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Published: Thursday, Jan. 23 2014 6:30 p.m. MST

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Beverly Hills, CA

BC Why are you talking about last year? BYU lost to 4 of the 5 teams that were ranked, 2 of which were WAC teams that played a very weak schedule and were questionable to be ranked at all. Here is where Domans words ring true though " Schedule at least 6 wins" Idaho, Hawaii, New Mexico St, Weber St, GT, WAZU (Utah beat them 49-6 that year) SDSU.
If you beat the #5 Team in the country And PAC 12 champ, saying U don't belong is idiotic.

Nibley, UT

@atl134 I guess I will have to give you that. I was too focused on in state rivalries, where when all is said and done, BYU and Utah are on similar levels. Give USU a couple more years of their current level of performance and they will be there too. They have to win a few more in state rivalry games to say they are there. But we are not far off.

Lincoln Park, IL


Since when is Georgia Tech an automatic win?

The Utes have exactly ONE win against a PAC team with a winning record in three full seasons in the league. Truth is, you only belong as cannon fodder for the big boys of the conference to pad their conference records.

2-7 in your 3rd season in the conference is NOT competitive, regardless of how many "moral victories" you count.

Holladay, UT

By the way, Sagarin final rankings for 2013 (by the way, BYU fans love Sagarin), Utah 35th, BYU 36th, and Utah St. 41st. Interesting!

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

my team is in a premier league, so that makes us good too! hey everyone look at us! give us credit! give us respect! we should be included! what about us? don't forget us! we count too! hello? anyone?

said every ute fan...

Beverly Hills, CA

GT? Utah beat them in '11. BYU has beaten them soundly the last 2 years. GT is a well known name but it is a winnable game that BYU is favored to win. BYU was favored by 7 over GT and favored in 9 of their 12 games. Utah however was the underdog in 8 of their 12 games. That's what divides winnable games vs a really tough schedule.

Kearns, UT

Where's Wayne Howard when you need him?

Highland, UT


"That's what divides winnable games vs a really tough schedule."

No, that's what divides a team better than most of their opponents from team worse than most of their opponents. That's what divides a team that goes into their games respected from a team that goes into most of their games with no respect. That's what divides a team that wins most of their games and goes to bowl games every year from a team that loses most of their games and sits home during bowl season. That's what divides a winner from a loser. That's what divides BYU from utah.

Holladay, UT


Utah has beaten byu 4 years in a row.
Utah has beaten byu 9 years in the last 12.

After the annual Utah win over byu, the two teams have very different schedules. Utah plays a PAC 12 schedule, where they are often the underdogs, going up against USC, Stanford, Oregon, UCLA, etc. byu then plays a schedule full of teams like Idaho St., Middle Tennessee St., Nevada, New Mexico St (last year), etc. byu has 7 or 8 built in wins. Yes, byu is and should be favored in these games. They also schedule a couple of good teams like Wisconsin and Notre Dame and they lose those games.

If byu and Utah played the same schedule you would have a good point. But they don't. Utah is in the PAC 12 and byu has a game next year against Savannah St. Utah may lose against Oregon and byu will win against Savannah St. Does that make byu better than Utah? Absolutely not.

The only way we can compare the two teams is head to head and against similar competition.

Utah beat byu
Utah beat Utah St.
byu beat Utah St.
These are the only games we can use to compare. Utah is better.

Iowa City, IA

I think the "News" team is better than the "Deseret" team. I mean one has BOTH Reilly and Van Noy. Who's gonna stop them?

Highland, UT


Hey if that single win is what helps you lie to yourself and claim utah is good then I'm not going to try to take it away from you. The utah "fan"base is tenuous at best anyway so whatever it is they need to use to hold onto a couple of them is probably justifiable.

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