are dictionary definitions of the phrase "fraud, waste and abuse."

As one example here, a city near me discovered in the last year or two that if they stopped their fake "green" practice of using whatever containers they were using for milk and put milk back in the standard cardboard containers I used as a kid, they'd save a quarter-million a yesr--which is 4 or 5 teachers a year, every single year.

Start by fixing a few of those in every district, and you suddenly have oodles of money. One example would be football --unless it's a break-even proposition where you live instead of a giant money sink.

Riverton, UT

I hear many arguments for both sides, but may I offer this: I, as a taxpayer, am being bled dry. I have no more to give. I need to feed my family. I am so sorry that we cannot educate our children, but how about letting me feed my children without having to be on welfare?

Also, why can foreign countries (Japan) have such large classes, much larger than ours, and still have competitive students in the world market? Could it be the entitlement mentality? I don’t have the answer to that, but...

Anti Government
Alpine, UT

I would be willing to pay more....if I had even a scintilla of faith it would actually make a difference.

I hear from my kids what they get "points" and "extra credit" for not to mention all the half days, early outs, and days off. It is a joke. These teachers adjust the expectation down to the lowest common denominator to make sure the kids pass. And I am in one of the supposed best school districts.

It is silly to think that throwing more money down a rat hole is going to change the low expectation that exists today for what students actually learn.

I pay the teacher more money and suddenly they are a better teacher? Don't think so.

If the money was going to be spent on an "accountability" and "outcomes" division then I might consider an increase.

The problem is that even when you report the ridiculous expectations of these teachers nothing is done about it because the union makes it too onerous to get rid of lazy teachers so we have too many coasting and not getting results.

Pasedena, CA

I have a better solution that does not require raising taxes.

How about we cut every position within a district with the word "specialist" in its title. Cutting the district staff in half will make more money available to the schools.

In the schools keep the prinicpal vice principal, lunch ladies, and janitors. If a person does not fit into those categories, give them a teaching position. If they do not have a classroom of their own, get rid of them or give them a class.

See how simple it is, and taxes don't have to be raised.

Salt Lake City, Utah


I have an even better idea, we really don't care about the education of our children because it might cost us a few pennies, so lets do away with public education completely! Let parents take responsibility for their children if they have the money and are willing to pay for a decent education they can find a private school, if not lets bring back some of those jobs we have outsourced to third world countries and put our children to work in American run sweat shops. That way American business can squeeze even a little more profit out by not having to pay shipping costs to bring their goods back to America.

Taylorsville, ut

Terra Nova there is NOT a single study which shows that vouchers and choice improve student outcomes. If you know of one, then please cite it.

Holladay, UT

To answer a couple pf the questions:

1. Of course home schooled children are better educated, they get one on one interaction and feedback from their teacher. Thanks for proving the point about class sizes!
2. Football makes money for most large high schools. Many academic programs are funded by the revenue brought in by football and basketball.

Northern Utah, UT

As a mother of 6 and a full time teacher, I can tell you where the problem lies. Public education is not going to get better. You can throw money at this problem and it will never improve. The problems with education have nothing to do with the classroom, in fact, teachers are better educated today than they were 10 years ago. We know what to look for, we know how to help students etc. What we will never be able to do is solve the underlying family issues that plague our society. Parents and administration are always screaming about accountability. Many teachers, myself included, work with students day in and day out to provide the highest quality education, because we love kids. What I can't fix are kids who decide that class is playtime. that homework is not fun, so not worth it, and that the most important aspects of life involve sitting in front of a screen to be entertained. Until we do something serious about parents being accountable for the actions of their children, and that education is important enough to spend the necessary time to make it happen, it will not improve. Money can't fix this!

Mcallen, TX

Let parents pay for a small tuition fee.

Just that simple.

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