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Published: Saturday, Jan. 25 2014 6:25 p.m. MST

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salt lake city, UT

Really amazing rally! The legislature ignores its people at its peril. Thanks to the Moms and the Docs for the great work they do.

Cedar City, UT

The pollution doesn't bother me. I don't live in the salt lake valley. It is not a Utah problem. I know it needs to be taken care of but throwing money at it won't neccesarily fix it.

Provo, UT

I often took mass transit living overseas. Here I would have to walk about three miles to get to a bus stop. I don't want to see higher taxes though. I would rather the legislature cut spending elsewhere to improve air quality.

We also need to calm down. We only average about 21 days of really bad air. I'll take SLC over Los Angeles with its year round bad air days.

taylorsville, UT

I recently moved here to Utah in March 2013. Since I have been living here, I have been experiencing infections that I have never had before I arrived. The air here is very filthy. I have to wear a mask whenever I go outside. At work it is even worse, It is filthy and dirty in the post office where I work. I am now on FMLA because I am fighting an eye infection that was caused by filth in the air. Where does it end! I have put in a transfer to another state. I cannot breathe here. I use an air cleaner in my apartment. I hope I can leave here soon.

Thinkin\' Man
Rexburg, ID

Salt Lake's air has been getting cleaner as the years go by. Exactly what are these folks protesting? Are they against living in closed valleys? Are they against high pressure inversions? And how do they propose to fix those?

Gilbert, AZ

This is the biggest reason I won't live in Utah. The air pollution.

The people are great, the laws are family and business friendly, and it is beautiful.

The respiratory problems are not worth it.

I suggest Salt Lake Valley and Utah Valley buy out all factories and stop more from being built. Next make the air pollution fines outrageous and exponential.

For the good of the people.

St.George, Utah

Did they all drive to get there today?

SLC Philosopher
Taylorsville, UT

I grew up in Cedar City, before moving to Salt Lake. I can certainly second the fact that rural Utah doesn't need, and shouldn't have to pay for change.

However the Wasatch front desperately does, and with most of the states population it certainly makes sense to use limited taxes to help support it.

Much of the cost to the state of reducing pollution could easily be financed through directed taxes that will also reduce pollution and help reduce economic externalities.
For example imposing a gas tax in counties that suffer from heavy pollution, and indexing that tax to inflation would both provide money to finance affordable transit, improve roadways to reduce congestion, and give incentives for people to choose more fuel efficient vehicles and car pool. The size of the tax could be based on the level of pollution in each county and adjusted annually as needed with a 6-12 month phase in.

We know most of our pollution comes from motor vehicles, and peoples choices on fuel efficiency is directly related to the price of gas. Come on legislature this is not rocket science!

Orem Parent
Orem, UT

Unless you would like to demolish the mountains on each side of the valley, we will always have winter inversions. That is what you get when you settle in a valley.

Forest Grove, OR

The air pollution is the reason our family moved away from Salt Lake City also, and will never move back to the front range because of the health problems it caused us when we lived there.

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

As much as idealistic people think mass transit is the answer, people just won't take it. Our cities weren't built for it. People won't wait for a bus. Trax is nice in downtown if you work there but what if you don't?

Taxing people won't make one bit of difference. If we have people in the valley, we are going to be fighting pollution.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

If air pollution did exist, it would cost jobs to get rid of it.

However, there is no such thing as air pollution in a capitalist nation.

Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity as well as Conservatives on Drudge have said so.

Only communist, socialist, anti religious China has air pollution.

Why would Conservatives try to get rid of something that doesn't exist?

Trapped in Utah
heber city, UT

Why, in the previous comments, are people talking about raising taxes to stop pollution? What is needed is legislation and sensible permitting of businesses to improve air quality.
Yes the inversions will always be here, but the pollution that builds up because of these inversions is the issue. What it was like in the past is irrelevant. Air monitoring, now, is saying that there are currently unhealthy levels of pollution periodically, this is what needs to be addressed.

Potsdam, 00

Why should it cost money ?
A tough ruling on filters and preventive measures in private and industrial sectors will do.

The scientific evidence is lacking also. As far as we can see on these articles.
It is not a helpless situation. Question is who keeps quiet and for what reason !

embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

Isn't 10 years taken off your life a "big deal"???

North Salt Lake, UT

'Dr. Kent Di Fiore, an oncologist with Utah Cancer Specialists, said lung cancer used to be limited to smokers, but is now being diagnosed in Utahns with "frightening regularity."'

I wonder if the good doctor can explain this discrepancy: According to the latest data from the National Cancer Institute, Utah has the lowest lung cancer rate in the nation -- and it's not even close. In addition, the data show the incidence rate is decreasing; it fell by 0.8% during the last data period of 2006-2010.

What is more interesting is that Cache, Davis, and Utah counties have incidence rates which are significantly lower than the state average, despite their propensity to have high particulate pollution.

Dr. Di Fiore may be seeing lung cancer cases with "frightening regularity" -- not surprising, since he is a cancer specialist -- but the actual epidemiological surveillance data tell a vastly different story.

(Curious persons can Google "State Cancer Profiles NCI" for more information)

Wasatch Front, UT

Unless we stop driving, stop heating our homes and businesses, and close all of the manufacturing, refineries, malls, etc. the pollution will continue. Very few malls are connected to convenient public transportation. One example, from where I live, it would take over 3 hours to stop by "the mall" to pick up an item, if I took public transportation. The buses are slow, infrequent, and frankly, add to the pollution more than they save because the buses are almost ALWAYS empty. People will not take clunky public transportation in a way that will even dent pollution. It isn't the answer.

I used to take public transportation to work, but when front-runner started operating, I stopped. My commute went from 45 minutes each way to an hour and a half. I am now back on the roads. UTA is a political machine made to support its own existence, not a vehicle to serve the public, reduce congestion, or reduce pollution. My bet? I'll bet FrontRunner and Trax have net added to pollution and congestion (waiting on trains, extra traffic lights, etc.) on the Wasatch Front.

Rock Springs, WY

Was Al Gore at the rally

salt lake city, UT

Had clients in town skiing last weekend. Although they wanted to tour temple square downtown they refused to come down from the mountains because of the air pollution. People are begining to view Salt Lake as not just a "Mormon town" but as a place with terrible air pollution.

Red Smith
American Fork, UT

No More Houses/Businesses/Industry on the Wasatch Front.

The Wasatch Front air is sick, because of congestion, cars going 75 mph on road to limitless destinations to get a burger, $Billion dollar road projects in the wrong locations with sick airshed, and basically very poor planning.

Having the dirtiest air in the nation in the highest birthing area of the nation is just plain stupid. The cause is sick air is the Wasatch Front Valley Bowl. Our beautiful Wasatch Mountains created a bowl limiting the amount of people that can live in its Valley.

The carrying capacity of Wasatch Front Valley airshed has exceeded its natural carrying capacity for people making grandpa, grandma, mom, dad,children, cats/dogs sick.

What is the point of a deluxe education system, modern buildings, and ipad education if the mothers of students pull their children from school to literally save their lives because of dirty air caused by over development along the Wasatch Front Valley?

We can see the dirty air we breath. It's time to reduce mph for on the highways, stop UDOT projects which increase car counts, stop building permits. Nature created an area which will not tolerate an unlimited population.

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