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Published: Thursday, Jan. 23 2014 11:00 p.m. MST

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West Jordan, UT

As good as this team is at home, they simply cannot win on the road.

Too many close losses this season. They are in the games but need to learn how to finish.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Great game, but another tough loss after blowing a half time lead. This team needs to learn how to win on the road. We're a year away from competing in the PAC-12.


Cottonwood Heights, UT

I think this team is a year away from being great.


Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

Yep always a year away. Tough to watch them lose so many close games.

Lincoln Park, IL

It's hard to learn how to win on the road when you play all of your preseason games at home.


Onwas' free throw shooting single-handedly cost the game. Offense finally found a way to get going on the road, and misses at the charity stripe lost it. Winning at UA is highly unlikely, but next weekend at CU is a winnable game.

Sandy, UT

Hard loss, but just like football, we weren't in these games a year or two ago. No, its not a moral victory, but its progress, and significant progress at that. The future of Ute basketball in the Pac 12 will be just fine!

South Jordan, Utah

You can blame Coach K for their abysmal performance on the road. Had he prepared them properly in the preseason, they could very well have won many of these road games. As it stands now, all Utah fans can do is claim a moral victory for continuing to lose close games on the road. Last time I checked however, moral victories do not cut it. As it stands now, Utah will get a road game in the NIT, and lose. Another mediocre season.

Holladay, UT

Wow, BYU just lost by 4 to Portland, a team with an RPI of 141. At least Utah lost to a team with an RPI of 62. Just an observation.

1 Of 20 on the road
Seattle, WA

It is good to see the utes back to normal. This will be a brutal year for the utes. They are totally unprepared to play on the road. The coach and AD can take full credit for not preparing the team better in the preseason. The team actually has some decent talent but are not coached very well. I don't see the utes winning more than 4 more games the rest of the season and will miss any meaningful postseason play.

Lincoln City, OR

Didn't know whether to put this comment on a BYU story or on a ute article because it seems like we're all on Coug Boards far more often... None the less I decided to comment here.

All I really wanted to do was to try and cheer y'all up... You have some nice wins... BYU and UCLA are good on the resume... And y'all have only lost 4 Conference games (albeit only one was at home and the other 3 were all your road games against the weaker teams in the conference), but you should be able to bounce back at home... I mean, look at how well y'all did in preseason at home, you didn't lose a single game (alright, well most all the teams were in the 300RPI range but you won)... And your team only lost one preseason game on the road (okay, well you only played one but you did come close)...

You know, you can't win every game on the road (or in utah's case, you can't win any) but y'all keep showing up and that ought to be good for a trophy somewhere.

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Losing at AZ state isnt good.

Losing at Portland St is a bag over the head

San Mateo, CA

Utes down by 1 pt, with 3 mins to go.. I think it was 63-64?, Utes give up 2 layups when their pg went 1-1 against d-wright.. who himself did not stop that nor did he get any timely help to stop those 2 scores! This knowing ASU is a poor FT team so even a foul was better than giving them 2pts. That was the game for me...

Richmond, VA

I'm looking forward to watching the Utes against Arizona this weekend. Hopefully I can also watch my Cougars against the Zags and the Aggies against San Diego State. This is a great chance for the Big 3 programs in the state to make a statement, especially the Utes! I mean can you imagine the Utes pulling off an upset of the undefeated #1 team and shocking the nation? It will be HUGE if they do! This is a priceless opportunity for them to do something spectacular! Likewise I'd love to see the Cougars and the Aggies take care of business too! What a great weekend that will be for all 3 schools! I might be doing some flips and stand on my head, then again, I might not!

Good luck to all!

springville, UT

Another moral victory that for sure will get you into the big moral victory dance. National champions of moral victories here you come...



Your comment actually applies more to your BYU Cougars. How did they do last night, by the way?

Draper, UT

There are no moral victories...give it up already...none.

The Utes lost this game at the end of the first half. They had a 10-point lead and got sloppy. Turning the ball over and far too many missed free throws by Onwas. Losing the momentum carried over to the 2nd half and they never had the same confidence.

I would favor a zone on occasion against quick and strong guards who continually take it to the paint. The help defense was terrible. Zone up at the end of the game.

Great to see Loveridge continue to improve his improve his overall game, but still needs work on the 3 ball. Delon was solid too, but nobody else really stepped up last night.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Has Utah won a basketball game outside the 801 area code?

Provo, UT


Thanks for the cheer up note. Losing to ASU was tough.

What could be worse? Perhaps losing to say Loyola, Pepperdine and Portland (or is it Portland State). Shoot, I can't keep those WCC and Big Sky teams straight.

Phoenix, AZ

So it seems to me the standard at Utah is "Well, we lost again, but at least we didn't lose like BYU lost." I don't think Utah can compete at any level if they and their fans are always benchmarking themselves in the rearview mirror. What's the saying "If you're constantly looking backward, eventually you'll be headed that way." or something like that?

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