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Published: Friday, Jan. 24 2014 9:50 p.m. MST

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Huntington Beach, CA

@freedomingood Your comment proves you never listen to him! Do your homework before you comment.

salt lake city, UT

He's gotta a schtick that plays well in America to a small segment of society. That's capitilism so good on him. Like PT Barnum said, there's a sucker born every minute but I'm not buying it.


Seems like Glenn has always been warning Americans that Obama would continue the Bush doctrine of the centralization of power in the executive branch, dictatorship, more debt from wars, drones, NSA snooping, and basically pushing the agenda of ownership and control of everything and everybody by the Federal Government.
... Or in other words Obama works for the same boss of an elite group of Wall Street Bankers that make a percentage off of all big government debt.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss*

True or not?

*'We won't be fooled again' The WHO

Mapleton, UT

All groups have their ultra-right conservative elements that intensify during times of crisis. Others different from ourselves are increasingly blamed for every inconvenience.

As times improve (as they inevitably do), we moderate our thinking. Others (e.g., the indigent, immigrants and politicians of the other party) are not nearly so odious as we had thought. We feel better. Tolerance is back in vogue.

Glenn Beck is evidently easing up. Can we do the same? Or like a dog with his bone--using a fabricated interpretation of the Constitution as an excuse--do we have to belabor our differences forever?

West Valley City, Utah

So when will people stop gawking at Glenn Beck's introspection and do a little more of their own introspection? That would take a lot of humility, self-honesty and courage. It takes much more integrity and is much easier intellectually to simply point fingers.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

"Aren't we all a little wrong about something?" Yes, and some of us are terribly wrong about everything, e.g., Glenn Beck.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The biggest irony is that many people look to Glenn Beck as the fountain of knowledge when nothing could be further from the truth.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

I gotta admit, in this case, I actually agree with him.
because 35 years ago, I was a Republican.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

‘Glenn Beck: 'Aren't we all a little wrong about something?'’


35 years ago, I was a Republican...

South Jordan, UT

What is ironic is that those who dislike Beck allow him to control their opinions. Instead of thinking for themselves, they let Beck do it and then just take the opposite position. They are much more under Beck's control than his fans.

These people say things like:
- "there's a sucker born every minute but I'm not buying it."
- "some of us are terribly wrong about everything, e.g., Glenn Beck."
- "many people look to Glenn Beck as the fountain of knowledge when nothing could be further from the truth."

Several things are wrong with this approach.

First, it is lazy thinking. Instead of the message, they focus on the messenger. In essence, they disengage their brain and let Beck think and study for them.

Second, it is rooted in blind prejudice. Unless they listen to Beck daily (making them fans), they must be forming their stereotypical perception on rumors, innuendo, etc from others. That reflects a deficiency in their ability to reason effectively in the face of their emotional responses to Beck, whether it be first hand, second hand, or from other emotionally driven pundits.

Third, it demonstrates rank hatred. Nothing more, nothing less.

orem, utah

I watched Glenn Beck when he was on Fox. He always said think for yourself and question everything. Those that hate him without knowledge of what he says or stands for have no foundation to stand on. I agree with the comment that it is just plain hatred and nothing else. I'd rather have Glenn fighting for my freedom than trust fools in government to take my rights away.

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

If anyone would know about being wrong, its Glenn Beck.

Salt Lake City, UT

to iron&clay

Won't be fooled again, eh? You do realize every POTUS since Reagan has had an Ivy League degree or two.

Its more like Einstein's definition of insanity every time the general election rolls around.

Ogden, UT

@Cats 2:39 p.m. Jan. 24, 2014

I don't agree with Glenn on everything, but he's a sincere person and he's really trying to do what's right. Anyone who says otherwise hasn't ever really watched him.


I have watched him, listened to him and read his webpage. Your comments are, in their totality, 100% wrong. Beck is not anywhere near being a sincere person, and he's really nbot trying to do what's right. He's just trying to make money, and knows how to rabble-rouse to get it. Endo of "Beck story".

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

I find folks who listen to beck easy to argue with, because their knowledge of how government works, the conspiracy glenn's selling this week, or just common sense is very surface and just a couple parroted phrases aren't enough for them to defend his position. When asked about particular aspects of glenn's opinion they're done. "He always said think for yourself and question everything. " But his fans aren't about looking for themselves, which is why he has such an uninformed audience. I listened to him for a couple of weeks (at my fathers behest ) and looked up what he was ranting about, he was seldom correct, and usually twisting a partial quote, or using analogies so poorly, one has to wonder where glenn was educated?

Got to admit he has his loyal audience, the ones who post - You either Love Glenn, or your an uninformed, dumb liberal who hates America. Gotta love Joe5 approach, By not listening to glenn, your letting him control your opinion and
"Unless they listen to Beck daily " then they are prejudice.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

I'm personally apathetic towards glenn, he receives no emotional response from me.
I do feel sorry for his listeners though, anger, hate, fear, the end of times, uplifting?

South Jordan, UT

HVH: I've never listened to Beck's show on radio/television/internet or other media. In fact, I don't listen to any talking heads of either political persuasion because they seem to see things through a prism of their own making.

You talk about the anger, hate, fear, etc of Beck's listeners. Just for fun, as an experiment, go back through the comments here and keep score of who said angry, hateful things. If you're honest (which I don't know), I think you will concede that the anger and hatred stems from Beck's detractors, not his followers.

Your first post today demonstrates the arrogance of youth. I don't know how old you are but I'm hoping you're young. It would be sad to see someone matured by life experience to be so sure of his own rightness.

Finally, your interpretation of my comments show a weakness in reading or comprehension. My point is that, unless you listen to Beck, how can you know that "everything" he says is wrong (as many on here have claimed). If you form opinions based on that assumption, he controls your thoughts.

Salt Lake City, UT

t702: "...good luck looking for the liberal media to admit any wrong doings"

That paragon of "liberal media," the New York Times, regularly puts itself under the introspective knife examining its journalistic methods, integrity, and ethics. It regularly finds fault with how it has handled its reporting or covered an issue. It does this in a column called the "Public Editor" in the opinion section.

JMH: " But he did the same thing that talking heads like Maddow and Schultz do on the left. They all fan the flames..."

I'll agree with you on Ed Schultz, but I take issue with your of assessment of Rachel Maddow. If she has a fault, it is being excruciatingly detailed in laying out a case on air, spending 30 minutes on a topic that could be covered in five, building an argument step by incremental step. Of all the talking heads on Fox and MSNBC, she is remarkably even-tempered and subdued in composure. She clearly has a point of view and is not afraid to express it, but she is not a flame stoking rabid polemicist like Schultz or O'Reilly by any means.

Durham, NC

Joe5.... you know, it probably seems hard to believe, but some of us do try to listen to Glenn... but find what he says to be just outlandish balderdash. His musings of the intent of the founding fathers generally ignores that there was a huge debate within the founding fathers themselves - they were not even close to unanimous in intent. But Glenn seems to somehow have channeled the founding fathers and can interpret for all of us their intent... what ever that was.

As hard as it is to believe... yes..... some of us have and do listen..... and still don't agree with what we are hearing. I am still waiting on the prophesied crash of the US dollar.... and Gold to $3,000 an ounce he so dramatically illustrated for us all.

Its great you get something from listening to him... I just don't.

orem, utah

What does it say when a person admits fault or shows some humility that all enemies attack (and harshly). Just as was said, it's rank hatred nothing else. No amount of reasoning can change mean people. I'd rather be wronged than be wrong.

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