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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 22 2014 7:25 p.m. MST

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Dr. Thom
Long Beach, CA

I like Halo multiplayer my self, but geeez people, get a real life and unplug the wifi once in a while.

San Bernardino, CA

I remember when my mom decided that my brother and I were spending too much time on video games and TV. We fought back and forth for a while; she'd turn it off, we'd turn it back on, and we were a lot bigger than her so we could block her way to the consoles. She came out with scissors one day and cut the cords. Problem solved. The frontal cortex, controlling emotions and executive function doesn't fully mature until youare 19-21. If you don't control your teens, nobody is going to. We are bigger than they are for reason. Once the are addicted as adults it's obviously a lot harder to deal with, but if we didn't allow these people to live off the government, eventually starvation would get them away from the screens and out looking for a job. As Tolstoy said "My inspiration was my desperation."

Bountiful, UT

It is good to know that some one has taken the time to address this growing concern. I would like to see this film.

Denton, TX

The most productive years for our family were the six years that we went without TV or video games in the house. Our TV broke and we couldn't afford to replace it, so there was nothing to plug the Nintendo in to. The kids' brains started working again and their reading scores went through the roof.

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