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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 21 2014 10:35 p.m. MST

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Bakersfield, CA

Great points, Vic in BC. Did you know that evolution, the Big Bang, Climate Warming and Prince Geoprge are also all made up?

FYI: Hittites, Sodomites, Edomites, et al, were real civilizations in ancient Mesopotamia and vicinity. Secular Israeli archeologists still use the Bible for current excavations. Now they haven't located the Passover Bunny, but they did find the full Hittite civilization in the early '80's, much to the chagrin of the atheist naysayers, who insisted that no such entity existed: Right where they were supposed to be, under layers of previous civilizations... Exactly as the Biblical prophets prophesied their total extinction.

The scattered tribal Hebrews? Well they returned to their land just as promised: The only ancient, Biblical nation to totally resurrect their nation and original language to modern times and usage. The Prophet Ezekiel could order a sandwich at a Tel Aviv deli today. Their current enemies? The same tribal animosity from 4,000 years ago, of recorded/verified history.

I am having a tough time locating Prince Geoprge though...

Vic Steblin
Prince Geoprge, BC, Canada, 00

For Shazandra, many things are not made up by humans. Math, science and nature, for example, seems to be mostly discovered. In general the two major sections of libraries are a decent start to try to sort things out, fiction and non-fiction. Then everyone has their opinion where religion, philosophy and the meta-stuff belongs. Then there are things like dreams and prophecies, part of our existence, yet strangely not there, or are they, as bits of electrical disturbances. Those "goldilocks" planets are also probably really there, no matter what the ancient writings said. I also follow the BAR and am amused. Watch any decent historical account or read any book of the Bible to realize human creativity and influence.

Mcallen, TX


Do some homework.

Look at the poor African nations as a start.

Karen R.
Houston, TX

@ Windsor

"Just curious if you feel that if it is no longer codified in an amendment or law, Or if everyone who says so is silenced into not saying it, will that change that it is somehow no longer sinful or abnormal?"

Your opinion that SSM is sinful or abnormal may not change, nor does it need to. Your opinion is simply not relevant to the issue. You're confusing your religious doctrine with civil law.

Falls Church, VA


You must know that there is a history of previous generation's parent's lack of acceptance of their own children's differences in any way, especially their children's sexual identity.

You must know those parents are often violent towards their own children, beating them, throwing them out of their homes, into the street to survive, under age, on their own.

You must know those children -- children -- are then often both severely suicidal, and or severely abused by the experience of trying to survive on their own, under age, in the underground of society.

To force those children -- children -- to be confronted by their parents before they are "allowed" to explore a supportive book is cruel and insensitive to all children.

Remember, a "straight" child can't be hurt reading such a book, learning that there are a variety of ways of being, and a gay child will find comfort knowing at last that they are not alone -- how beautiful for both children!

The Scientist
Provo, UT

The twisting and contorting of logic from the radical religionists is quite astounding!

If a man and a woman want to marry, what business is it of yours? Do they need your approval and acceptance?


If you don't think they are a good match (perhaps because they are of different religious faiths), do they need your permission to marry?


So why if a same sex couple wants to marry is it any of your business?

But then when that couple wants to marry and cannot because a mob has made it illegal, and so they go to the US Constitution and the Courts for relief from this discrimination, all the religious radicals get upset and play the victim card?

This is like Alice in Wonderland! How contorted and absurd can the reasoning of the religionists get before even they start to realize it?

History will not look pleasingly on the religious for what they are doing and the absurdities they are expressing today. It is downright shameful.

salt lake city, UT

@The Reader
You want to own a florist shop and the right to refuse service to those who are homosexual? In the 50's and 60's we desegregated because of attitudes like that. "I have no problem with black people I just don't them in my shop." It was determined that is not okay and a personal disagreement with with a lifestyle is not a good reason not to offer them services. If we no longer segregate the races, why would you think it is okay to segregate the sexualities?

For anyone who doesn't believe that gay marriage is a national inevitability, I put forth to you--Utah was in the top 20 states who approved it. One of the most (if not the most) conservative state in the nation. It will happen.

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