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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 22 2014 1:40 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT


14 of the last 17 BYU-Utah games (since 1997) have been decided by 7 points or less in the closing minutes or in overtime.

Fortunately for Utah, the Utes have won a slight 6-8 majority of those games. That hardly proves dominance by either team, especially when BYU has finished with a better record and higher ranking in 9 of the 17 seasons. BYU's SOS has also been tougher than Utah's in 9 of the 17 seasons.

Comparing toughest schedules:

#3 Utah 2013
#11 BYU 2003
#14 BYU 2004
#38 BYU 2013
#41 Utah 2012
#45 BYU 1999
#50 Utah 2010


Sweater dude

Being better for one game doesn't prove U were better for the entire season.

Despite Utah's upset win, do you honestly think that anybody living outside of the crimson bubble believes that Utah(5-7, 2-7) was BETTER than Stanford(11-2, 7-2) in 2013?


Spokane Ute

If Texas A&M was BETTER than BCS national champion Alabama, why didn't the Aggies play in the championship game instead of the Crimson Tide?

If Utah was BETTER than Stanford, why didn't the Utes play in the Rose Bowl instead of the Cardinal?

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


They were better than Stanford on that day, and better than BYU all season. I hope that helps.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Going back 17 seasons? Meaningless, considering where the programs are now. Utah has dominated over the last 10 years: 7-3, with three woodshed moments including one at LES.

Under current coaches (current systems) SOS Utah vs BYU:

2013: #3 vs #38
2012: #41 vs #63
2011: #49 vs #90
2010: #50 vs #55
2009: #75 vs #61
2008: #56 vs #74
2007: #60 vs #59
2006: #73 vs #74
2005: #76 vs #65
2004: #67 vs #11

Utah has played a tougher schedule in 6 of the 10 years.

Utah had a better record 7 of the 12 seasons when playing in the MWC.

Is Utah better than Stanford? No, we've struggled in the PAC-12.
Is Utah better than BYU? Yes! Against teams like BYU we are 8-1 in the PAC-12 and 36-5 since 2007.

Layton, Utah

I'ld say that Wazzoo and USC aren't much more than a high school team, they stink big time. Oregon sure was an overrated joke, Zona is s decent team, after that just mediocre teams all down the might Pac line.

Layton, Utah

If If's ands or buts were giving out as quarters up on the hill then Ute fans would all be billionaires.

Syracuse, UT


I respect your judgment of "high school teams" because your team, who this article wasn't written about, plays in the #10 conference in the country. The WCC is loaded with "high school teams". I'd bet both WSU and USC would finish in the top three battling for the conference championship with Gonzaga if they were in the WCC. PAC-12 teams recruit better players than the WCC teams get.

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