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Published: Saturday, Jan. 25 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

I remember Nancy Reagan spending over $1 million (at 35 years ago) for just a china set.

[and I hope Michelle used them for serving cake and ice cream].

Morgan, UT

mcbillay said:

"This is such a pressing issue. It's a national emergency, really. Especially since food wasn't even served at her party, netting the First Lady yet another criticism."

You know, you make a great point. Kind of like the way our leftist media swept all of Obama's scandals under the rug like 1) Benghazi (where our Ambassador and Seals died!), 2) NSA, 3) IRS harassing conservative groups, 4) Fast and Furious, and 5) Obamacare, just to name a few, but have devoted non-stop coverage to NJ Gov. Christie's road closure "scandal."

It made me chuckle that you, with pride, observed: "...food wasn't even served at her party..." You don't find that just a bit tacky for the First Family...really? These two tightwads only spend lavishly when it's on the American tax payers dime.

Durham, NC

Badgerbadger gives us this quote....

"Weird how people defend this behavior, and call everyone names who does not."

What behavior are people defending? Having a birthday party is an offense needing defending?

Let me ask you this.... do you think that just perhaps when Jenna Bush got married.... it cost the tax payers some money? Do you think the Bush's footed the bill for the secret service detail at the wedding down in Crawford - and transportation of all the people down and back.... or reimbursed the local police for the extra protection and security? And surely the wedding reception held at the White House.... that didn't cost the tax payer a single cent? Right?

Or was that different, because Jenna is - you fill in the blank. I am sure there is a really good reason for the different standard being applied.

Morgan, UT

@The Real Maverick:

So, in the mind of a liberal, what's wrong with our nation are letters like this, and of course, EVIL corporations like "big oil." Funny no outrage from you concerning our corrupt federal government. (Benghazi, NSA, IRS, Fast and Furious, destruction of our healthcare system).

It will not be from the issues you mentioned, that our nation will get what it deserves, it will instead be from the things that the left celebrates.

As an aside, please tell me: 1) do you drive a car?, 2) do you heat your home?, 3) do you use any petroleum based products in your home?, 4) Do you ever travel by aircraft?, 5) have you went to a store in the past 1-3 days to purchase any products or services that you needed?, 6) do you ever have need for a medication?

I'll take an educated guess and say you would answer "yes" to all of these questions. The fact is, “big oil” has made our lives, and our standard of living something we should be thankful for. Instead, you have nothing but disdain for these companies…which BTW, employ millions of Americans. So, are you going to stop using petroleum based products?

high school fan
Huntington, UT

As long as we keeping track, how come the Bushes always went home to Texas and the Reagan's to California and the Kennedy's to Massachusetts and the Carter's to Georgia but the obama's never go to Chicago. And Michelle's extra stay in Hawaii cost us millions but then all you democrats who have written to criticize the author don't care and that is part of the problem.
We need a person that is capable of being president not a person who just moves from party to party and fund raiser to fund raiser and campaign speech to campaign speech. We need a qualified leader.

Durham, NC

Sven.... as a "moderate" ( in your world flamming liberal) who works in the Oil and Gas industry developing the models to determine the effects of fracing... I can tell you the extreme picture you portray is based on silly political rhetoric - or simply hatred - and little on fact.

There is no reason to believe oil companies can't continue to prosper, without federal subsidies, or subsidies to the level they are today. And in the middle of this rhetorical sandwich of baloney and ham... it amazes me that some will fight to subsidize Exxon.... yet argue that subsidies to family farms are anti-capitalist. Which of the two is more critical to our standard of living?

Challenging business and economic models does not equate to childish "disdain". It is simply a quest to find better ways. 100 years ago in the town I live, kids as young as 8 used to work in the cotton mills... deemed necessary to protect their standard of living. We have done away with child labor.... and our standard of living seems to have survived somehow.

Sven... we get your outraged... but by what is still not clear.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Hillary will be throwing parties for Bill. Watch for letters from 2016 to 2024.

Provo, UT

There is no point in responding to letters like this one. There is nothing that Mr. or Mrs Obama can do that will please certain people. Absolutely nothing. You might as well not even try talking sense to these "outraged" folks, because when it comes to the Obamas, they just aren't going to listen. It's bizarre and like nothing I've ever seen before.

South Jordan, UT

The complete incompetence of you rightwing nutcases is amazing. The level of your hatred is astonishing. After what George Bush did to this country you even saying 1 word shows how out of touch with reality you are. Sad that a very high percent of americans are so bigoted, and out of touch. Greatest narion on earch? Maybe, but not her inhabitants. Some are just delusional.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Other Presidents have been criticized for their excesses.

President Bush was criticized for taking vacations (remember Sandy Shehan camping outside his Texas home)...

You're going to have a hard time selling this as, "unfettered hatred the right wing has for this President".

Criticism of what he spends traveling and entertaining Hollywood friends in Washington is not limited to THIS President. Remember President Clinton and his rock-star parties in the White House?


I don't hate this President. I'm tired of any criticism of this President being assumed to be a right-wing conspiracy, racism, etc.


"Leave the First Lady alone"?

Where were you when Laura Bush was being attacked by the left?

As First Lady, she took five goodwill trips to Africa. The purpose of these has mostly been to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and malaria, and also stressed the need for education and greater opportunities for women. And trips to promote and gain support for President Bush's Emergency Plan for AIDS relief including Zambia (2007), Mozambique (2007), Mali (2007), Senegal (2007), and Haiti (2008).

And she was criticized. And her travel wasn't to entertain her and her entourage.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Irony Guy,
I know the Reagan inauguration party was paid for by private donations. I remember the left complaining about it at the time and the fact that it was completely paid for with private donations. I'm pretty sure this party will also be paid for by private donors.


Steve C. Warren
Re "paid for by the President."

Where does the President get this kind of money? We pay his salary... right? Do we pay him millions?

I'm pretty sure it's paid for by private donors (not the President out of pocket).

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