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Published: Sunday, Jan. 26 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Far East USA, SC

"There is not a dime's worth of difference between the ways the parties try to milk partisan advantage from this made-for-television political pep rally."

Exactly true. But that wont stop many (or Fox News) from claiming how much worse Obama is then any of "their" guys.

Being independent, I am not required to agree lock step with anyone.

Per Obamas agenda,

I disagree with universal pre school for many reasons.

I believe that the wealth inequity is sinking this country and MUST be dealt with. Is minimum wage the vehicle? I dont know. But the typical GOP solution of "do nothing" is not a solution at all

More college education money? Nope. We are just allowing colleges to charge more for less. No reason for a college education to cost anywhere near what it does. More govt money = higher costs.

Free yourselves from your party. It is quite liberating. You can then pick and choose, using logic and common sense, which parts to support and which to blast.

Hayden, ID

Excellent article! Prediction: This year's state of the unions speech will be viewed and listened to by a record low number of Americans. Who needs to listen to more political misrepresentations of our dismal economy, our nearly destroyed healthcare system and the usual Democrat bawling for more money for more socialism? Obama has demonstrated he is not trustworthy; can't believe a word he says. Period!

American Fork, UT

People are going to love it or hate it based on their agenda going into the exercise, and nothing will change.

salt lake city, UT

This article is spot on. The final straw for me was George W.'s famous state of the union that pushed our country into the unjustified war with Iraq (scaring citizens with the threat of Sadaam developing a nuclear bomb). Americans later learned that the President was mis-guiding the public to support his and Dick Chenney's plan to bring democracy to the Middle East. The speeches have become nothing more than a campaign stop for President and the opposition's responses are just the same. I'll not pay attention to BO or the GOP's and Tea Party's responses. They're all just hot air filled with partisan rancor.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

He is good. The tea party is drowning in the ACA.

Durham, NC

So the constitutional requirement for the President to stand before Congress (and the American People) to officially declare his/her report card and priorities for the coming year is a waste of time ( particularly it seems when said President is a Democrat ). Interesting.

Sure why not. We have plenty of people out there telling us what the president thinks - why should we bother make the President stand and declare for themselves. Lets let Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Jon Stewart, and the rest of the gang to that for us instead.

Good Grief.... For George Will or any other of these talking heads to be complaining about Political Theater smacks of irony. George couldn't really find anything more news worthy to write about...

Everett, 00

It's like the Super Bowl...

Millions will turn in to Cheer,
Millions will turn in to Boo and Hiss.

And Millions like me will turn for the sheer comedy of the post address counter-rebuttels.

Pleasant Grove, UT

On the other hand, it's nice that they follow the Constitution in at least some way.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

It's not political exhibitionism when Republicans hold the same pep rally.

Murray, UT

Who would even tune in? We have heard his whole liberal agenda before.

As far as the State of the Union, the real unemployment rate (U6) will not be addressed, or even mentioned. Nor will the still plummeting labor force participation rate. 37.2% of adults are not working. Many of them still need to work and do not have enough for retirement, but are in their 50's or 60's and can't get a job and have given up. They are another crisis coming, as they age.

When 1 in 3 adults doesn't have a job, we have big trouble. You and your next-door neighbor have to support yourselves plus one more household. We can't keep paying for it by printing money and borrowing forever. We are close to being maxed out.

The pep rally leader will not talk about the current state of the union. He will tell us the big problem is income inequality. Well if there were jobs for every able person, that would go a long way to help with that.

provo, Utah

Will would no longer have employment if he said the same thing about a republican president. Especially when there are troops fighting overseas. Remember?

The nice thing about chronic hypocrisy is you get to feel right no matter how many ways you disagree with yourself.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

To say nothing of the GWBush Political exhibitionism of landing on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln - and banner blazing: "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"!

Double Standard anyone?

Salt Lake City, UT

It seems to me we have too many opinions and not enough suggest6ed solutions. Pre-schools may not be effective educational institutions; what is needed is quality daycare for children who have single-parents, or, both parents work to support the family. The latter probably costs less to operate. Tricks to buy votes with voters money should be avoided. Higher education needs to be scrutinized, and costs, especially. Medicine and Education are bordering on highway robbery-"your money or your life". Government spending in these areas is very suspect as an accomplice.

Durham, NC

Badgerbadger - your comments are actually well taken. There is a age demographic who either for age, aged skills, or what ever else, this economy is leaving behind. But when you list numbers like 1/3 adults don't have jobs.. that is a very misleading number. Of working age adults, the average employment rate has typically been in the upper 50s to mid 60s percentage range. It never has been that 70+ percent of adults have been part of the work force.

Numbers only mean something in context. Using the U6 number only means something when compared to historical data. A single data point means nothing because it has no context. What was the U6 number in 2008....2001.... 1995... 1985?

But at a high level... you are correct. I had a very well educated friend that was let go and it took him nearly two years to find a job. He was just too old.... and he isn't that old.

American Fork, UT're analogy is a good one. The advantage the super bowl has is the commercials.

Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder if Will wrote an article complaining about the State of The Union speech anytime prior to the current president. I doubt it.

I wonder if the Supreme Court Justices failed to attend this speech, or complained about it, prior to the current president. I doubt it. And if they didn't they should be ashamed. In fact more then that they should step down.

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