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Published: Thursday, Jan. 23 2014 9:35 a.m. MST

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Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

“. . . the less a government interferes with personal economic freedom, the better its people become educated, and the more effective is its health care system.”

Doing a few internet searches, this does not appear to be the case. Single payer health care systems are well rated and education is high in many countries with more what would be considered more govt. “interference” than in the US.

I understand this might be what we want to believe but we need to rely on facts not platitudes.

John Kateel
Salt Lake City, UT

Exports are at an all time high. Our natural gas production is so high that energy intensive industry worldwide are looking to relocate to the US. Bankruptcy and death are not the primary options for those with a preexisting medical conditions. Our tech companies dominate their industry worldwide. Home mortgages are once again evaluated on documented income. Gays are free to marry in 17 states and soon will be free to do so nationwide, once Utah loses the appeals court case and loses the Supreme Court case 5-4. Manufacturing is booming for small firms because of 3-D printing. Our creative arts dominate the world. High school graduation rates are way up. Teen pregnancy is at an all time low. Abortions are at an all time low. We re- elected a black President. Our Supreme Court has three women. Our Fed is led by a woman. Social media forces are chipping away at repressive freedom killing conservative principles 24/7. These are the best of times. I love every minute of it and may God Bless the USA and all His world's creations.

Salt Lake City, UT

Well, OK, but you should try to look at the world through at least one other set of eyes. I went to the WSJ - Heritage site and also the World Happiness Index site. Compare the top six countries from both:

WSJ - Heritage: Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, NZ, Canada

World Happiness: Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada

Why the difference? I suspect WSJ- Heritage reflects freedom for capital more, and World Happiness includes labor contentment, less harassment of labor. Northern Europe has long led there.

WSJ - Heritage is insensitive to stress on labor - Hong Kong, Singapore? Give me a break!

Interesting sidebar - Switzerland and Canada make the varsity in both. Why?

Salt Lake City, UT

Also note that the United States doesn't make it to the top group in either the WSJ - Heritage or World Happiness Index. Do you think it is because we have both less economic freedom and more hostility to labor? For your consideration.

Salt Lake City, UT

How does this article square with the fact that nearly all of the nations that scored better than us have stronger regulations of their banking industry, universal healthcare and a minimum wage that keeps full time workers out of poverty?

Midwest City, USA, OK

The United States went from nothing to singular superpower in not even two hundred years under its founding principles, simultaneously watching socialism, "big government", and theophobia fail spectacularly time and again for a century. Why do American citizens and leaders suddenly want to flip it all around now?

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

Try starting a business in America today! High taxes, regulations, red tape, government agencies, permits, massive paperwork and lawyers all take all the incentive out of it.

Durham, NC

"But in the United States, the Affordable Care Act has added new regulatory layers onto health care that makes it more difficult for businesses to prosper."

And yet most of the countries rated above the US have the full monte version of socialized medicine. Not sure how you reconcile those two data points, but evidently it isn't going to stop the author of somehow trying to draw that thread.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

I agree with the editorial, especially the part that says that "the less the government interferes with personal economic freedom, the better its people become educated". If you're hungry, you'll expand your ability to increase your value to others so that they will pay you for your abilities. That's the greatest incentive to add value to your skills. When the government feeds us, clothes us, houses us and provides us with free cellphones and "free" health care, there is no incentive to add value to our skills. People work just about as hard as they need too. Very few have the discipline to continually add value to their skills.

Government that assumes the role of "nanny" cripples its citizens. It makes citizens slaves by denying them the consequences of their actions. Our Creator gave us agency with accountability. He placed us in families who are responsible to get us going in life. He never charged government with the task of being our "mommy" or our "daddy".

clearfield, UT

Well it is pretty simple to understand. If a person is a slave, then pretty much all of their work product goes to someone else. The master of the plantation, or the masters of a government. If a person pays only half of their work earnings to a government, then in a sense they are only half enslaved. Now for those of you who say the person gets a lot back from government, that is true. However. What is the threat of not paying that half? In some case enslavement. Or prison if you like. And at a minimum, repaying the back taxes with a huge addition of late fees and penalities added. So, the government in a sense makes us, the average citizen live in fear of that very government and its power. That is why, in our world, the country with too much government power has frequently become a tyranny. That is also why, we in America need to see to it that our government of the people and for the people, does not become a government against the people and for itself.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

The rich are get richer,
the middle and poor are getting poorer.

It all happened on the watch of GWBush and the GOP,
like Nero lighting Rome of fire and playing his fiddle while watching it burn --

which is WHY I loathe and go after them daily for all their WRONG policies!

BTW --
Who IS going to pay the $3 Trillion - direct costs - and $6 trillion in indirect costs -- for his still yet unfunded and unpaid for Middle Eastern wars?

Not to mention the $49 trillion lost in home values,
and $16 trillion lost in wages and earnings.

While the rich off-shored $21 trillion into Caymen island and swiss bank accounts,
and Corporations squirrel away another $100 trillion in profits.

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

Nearly the exact same article was published but a couple of days ago in this same paper. The factors used to make this determination are flawed on their face and the DesNews is rapidly becoming what most conservative "news" sources have reverted to over the past few years: an echo chamber for their own propaganda.

These "opinion" pieces are making it clearer and clearer that the DesNews has put away any semblance of integrity and prefers rather to "believe" only things that support their worldview.

Perhaps, if the DesNews actually cared about providing a useful opinion, they would have been more studious and consulted the Church's Proclamation on the Economy. That helps reveal that our Nation is "less free" but for an entirely different set of reasons than the ones outlined here.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm going to focus on just one comment from the piece: "And even with the federal income tax taking 39.6 percent from the top earners, the nation is nowhere near meeting its burgeoning obligations."

If you don't understand the difference between a top marginal rate and actual taxes paid, please refrain from commenting about tax policy. I suspect that you do know the difference, which means you are simply lying to prove a point.

The actual effective federal income tax rate for the wealthiest Americans is 16.6%. (source IRS)

Provo, UT

Ah yes. Why, if only the government ran our lives completely, we would then be free! That's LDS Liberals' world view. I love the "It's Bush's Fault! Obama did nothing! 70 years from now, it will be Bush's fault!!!!!!" Cue frothing at the mouth. Guess what: Bush is somewhat to blame; because he expanded the nanny state too. Pray tell, who is going to pay for the 7 or so trillion of debt the democrats have added? It is COMPLETELY on them, because they passed the stimulus package--and ever since then have refused to cut that stimulus out. We've been dumping a trillion dollars a year of government spending over and above what Bush ever had--and we are STILL in recession, still worse off, and Obama with the NSA and spying is rapidly destroying the US tech edge. Who's going to order American tech anything?
Liberalism is another word for slavery to government.

clearfield, UT

LDS Liberal

You could really benefit from watching FOX and Bill O'Reilly. Just last night for instance the very subject of the rich getting richer was a topic. Truth is, all the stats show that the huge disparity between rich getting richer and poor getting less has in FACT happened MOST under these last 5 years of Obama. Just the facts. Sorry. Sooner or later you guys will have to get into the current times and realize that going on 6 years of Obama, it is all his game now. And it is becoming more and more apparant that if with 8 years available to Obama he is not able to fix things, he was a bad choice to be President in the first place. But, in liberal terms, he has made things worse. Medium income in America has dropped some 4 thousand dollars during his administration.

American Fork, UT

Single payer health care and regulated banking sector are both missing from the American equation.

Hyde Park, UT

This is just a matter of the Deseret News supporting supply-side capitalism as opposed to Keynesian capitalism.

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

Hutterite. We do have a single payer healthcare system now. Those who have healthcare insurance are subsidizing those who don't by paying higher premiums, higher deductibles and higher co-pays not to mentions higher hidden taxes! What more do you want?

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

And as we know... that's a "good" thing.

Sandy, UT

RJL: both types of capitalism you referred to are better known as crony-capitalism. Both types are reverse Robin Hood policies, stealing from the poor and middle class to benefit the already-rich.

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