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Published: Thursday, Jan. 23 2014 1:20 p.m. MST

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Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I wonder how many NFL players it takes to save a coaches job if he has one more losing season in a highly competitive conference.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Only one player from Utah and two each from BYU and Utah State? Utah had better players in the MWC.

west jordan , UT

Cant wait for the game, it will be good to see how KVN leads a group he is not used to playing with. The fact that the other players are showing that much respect for KVN leadership say a lot about what they think of him.

Pocatello, ID

Good to see them all doing well.

Outside of McGill and Van Noy, I honestly don't know much about the other players, but both those guys have overcome a lot of adversity so it's nice to see their hard work pay off.


Chris B.

If the number of NFL players from a certain school equates to success then below are the teams that in your logic are better then the University of Utah:

Virginia - 22
Virginia Tech - 21
South Carolina - 29 (They have only been good for the last 2 years in the SEC)
Rutgers - 23
Penn State - 27 (They have been in the middle of the Pac of the Big ten for years)
North Carolina - 20 (So they should be equally just as good at the Utes!)
North Carolina State - 20
Notre Dame - 26
Maryland - 20
Miami - 43
Michigan - 26
Mississippi - 22
Missouri - 20
Illinois - 25
Iowa - 27
Clemson - 22
California - 33

There are some good teams on this list however there are some really bad teams as well. I have a hard time believing that every team on this list is better then the Utes.

The fact is that Utah owns BYU's mental space right now and until BYU comes back and wins consistently against Utah. Utah is the better the better team no matter what the end of the season says.

Nibley, UT

I hope all these players do well in the game, it was exciting as an Aggie fan to see Bobby Wagner and Robert Turbin contribute to the Seahawks win this past weekend. I cheer for the Utah graduates and BYU graduates as well. The pro games are more meaningful when you recognize players you have seen in college. All of them deserve it with the hard work they have put in.

West Point , UT

If you're talking NFL players right now, then Wagner gets my vote. I hate the Seahawks but dude is a beast! Good luck Saturday to all these guys.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

"Who would have thought Ziggy, KVN and Hoffman would be future NFL players...Great job Bronco."

Everybody who saw them play?

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