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Published: Friday, Jan. 24 2014 10:35 a.m. MST

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BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

Rule Number One for High School teachers wanting to date their students: Don't date them until they turn 18.

Salt lake City, UT

Good for the friend for calling out this inappropriate behavior. It must have been hard to do, but ultimately it was the right thing. I hope the young woman forgives her and realizes what a great friend she was by saying something!

get her done
Bountiful, UT

There are way too many reports in Utah on these kinds of behaviors.

Former Sports Director
Ogden, UT

BYU Track Star: Don't you mean "Rule #1 for HS teachers wanting to date their students: DON'T".

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

@ Former Sports Director. My Family owes their existence to a Teacher in the 1850s in Germany not follwing your made up rule. In Frankfurt am Main there was this rich/successful Wine grower who hired a Teacher to tutor his Children. Lovely Margarete, the family story goes, fell in love with her tutor. They eloped and fled to NYC. Where he being multi-lingual worked at Ellis Island for awhile processing the hordes of Immigrants. Interestingly the eloped couple and their sunsequent family as heirs to the family business continued receiving royalty checks from the business until the 1930s when Hitler came to power. I'd love to find out if this wine making business still exists.

The Final Word
Alpine, UT

@Former Sports Director....you got it right.."Don't" would be rule #1.

@get her done Well, any reports are too many but evidently your are not following Florida news for example. It seems to be almost a daily occurence there and females are very frequent perpetrators and there always seems to be outrage and the hand-slap punishments they get.

As with all societal problems it is difficult to discern whether the media sensationalizes and reports more now or whether it actually has increased.

Another example would be school shootings. FBI statistics were just recently released that say that despite the news and peoples impressions there have not been any statistical increase in the amount of shooting w guns.

The media and the left hate facts and ignore them because that doesn't accomplish their political agenda but then again we have learned not to expect facts from them.

Anyways this guy looks a bit scary...girls need to try thinking about what they are doing so more of these guys get repelled before it ever gets this far.

Saratoga Springs, UT

I agree with the Track Star. However, you do need to ad one more thing. They have to be 18 and out of High School. Even if they are 18, but still a student, a teacher still can't date them due to state and legislative law protecting the student. The law Has something to do with the power and influence a teacher has over a student. After that they are a legal adult and free to do what they wish. It is disappointing that teachers and students make this mistake. When will they all learn?

Former Sports Director
Ogden, UT

@Track Star, Not sure you are aware but societal norms have changed slightly since 1850. And was this tutor a 54 YO science teacher in a public HS?

Provo, UT

I'm just shocked, more than anything. I didn't know him personally, but I had met him and I can't believe he'd do this. I wish it were some mistake.

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

@FSD, No, I hadn't realized German societal norms had changed sinced the 1850s (grinning). I do know it caused a big enough social scandal that the eloped couple had to decamp to America. One could argue that since the 1850s morality was gotten more relaxed. Back in the day, having a lovely Blond heiress was a sure way to marry up socially and combining the Family Fortunes of two wealthy wine grower families. Romantic Love was for the lower classes to some degree then. Less so for the One-percent classes.

BYU sports on TV in Missouri
Lebanon, MO

Stories like this are always sad. Everyone involved loses. There are no winners. Coming from somone who does not live in Utah, this stuff happens in every state. I would not bet any money on the belief that it happens more often in utah than other places.

Attleboro, MA

Forget Utah, this kind of thing is happening ALL over the country…world for that matter. The boundaries are either tumbling or this kind of thing has always gone on and we are just now getting able to report it much easier. Either way it is wrong, wrong, wrong and these people need jail time and lots of therapy. They have no idea the damage they do to our young. Maybe it was done to them? Surely some of them yes. But it is still no excuse. We need to root out these people and reinforce social boundaries that protect our children.

Ivins, UT

Get er done....

there are far too many reports of this kind of thing nationwide. What does your insinuation about Utah lead to? Is it that you think Utah is rampant with this sort of stuff? Share your statistics?

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

We see a lot of reports like this. What on earth are these teachers thinking? We've got to do better screening and get better quality people in these jobs.(Of course, that would mean paying them instead of pretending to pay them.)

Helendale, CA

As a retired schoolteacher, I have even more reason to be furious at this teacher and other male AND female teachers who abuse their students, judges who give female offenders who just "a slap on the wrist"—and the teacher unions who too often protect them.

Layton, Utah

BYU Track Star
Did your families tutor rape and sexually assault the student, quite a difference don't ya think?

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