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Published: Saturday, Jan. 25 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Good Grief!

The mere fact that no other First Lady has ever been criticized for having a birthday party only shows the unfettered hatred the right wing has for the President. Seriously folks, how can you deny that at least some of this vitriol isn't racially motivated?

Unbelievable! Seriously, unbelievable. And yes, I'm angry. Leave the First Lady alone, for crying out loud. Such petty insults.

Far East USA, SC

I understand that people can have an issue with taxpayer funded trips for elected officials.

A dollar spent is a dollar spent. So, if the is the "real" issue, party affiliation would not matter.

But alas, just another Partisan hater who will sink to pathetic depths to rally more hatred from the like minded. As if that is necessary.

Does the writer have any idea (or even care) what other presidents have spent on celebrations at tax payer expense.

This new breed of partisan haters (born in the last 6 years) is off the charts.

Salt Lake City, UT

Would you be asking the same question if Mitt had won and the Romneys had celebrated Ann's birthday?

embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

I wholeheartedly thank the Obamas for their fine service to our Nation.....even if First Lady Michelle Obama's birthday party cost a million dollars....Michelle Obama and her family deserve our respect and admiration. In Utah, it is STILL wildly popular to whine and complain about our Amazing President Barack Obama and His family. Many religions teach that in our nation we believe in being subject to elections, presidents, magistrates, and laws. I've yet to hear of a religion that teaches being a poor-sport, sore-loser.

Res Novae
Ashburn, VA

Whatever the figure, it's sure to be less than the cost of the 9 ships the US Navy wanted to retire, but which Congress legislated to remain in service in last week's appropriations bill because their maintenance protects jobs and campaign donors in various Congress Critters' districts. Or the new tanks the US Army doesn't want but that Congress ordered be built to keep the assembly lines going for the same reasons.

Seriously, that's the stuff that taxpayers should be angry about instead of constant whining about the Obamas' vacations or parties, which amount to a thimble in an ocean.

Salt Lake City, Utah

According to news reports, including from Fox News, the President paid for his wife's birthday party.

I'm sorry I missed your letter asking about Laura Bush's parties while her husband was in the White House, but I'm sure her husband also paid.


So what exactly is the expected payoff for making such devisive commentts? Does the author feel better about themself? Do they think they have scored some political points for having made such comments? What is the point other then to be cruel?

American Fork, UT

I imagine your equally angry that the state is going to dump 2 million to fight to take constitutional rights away from people, being a responsible taxpayer and all. Right?

Salt Lake City, UT

Has civic discourse slipped to a level where this kind of letter is worthy of comment?

provo, Utah

I'm sure you were outraged at Bush and Regan's parties as well. How much have the taxpayers paid Mrs. Obama for the work she does with world leaders? Zip. We're getting a pretty good deal.

Salt Lake City, UT

Given that the president has to buy his own groceries in the White House (yes, that's the law) it seems a bit improbable that a birthday party for Mrs. Obama's 50th is going to be a burden on taxpayers.

And when other First Ladies also celebrated their birthdays in the White House, were you equally up in arms?

Moreover, given that any number of corporations throw lavish parties for their executives and write them off of their taxes as "business expenses," do you really believe that in terms of taxpayer-funded parties this 50th birthday party for the First Lady truly represents something worthy of your outrage?

"Obama Derangement Syndrome" (a visceral hatred of _anything_ associated with our current president) is a real phenomenon, and this petty, spiteful letter, unencumbered by the thought process, is exhibit A.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

However, as a responsible taxpayer, I would like to know how much her birthday celebration cost the United States taxpayers?


Good Grief, talk about petty complaints.
Stooping to new lows.

Birth Certificates didn't work,
Fast & Furious didn't work,
Benghazi didn't work,
Mitt Romney didn't work,
de-funding Obamacare didn't work,
shutting down the Government didn't work...

Let's try complaining about the 1st lady's birthday party!

However, as a responsible taxpayer,
you should be upset about $100 trillion lost by the Bush economic meltdown,
$4 trillion in unfunded meddling in the Middle East,
$1 Trillion in TARP hand-outs to corporations,
and $224 billion lost by Ted Cruz and Mike Lee's little Shut-down tantrum.

Birthday parties....
Good grief.

Talk about motes and beams in one's own eye.

Salt Lake City, UT

Ill bet that party didn't cost as much as what the previous Utah Attorney General (s) accepted in fun vacations?

Murray, UT

Michelle is welcome to have a birthday party, on her own money. Her birthday party is a private affair, and should be paid for by her (and her husband's) bank account. As long as that is the way it went down, no problem.

But if the taxpayers paid one dollar for the party, that is wrong. It is not official business. It should not be paid for by taxes any more than my birthday party should be a tax deductible expense from my business.

I fail to see why any true American would think it is the taxpayers job to pay for any person's birthday party. We don't have royalty, because we don't think the taxpayers should lavish anyone by law at the expense of all.

Weird how people defend this behavior, and call everyone names who does not.

embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

This type of opinion piece does a disservice to the rational people of Utah. Our state's reputation is poor and an irrational letter like this makes it worse.

Joan Watson

Actually it was a good comment and question. One that is okay to wonder and ask now or in the past. Presidents and their families pay their own groceries. Whether or not all the costs of birthday parties for either the president or his wife is paid by them or by the government is not known. But honoring the president and his wife on their birthday is traditional. And appropriate.

Sandy, UT

DN, did you pull this letter from the Comic pages? When will this POTUS and First Lady be judged on the same criteria as their predecessors?

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

I assume the writer would also have protested the budget-busting price of the Reagan inaugurals, which as I remember were by far the most expensive in history. (Of course, that was Reagan, so it's different, right? This is called "irony.")

Steve C. Warren

A White House official made the following statement several days ago, which was quite easy to find online: "The President threw the First Lady a dance party last Saturday for her 50th birthday. It was a private gathering of family and friends and was paid for by the president."

The key words, of course, are "paid for by the President."

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

It's these types of letters that really make me depressed. I think this country really has peaked.

If we must waste time and ink space on opinion pieces to write garbage like this, rather than actually tackle real local and national issues, then how can we expect to solve anything?

If the dialog today has become so uncivil, so petty, and so immature, then all hope in actually discussing solutions for real issues is lost.

This country deserves everything it gets. It deserves to be in bondage to corporations, its land to be ravaged by big oil, and its youth sent to endless war.

It really is that simple.

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