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Published: Thursday, Jan. 23 2014 1:20 p.m. MST

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Christopher B
Ogden, UT

The University of Utah has as many alum currently in the NFL as all other Utah schools combined.

Whittingham has had over 20 guys drafted in his time as a coach.

I believe Bronco is at 4

Think recruits know they have a much better chance at going to the NFL under Whittingham?

You'd better believe it.

And being that Utah has won the recruiting war both head to head AND average stars every year the past 4 years should come as no surprise

Salt Lake City, UT

Good luck to all of them. It would be great if all of them are playing in the NFL next season. Its always good to see players with ties to the great State of Utah doing well. After they leave college, I generally let the rivalry go and cheer for even the Ute players (for example Eric Weddle is one of my favorite NFL players). Of course my BYU allegiance leads me to cheer for the former Cougars the most.

Kearns, UT

Gee Christopher B, how many did LaVell Edwards get drafted/play in the NFL? Next time try and be relevant. So what that Wittingham has had a hot streak. The Utes went years with maybe 1 or two. These things go in cycles.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Samwise, sorry there hasn't been more than just a couple guys at any given time from byu to watch on Sundays the past decade

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

looks like you forgot one Brandon:

Tyler Larsen, Utah State
The center is the most underrated position in football, and Tyler Larsen is head and shoulders better than any other in the state. Larsen has been a first team all-conference selection since he was a sophomore, but he received a new honor this season. USA Today selected Larsen as a second team All-American. Larsen was also a finalist for the Rimington Trophy, which is the national award for the nation’s best center. To top it all off, Larsen will play in this year’s Senior Bowl.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good luck to all of them.

Alex H
Murray, UT

Chris B.

Doesn't seem like those NFL standouts from the U could win a National Championship for you guys could they? If we're going to refer to the time where the U had maybe 1 or two guys drafted in over 20 years...BYU was busy winning. (i.e. 1984 National Championship....Ty Detmer winning the Heisman Trophy) The list goes on and on.

Congrats on the current success. Don't really understand why you feel the need to downplay every success that BYU has.

West Jordan, UT

Congrats to the Senior Bowl participants.

With all those current NFL vets, highly drafted players, recruits decorated with a plethora of stars, you'd think the U could stumble into a PAC12 road win outside of Boulder or Pullman. At the least, they should have been able to crawl into their conference's least prestigious bowl game the last two years.

What has winning the NFL alum, NFL draft, Count My Stars, and Moral Victory trophies done for U lately?

Good luck to KVN and the Hoff. I'll be watching Saturday and looking for you on the gridiron next year.

South Jordan, UT

All four will make NFL teams next year plus Murphy out of Utah.

Sandy, UT

Good luck to all the players out of Utah schools. I'm a Utah fan but it's great to see all the players from our state succeed.

Davis, UT

Since I can't get a post to go thru that captures my true feelings about the pervasive need of one individual to crow over his "personal" quests as he sees it. I'll just say WOW

Highland, UT

I wish them all luck. Once they leave here there is nothing to root against.

christina why wasn't reilly invited to sr bowl, the most prestigious, and important for NFL prospects, of all these games?


Chris, Didn't the article say that Van Noy and McGill and Hoffman will be playing on the same team? Did you read anything about Bronco or Whit in the article? Didn't it compliment Utah State's Lawson and Larsen?

Please make your comments relevant to the story.

DN: Perhaps a little more looking into staying on topic.

Cougar Blue 1
Henderson , NV

KVN and the Hoff are going to be great in the NFL. I think Cody will be the way Ziggy was in Senior Bowl practices last year. A little sluggish in practices, but shines during game time. I really do think Cody will be big time in the NFL. The guy catches everything. I think when GM's and coaches do an in depth review of every game he has played in the last two years, they will come away amazed.
Think about it, Cody broke several BYU records with QB's Heaps, Nelson, and Hill. Not guys known for accuracy.

Universal City, TX

What's the grudge Chris B.? You show too much interest in BYU.

Provo, UT

@Chris B
Leave college behind it is in the past. When our boys make it to the next level it doesn't matter what school they attended. We should encourage and support them for they all represent the great State of Utah. At least with the BYU football players that don't make it to the league still are able to graduate and able find a jobs.

South Jordan, UT

We're cheering for Kyle VanNoy. It's so great to see him showing so well in practice. He will be exciting to watch Saturday and in the NFL after he is drafted. Go KVN!

Salt Lake City, UT

Ah Chris.....quit giving all the cred to whiting ham.........Anderson at Wisconsin had more to do with the 20 than whit did,,,,,keep reaching!

Fort Benning, GA

Oh Chris B...

Just making the BYU case easier. You keep throwing these softies, so here is my home run.

Of course Utah is wining the recruiting wars, especially since they are not a church owned school. It is amazing they haven't been winning the battles for more years. The school that wins the in-state recruits is often cyclical and Utah has the upper hand right now. Once again, that shouldn't really be a shock given some of the characteristics and attitudes BYU needs to recruit.

That being said, it really should be BYU not going to Bowl Games and finishing the season with a losing record. Don't throw the PAC 10.2 schedule out there. If your recruits have that many more stars than BYUs, you can at least make a bowl game.

According to your recruiting analysis, Bronco does more with less (less stars, LDS players or those who may not be as talented, but can/will attend a religious university); whereas Whit underachieves (more stars, no BYU Honor Code and PAC 10.2 affiliation).

Who would have thought Ziggy, KVN and Hoffman would be future NFL players...Great job Bronco.

Richmond, VA

@Chris B,

At some point you've got to realize that we've all heard you rehash that post over and over and over again! Will there be an end? Believe me, we've heard you, man! We heard you a long time ago, loud and clear! You won the recruits, you won the stars ranking, you won the head to head 4 in a row, etc, etc,. Congratulations! Now can we move on? Thank you!

Congrats to Van Noy, Hoffman, and all the others on the Senior Bowl! Love to see them all make it to the NFL including Riley and Murphy from Utah. Those boys are definitely NFL material and should make the roster of any NFL team.

Good luck to all!

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