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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 22 2014 5:00 a.m. MST

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The Scientist
Provo, UT

mancan wrote:

"It would be wrong (and against the law) to hire someone who goes to church with us instead of someone more qualified who isn't LDS. The same thing applies here."

Yet it happens frequently among LDS people.

But I appreciate that one LDS acknowledges it is wrong (religious discrimination). Thank you for your comment.


LOL. It seems like something a Mormon would write. I hope he wins. 😊


@Midwest Mom,

You make a good point, but I would add that people out in "the mission field" tend to understand persecution a whole lot better than people in Utah do, due to the fact that they are actually persecuted, particularly if they live in the "Bible Belt". Perhaps that is the real cause of why Church media outlets often times seems to exist in a pocket universe of its own. Because Mormon culture causes people to be sheltered from the outside world, and often place great value on things that, while important to Latter-Day Saints as a people, have little to nothing to do with our religion.

I am glad that I live in Florida and not in a place with a large LDS population. I don't want my children confusing culture with doctrine, as so many others do.

Northern, UT

Midwest Mom,

Guitar Boy made a wonderful point in his comment - please be sure to read it. Lumping everyone together is really what the problem is when it comes to "the whole persecution thing" you speak of, don't you think? There are some members who are like what you think in Utah, and there are some like that in other states (personally experienced this). There are also amazing members outside of Utah as well as within the state of Utah.

I find this labeling/judging LDS members who happen to live in Utah very sad and not at all in line with what the gospel teaches. We as members are ALL LDS, and we should ALL stand by each other and live the gospel as Christ taught. Grouping us into separate groups reminds me of what the Lamanites did all throughout the Book of Mormon. Don’t label us "Utah mormons" and "members in the mission field mormoms". Let us learn from their mistakes in the Book of Mormon and not make the same ones. Let us strive to have the pure love of Christ for all of our fellow man, including other members regardless of where they live.

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