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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 21 2014 10:35 p.m. MST

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Mcallen, TX

Has there ever been civility in any society when gay acceptance, and behavior was around fifty percent of the population?

It's never going to happen. It has always led to a downfall.

Salt Lake City, UT


There are no examples of what you are asserting.

The Reader
Layton, UT

The LGBT community will never be satisfied. They are not willing to allow businesses who do not want to provide services to them because their religious views do not agree with the LGBT communities views. IE - A florist or a baker that do not want to provide their services because they do not believe in the Gay lifestyle they sue and put them out of business. You can not expect tolerance of you do not have tolerance of the views of others!

If you want me to accept the LGBT lifestyle - You have to accept my views that differ from yours. You can not expect others to let you live as you want if you can not accept others to have their views.

You can not expect me to serve you in a florist shop for example if you can not accept the fact that your lifestyle is against my religious belief. I have the right too not believe in the LGBT lifestyle just as you have the right to not believe in my religious beliefs. To get respect you have to respect others point of view.

Castle Valley, Utah

The Reader,

I'm sorry that it's hard for you to imagine a day when commercial businesses will be "forced" to offer services to gay couples. But that day will be just like any other where we are "forced" to keep our business doors open to all minorities. It's just the name of the game. You can't own a business that is open to the public, but then randomly choose who you will serve. You might get away with "no shirt, no shoes, no service" but try getting away with "no Arabs", "no deaf people", "no left-handed people", or "no Mormons".

South Jordan, UT

Being against same-sex marriage is a sin. My God says those who oppose it are sinful. However, I love and respect all of humanity, and I will forgive them for their sins if they are willing to repent. I hate the sin, not the sinner.

The Reader
Layton, UT


A very large percentage of those who support traditional marriage and do not support gay and lesbian marriage do believe it is a sin.

The Judeo/christian principles upon which the constitution was written do not support the gay and lesbian lifestyle. Those who wrote the constitution were largely practicing Christians. Christian churches at the time the Constitution was written did not look upon the gay lesbian lifestyle as sinless.

That said we all need to be respectful of others beliefs. We need to be kind to each other. I am not trying to be hateful. I am just stating the facts and the history of the Christian religion.

Perhaps over time we can all be more respectful of the right for all to have their individual beliefs.

My beliefs will not likely change. But, I am not going to stand on the street corner and call the gay and lesbian community they are going to hell just as I will not to that to anyone whose behavior disagrees with my beliefs just as I expect the same of the gay and lesbian community.

We can disaagree and still be respectful toward each other.

The Reader
Layton, UT


That is just the problem with the LGBT community. They want acceptance but do not want to let others have their views. They know that many in the Christian community believe the LGBT lifestyle is sinful and they want to force themselves and their vies upon others.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT

Red Corvette,

“We do not reject you. … We cannot reject you. … We will not reject you, because we love you.”
-Boyd K Packer

The problem with hatred is that those who dish it out will never acknowledge who's really doing the hating. Every word from President Packer has met my ears with love and kindness. Those who find hate where none exist are guilty of the only hate expressed (see 1 Nephi 16:2, it's a very simple verse and a simple principle).

Los Angeles, CA

No matter what the church wants , equality for all Americans ,gay and straight will be the law of the land .

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT


I've been called by those terms and worse. I've even been equated to Hitler, even while expressing an opinion with no words of disrespect.

Are there people from all backgrounds capable of showing disrespect? Yes. But what matters is how we encourage showing respect. Suggesting we "silence" Worf ultimately amounts to the same thing Worf described. What I find most interesting about the civility discussion is how much people are willing to butt their heads against each other. If we meet hateful remarks with hateful remarks, we fail. I'm not saying either of you were hateful, simply butting heads against each other on the same exact point.

Instead, we ought to offer suggestion, respectful commentary, and principles. Peaceable discourse requires a reflection on matters in a peaceful way. Silencing people not only isn't practical, there is nothing peaceful or civil about it.

I believe Worf's opinions are worth hearing and fair consideration. I also believe yours are.

county mom
Monroe, UT

As a supporter of traditional marriage, between one man and one woman.

And one who believes that civil unions should be given to all unrelated adult unions; such as man and woman, woman and woman, man and man, man and adult women, woman and adult men.

I do not think that marriage should be any business of the government as long as there is no abuse and all are unrelated adults.

Yet, when I express my beliefs and my moral values, I am always attacked. I personally believe that homosexuality is a sin, and this makes me a bigot.
I have never been mean or even rude to anyone and would never tell anyone else how to live.
We are all free to choose how we live and we should all be free to choose what we believe.

Mcallen, TX

Nothing to do with hatred, equality, or civil rights.

Just can't be sympathetic, understanding, or supportive of the behavior between two gay people.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I hope this "LGBT leader" was addressing the "pro gay rights" folks who were using intimidation against opponents of the California initiative.

Or, is this another case where certain protected classes get to do whatever they want to, while those in favor of traditional values can be vilified, bullied, and even assaulted, all in the name of non-violence?

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

I applaud Kate Kendell for her call for civility. I also fear she's probably right about gay marriage being inevitable.

From Ted's Head
Orem, UT

My religious beliefs include the idea that homosexual intimacy of any kind is a sin...and I guess that makes me a bigot and a hater in some people's minds. Oh well. Perhaps we should ask the question "Can a bigot/hater be civil to those they are bigoted towards?"

As far as refusing to serve clients based on their sexual orientation, generally I would think that isn't right. I believe there is still some wiggle room based on personal preferences, even when one is open for business from the general public. I would hope that a baker could still refuse to make a cake with wording or designs they personally found offensive, or a photographer refuse to take nude photos, for example. And we are not yet at a point where we are "gender blind" in our society as locker room attendants, bikini-waxers, and other occupations still have some gender constraints.

I don't expect that we're all going to agree to treat others with civility. Yet we can try, and encourage others to do the same. The tide might not turn, but we'll be better people in the long run for the trying.

West Bountiful, UT

I am so weary of the labeling, the name calling. "You are mean." "You hate me." That does help me want to listen.

equal protection
Cedar, UT

"That is just the problem with the LGBT community. They want acceptance but do not want to let others have their views. They know that many in the Christian community believe the LGBT lifestyle is sinful and they want to force themselves and their vies upon others."
We have difficulty knowing which moral view to codify into our civil laws. A sinful view or one supported by Episcopal, Unitarian, Reformed Judaism, Quaker, Buddhist and other deeply held religious views honor and perform same sex marriages because they are blessed with special access to moral truth for which other religions are not yet privy.

Italy, 00

I totally quote The Reader in every word he/she wrote! The real trouble behind this story is not rights or anything else, it's just that what the gay and lesbian community wants is to obtain more and more and leave less and less freedom. It's become impossible to make any kind of humour regarding homsexuals because it's banned as "homophobic", but nobody seems to be so annoyed when a theatrical show insults The Book of Mormon, LDS missionaries and the LDS faith. The LDS Church has been more than respectful towards EVERY ONE, but we don't seem to receive so much respect in return. The same with many christian confessions, who are victims of hate and disrespect everywhere in the world; from communists, muslims, gay lesbian communities and so on, christians have been mocked and disrespected many and more times and nobody moves a finger from the outside.

San Antonio, TX


Just put inter-racial in place of LBGT and see how it sounds.

salt lake city, UT

I find it interesting that the very first comment was hateful on what I consider to be a very good article. So unnecessary. I keep hearing about how wrong people are in business to not want to bake a cake or (or whatever the business is) because of their beliefs. Many years ago at a law firm I worked for there was a surprise birthday party for an attorney in which not all were invited. It was held in a conference room. The cake brought in was a replica of a very well formed naked lady detailed in every way. Everyone laughed but I thought it offensive and demeaning. I have often wondered how that baker felt preparing that cake for that party. Just saying. There are different ways to look at things.

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