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Published: Thursday, Jan. 23 2014 6:30 p.m. MST

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Baltimore, MD


"I guess one could say that Washington St (Utah's worst loss on paper) was mediocre, but those Wazzu Cougars were still a lot better than the Virginia Cavaliers..."

Which proves exactly what?...

Washington State(6-7) wasn't as good as Texas(8-5), Mid Tenn St(8-5), Utah St(9-5), Georgia Tech(7-6), Houston(8-5), Boise St(8-5), Wisconsin(9-4), Notre Dame(9-4) or Washington(9-4).

BYU beat SIX of those teams to become bowl eligible.

The truth is, the 5-7 Utes won three games that they could have easily lost (Utah St, BYU, and Stanford), and lost one that they should have won (Washington St).

Utah was closer to finishing 3-9 than to 6-6.

Beverly Hills, CA

"But then you lost to a 7-6 OSU team, an 8-5 Arizona team, and a 6-7 WSU team. 3 games against MEDIOCRE teams that cost the Utes a bowl game. Are you following me? "

Arizona with a 42-16 win over #5 Oregon is mediocre? AZ beat UNLV 58-13 while USU barely survived at UNLV.

Washington St won at USC, lost at Auburn by 7, beat SUU like a drum.

Oregon St embarrassed Boise, 3-0 vs MWC, lost by 1 at Oregon, had 1 of the best QB and WR in the country.

Mediocre? do you actually watch sports?

Fight On!
St George, Utah


Did you even read my comment? I acknowledged that Utah had a very touch schedule, beat all 3 in-state opponents, and even beat a top 10 team. But then you lost to a 7-6 OSU team, an 8-5 Arizona team, and a 6-7 WSU team. 3 games against MEDIOCRE teams that cost the Utes a bowl game. Are you following me?

And then my question was, "how long will the "We played a harder schedule" excuse hold up? Especially without a win over BYU to rest your season on?"
Your response tells me all I need to know.
When Utah goes 3-9 the next two seasons without wins over BYU to rest your season on, there will be a mass exodus of Utah fans jumping ship, and it will be glorious.

But at least you will be playing good competition...

Hyrum, UT

Wow! Something like 8 of the first 10 comments to this article were from known Ute fans... anxious to defend their team from what most people knew would be quite predictable results.

Uncle Rico makes a good point. Wilson played in a game won by the Utes over a team finishing in the top-10 nationally... something not often done by players in this state.
But on the other hand he also lost, even at home, against some very mediocre teams. Obviously, a lack of consistency hurts in the voting, as it should.

That also proves that only a few good performances over an entire season won't get players all the accolades which that team's ultra-fans always think their players deserve.

Winning one or two battles doesn't often translate into winning the war, even though many fanatical fans seem to keep thinking it does... or should.

Multiple times I've read juvenile chants such as "We beat you, so no matter how bad we are, you're worse" during this past season. At first they're irritating. Eventually, they seem funny as one can't help but feel sorry for a mind that conjures up such silly rhetoric.

Hyrum, UT

@ KH:

Why on earth would you prefer to struggle against a level of competition that leaves your team with lousy and losing records that no other team in the state envies... and that leaves nearly all your fellow Ute fans very frustrated at the end of the season?

Why wouldn't you or any other Ute fan prefer a more moderate schedule that could allow your team to enjoy a winning record and consequently play in post-season bowl games... something the Utes haven't done for a few years.

It's actually quite silly to prefer a tough enough schedule that keeps leaving your team in the basement of their conference and causes your head coach to change offensive coordinators every year and worrying about keeping his job.

The worst teams in the nation can play ultra-tough schedules and end up with losing records. That doesn't prove anything positive at all. So why would you prefer such a scenario to something more livable where your team could actually be competitive?

The Utes are obviously in over their heads with the schedule they currently struggle with.

As such, your reasoning is difficult for reasonable people to understand.

Fight On!
St George, Utah


Hahah I love it! Just like you Ute fans to base an entire season off a couple good games. Each team I mentioned lost at least 4 games and was unranked at the end of the year.
Arizona had one quality win over an opponent with a winning record.
WSU did indeed beat my Trojans, but also lost to Colorado State and got destroyed by OSU.
And OSU was beaten by an FCS team.

I understand Ute fans have had to drop their standards lately for what is considered Mediocre. But most people with a half decent IQ would not consider any of these 3 teams good or great. Inconsistently good maybe, but that would leave us right on the doorstep of mediocre wouldn't you say?

Highland, UT


You got the "struggling" part correct.

Holladay, UT


Competitors want to play against the best. Think of it this way: Are you a Jazz fan? If so, would you want the Jazz to play in the NBA where they are struggling, or in Europe where they can compete for a championship every year? Of course you'd want them to play in the NBA, right? It is fun to see your team play against the best.

As for the Utes being "over their heads", let's take a look shall we?

Besides the annual win the Utes have over byu, let's examine PAC 12 play:

Utah beat #11 Stanford
Lost to #16 UCLA by a touchdown
Lost to Oregon St. in overtime
Lost to #21 Arizona St. by 1

Yes Utah has struggled in the 2nd best conference in the nation. But looking at these close games makes me optimistic that Utah is just a play or 2 away from winning 3 more games this year and finishing 8-4, possibly 9-4 with a bowl game.

Again, I'd rather play against the best rather than pad the W column playing Idaho St, Middle Tennessee St., etc.

St George, Utah


Nobody is arguing that Utah plays a tough schedule in a premier conference. And yes, Utah can be competitive at times, but only on their home turf. Utah is a whole different team when playing @ home, and showed they can be competitive with the best in the conference when playing in SLC, so I can understand your optimism.

But...If you look at Utah's record vs PAC-12 teams on the road... Well its something like 1-8 over the past 2 years....with the only win coming @ Colorado by 1 touchdown.

Holladay, UT


I understand that nobody is arguing that Utah plays in a premier conference. I'm arguing that it is better to play in a premier conference and struggle than to play a bunch of patsies and make a bowl game. That is my argument.

I agree with you. Utah's PAC 12 road games have been tough to watch and they definitely need improvement.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Utah beat #11 Stanford
Lost to #16 UCLA by a touchdown
Lost to Oregon St. in overtime
Lost to #21 Arizona St. by 1"

It's funny how Utah fans didn't give BYU any credit whatsoever last season, even though BYU had superior results against ranked opponents.

BYU beat #16/#17 Utah State by 3
Lost @ #3/#4 Notre Dame by 3
Lost @ #18/#14 Boise St by 1
Lost to #20/#19 Oregon St by 18
Lost @ #21/#21 San Jose St by 6

3 of BYU's 4 losses versus FIVE ranked teams were on the road by a total of 10 points, all 4 losses by a total of 28 points

Utah's 3 losses to FOUR ranked teams were by a total of 31 points.

Oregon St(7-6) wasn't even ranked at the end of the season, and let's not forget, the Beavers lost to Weber St conference mate Eastern Washington to open the season.

The real choice isn't whether you'd rather lose to PAC 12 teams or win against lesser teams; the real choice is whether you'd rather whine about your tough schedule or go to a bowl.

Beverly Hills, CA

The PAC-12 went 14-1 vs the MWC, BYU and USU. The PAC-12 had 6 teams in the the Final AP top 25. End of discussion

Nibley, UT

It is amazing how articles featuring BYU and Utah end up being a discussion (argument) about strength of schedule or Independence vs Membership in the PAC 12. Just a few observations , whether you like it or not Head to Head schedule does count. If your team beats my team, you have a better team. This is hard to accept for an Aggie fan, but it is true. Secondly, being in a great conference does not make you a great team. If you play in a tough conference , and lose to everyone you are not a great team. But undoubtably the best team in Utah this year. Based on head to head. I believe this is a make or break year for Coach Whit this year. 4 years of being the PAC 12 patsie has to grate on the majority of Utah fans. And looking at their schedule next year they could go 2 and 10. Not knocking your team, you have a very tough schedule. Coach Whit could be gone by Christmas if the Utes don't do better. And the Cougars due to strength of schedule are going to have to win out to get a sniff of the top 25.

Sandy, UT

I would put money down that Utah ends up with more of this years starters in the NFL than any other team in the state. If you were to count up the number of NFL players from every team in the state by year, Utah will beat every other team every year for the past 10 years. A trend that won't change any time soon.

Tooele, UT

@ KH:

In your comments and replies, you keep saying things and insinuating that BYU played a patsy schedule last season. You need to be reminded that BYU's schedule was ranked harder and tougher than any that the Utes had ever played prior to this past season. That being the case, you should man-up and give some credit where credit is due... especially since BYU went with that schedule, finished with a winning record and played in a post-season bowl game... things that Utah did not accomplish.

With that in mind, if you still maintain your current line of reasoning, you're actually saying Utah has ALWAYS played patsy, easy schedules prior to the latest season. So, is that true?

Beverly Hills, CA

"4 years of being the PAC 12 patsie" Year 1 Utah finished 8-5 and won the Sun Bowl and 1 game out of being in the PAC 12 championship game. Overall was 6th place. Year 2 Finished 9th but blew out WAZU and Cal to create a clear line from the bottom of the league. Year 3 Beat #5 and Pac12 champ Stanford and lost by 1 to south champ ASU. Ask Stanford coach David Shaw if Utah is a patsie? he said everyone in the Pac12 knows playing at Utah is one of the toughest games in the conference. Ask Graham, Mora ect.

Hyrum, UT

@ kh;

By the same token, even though Utah was just a few plays away from a winning season, they also won several times by a single score, meaning they were also just a few plays away from being 2-10.

That philosophy has to be applied to both sides equally.

Also, considering Utah's schedule next season, it's most likely they'll finish with an even worse record. And if so, it will be interesting to see if you still maintain your present perspective of liking such "challenging" schedules.

Prior to the Utes joining the PAC, when Utah had impressive winning seasons and went to bowl games, I distinctly remember their fans being much happier than they have been recently in the PAC12. No doubt whatsoever.

As such, I still contend that a challenging schedule just tough enough to still allow a winning season is enjoyed more (than what Utah has recently had) by coaches, players and fans. No team or fan enjoys sitting home during college bowl season... regardless of their conference or schedule.

It's obvious USU fans enjoyed themselves more in their MWC than Ute fans did in their prestigious PAC12 this past season.

Beverly Hills, CA

Brandon Doman has repeatedly said on 1280 that BYU designs a schedule with at least 6-8 built in wins. Utah is in a power 5 Conf. They don't choose the majority of their schedule. Your either in a major Conf or your not. I hope the power 5 break off as is being talked about right now.

This year BYU played 2 teams ranked in the final ap top 25, Utah played 5 and 1 other 35th in votes. Clearly not the same schedule.

Park City, UT


Last year BYU played 5 teams ranked in the Final AP Top 25, Utah only played 2.

BYU won one and lost by a total of 10 points in three of the others.
Utah lost both.

BYU finished 8-5 with a bowl win.
Utah finished 5-7 with no bowl.

Utah got exactly what they bargained for when they joined the PAC; if U can't cut it, go back to the MWC or WAC where U belong.

Salt Lake City, UT


" Just a few observations , whether you like it or not Head to Head schedule does count. If your team beats my team, you have a better team. "

I would disagree with that, even as a Ute fan. Head to head is useful as a tiebreaker if the two teams are similarly ranked but upsets happen. Stanford is still better than Utah despite their head to head result, for instance.

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