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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 22 2014 7:05 p.m. MST

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

You know, most of these victims would not become victims if they followed the law and came here legally.

Maybe instead of going after the predators, if there were no prey they would not be committing these crimes.

Legal immigrants are welcome and should be protected, but illegal immigration is the basic point where intervention will stop a lot of crime. Enforce our immigration laws!

Provo, UT

When will they start going after those that steal id's, commit social security fraud, and commit perjury? And how about going after business owners who hire them and commit felonies. Americans who commit perjury, id theft, and social security fraud are jailed.

Iowa, Iowa

Social security fraud is not a victim-less crime and neither is ID theft in other forms. That does not even address the tax dollars for all the programs to either detain, incarcerate or feed them.


So after 47 months Gonzalez will go free back to Mexico where he will wait 2 months then re-enter the US illegally, establish himself and take up his preying on other illegals (sorry, undocumented aliens) again.....Makes sense.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

It is very difficult to have sympathy for a government that has failed to enforce the law for decades and the best they can do is offer snitch visas to people who come forward.
Let me tell you about an amnesty program called Operation: Scheduled Departure. Our government reached out to 450,000 people on the loose in the USA with deportation orders. Come forward and the government will give you 90 days to tie up your business in the USA and leave peacefully.
Of the 450,000 possible takers, only EIGHT people took advantage of the program.
That was 2008.
It turns out that Obama nullified 300,000 deportation orders with an executive order.
Illegal aliens will continue to play the odds as long as government acts like fools.


Over the last year, I have become aware of how hard it is for legal immigrants to obtain the proper paperwork to obtain a job in the USA. It is a Catch-22 -- get a job and we will give you the proper visa, but without the proper visa, you cannot get a job. Or an employer must be willing to "sponsor" you and pay a $2,000 fee. What employer is going to take a chance on an unknown person and pay a $2,000 fee? It seems our laws prevent good, honest people from being able to get the right paperwork. No wonder so many people choose to work illegally.

So Ogden, Ut

Our country must help our own citizens where the unemployment rate is way above the reported National Unemployment rate of 9.8%. It's more than 30% (because after the unemployment insurance runs out they are taken off the statistics)As reported in 9/13 it was reported: "In "Tanger Outlets job fair draws thousands," ABC reports that 10,000 job seekers showed up at a jobs fair in Prince George's County, Maryland, just miles from Washington D.C. where the Senate and White House are pushing to double immigration. Job seekers showed up at a rate of one thousand people per hour, proving yet again that there is no shortage of available workers in the United States. The ABC report includes video interviews with some of the job seekers, including a mother of two who wants to set a good example for her children by providing for her family, and a recent college graduate who is hoping to get started with his career.In "Maine Voices: Immigration reform locks black workers out of the American dream," Jonette Christian writes in the Portland Press Herald:"today, the U.S. unemployment for black workers is 13%, nearly twice that of whites.

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