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Published: Sunday, Jan. 19 2014 1:10 p.m. MST

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2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

Soon, when byu plays Gonzaga, we will see if byu is really a decent team or just beating some WCC nobodies.

The WCC doesn't have a single ranked team and byu is currently 0-4 against ranked teams, so having even one win against a top 25 team all season is looking unlikely at this point.

Byu's rpi is still pretty high, but will continue to drop as the WCC is such a poor conference. Until a few weeks ago, byu had a higher RPI than Duke, Michigan State, Louisville, and Kentucky. Those teams all have extremely difficult conference schedules so mocking anyone with a lower RPI only shows the lack of understanding of basketball. None of those teams needed to be concerned about a less than impressive RPI because they knew they were going to play a ton of great teams in conference play. So lets not fall too in love with RPI until the season is winding down.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

The WCC is better than the PAC 12 since BYU is in it.

Lincoln City, OR

The WCC has nothing to be ashamed of... There are some solid teams in the league this year... So, 2013 ute seniors who have gone 1-4 against the WCC Cougs, nice try but you failed... BTW, here are a few facts that you should know as you crow about your team and your conference:

. The WCC's 3rd place team beat Boise State on their home floor by almost 10... The Utes lost to them...

. The utes have played 5 games in their conference and won 2... 4 of those 5 games were against teams with the worst four conference records in the league... One of those teams has not not won a league game yet (USC)...(Utah happened to be one of the five teams that have beaten them)... Two of the other 3 last place teams have only one win a piece and that was against (you guessed it) the mighty utes...

. The utes and WSU are in a dogfight to see who will have the league's 11th highest RPI...

. 4 of BYU's 5 non-conference losses were to ranked teams... 3 of those were on the road...

BTW, what's the ute's road record? lol.

Frisco, TX

@2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0 (aka Chris B) - Thanks for stopping into Cougar Nation frequently. We appreciate your loyalty. With all you expertise on BYU, I wouldn't think you would have such basic questions, but since you do let me answer them for you.

Cougs don't need to wait until Gonzaga to find out who we are. We have proven we are a very good team with nice wins over Stanford and Texas and close loses to Iowa St, Wichita St and Oregon. We have also proven we are inconsistent, and have let lesser teams like Pepperdine, LMU and Utah win. When we're hitting our shots, making our free throws and staying out of foul trouble; we are a Top 25 team. But again, we are not consistent.

I realize you're using your RPI argument to cover Utah's pathetic non-conference schedule. Utes are better than I thought they'd be, but have no chance at an NCAA with the non-conference schedule which is why Utes RPI is so low.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

let's see how utah finishes their season before we get anymore smack from the homeys. they luckily outscore ucla and now all of a sudden the smackers emerge.

Magic Happens
Kaysville, UT

Re: Poyman

Just to make sure you are up to speed, the Utes are 3-3 in conference and one of those victories came against a ranked team, UCLA. By your own comments, BYU has yet to win against a ranked team, even at home. Not trying to be argumentative (as the DNews only allows that from BYU supporters) but your comments may have more credibility if you have your facts correct.

Go Utes

Rose Bowl call yet?
Salt Lake City, UT

Magic didn't happen in Pullman

Just to make sure you can see the real world outside of your crimson bubble:

BYU is ranked #40 with 5 road/neutral site wins.

Utah is ranked #124 with 0 road/neutral site wins.

After losing to +100 RPI Utah, UCLA dropped out of the rankings - so, Utah is also yet to win against a ranked team.

Gilbert, AZ

#1 Arizona is very good, but the Wildcats are the only PAC 12 team currently ranked in the AP Top 25. The Big 12, by comparison, has 6 ranked teams.

BYU has played three AP Top 25 teams - #5 Wichita St, #13 U Mass, and #16 Iowa St - losing close games each time (BYU was only down 57-59 with 4 minutes left versus Wichita St).

Utah hasn't played any teams currently ranked in the AP Top 25 and the Utes are winless on the road.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Losing close game to ranked teams doesn't count for anything!

How soon you byu fans forget what you said all football season.

Best win of the season for any team in Utah?

The Utes over UCLA.

The Pac 12 only has Arizona ranked?

Want to go double check those rankings pal?

Or perhaps you weren't aware Colorado is in the Pac 12 maybe?

And why reference the Big 12 - they didn't invite byu remember?

Salt Lake City, UT

A Utah homer pretending that Utah is in the same category as Duke, Michigan State, Louisville, and Kentucky, shows a complete lack of understanding of basketball.

The WCC may not have a single ranked team, but the PAC 12 only has one. Anybody claiming that the WCC is a poor conference simply doesn't know what they're talking about. Five of the ten teams in the WCC are ranked in the RPI Top 100. Not as strong as the PAC 12, but still a very good conference that is ranked in the top third of conferences.

BYU, with the 4th best non-conference schedule, deserves their #40 ranking.
Only 2 of BYU's 13 wins have come against Bottom 100 or non-Div 1 programs.

Utah, with the 350th worst non-conference schedule, also deserves their #124 ranking.
9 of Utah's 14 wins have come against Bottom 100 or non-Div 1 programs.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Good try. The post says nothing of Utah. It simply points out that byu homers have been in love with their RPI all season, suggesting it is the equivalent of a ranking.

And using that "logic" one would have concluded a couple weeks ago byu was better than Duke, Louisville, Kentucky, and Michigan State.

The only problem is those teams actually were ranked and byu was not.

So apparently those who make the rankings didn't think of much of byu's rpi as byu fans do.

It would be like a WAC/independent football fan laughing at Alabama in football after week 1-2 of the season in which Alabama plays a couple weak division II teams.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I noticed you left out what byu's conference schedule ranking is of all NCAA teams?

And also what Utah's is?

Interesting that you byu fans know so well what the non-conference strength is but not the conference schedule ranks?

Ya, I'd probably do the same if I was a byu fan.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT


"The Pac 12 only has Arizona ranked?

Want to go double check those rankings pal?"

Double Checked the rankings, PAL!

UCLA and Colorado were BOTH dropped from the latest rankings. Arizona is the ONLY PAC 12 team ranked in either the AP or Coaches polls.

The Utes like to beat their chests about the PAC 12, but the truth is, since Utah joined the PAC, the PAC 12 has been mediocre, at best, when compared to other major basketball conferences.

Coaches/AP Polls
#1/#1 Arizona
#4/#5 Wichita St
#12/#13 UMass
#17/#16 Iowa St
#21/ur Gonzaga

In Coaches "others receiving votes", California(23), Colorado(18), Oregon(11), UCLA(7), Texas(5)

In AP "others receiving votes", Gonzaga(59), California(44), Colorado(26), UCLA(23), Texas(5)

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

Currently Ranked Teams
PAC - 1 (Arizona)
WCC - 1 (Gonzaga)

Games Played Against Ranked Opponents
BYU - 3 (Wichita St, UMass, Iowa St)
Utah - 0

Road/Neutral Wins
BYU - 5
Utah - 0

Current RPI
#40 BYU
#124 Utah

For a fan to be spouting off about NCAA tournament prospects for a #124 team that has only won 1 road conference game in 20 tries, with 7 road conference games still to play, is truly laughable.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


So 5 teams getting Coaches votes in the Pac 12 to 1 in the WCC?

Sounds about right.

You're right, the Pac 12 has been average "comopared to other major basketball conferences"

And how has it stacked up compared non non-major conferences like the WCC?

How many total NCAA berths has the Pac 12 had since we joined compared to berths for the WCC since you were forced out of the MWC?

And like I said, can't beat your chest about losing to good teams. Any team can do that.

The rankings of Wichiga, Umass, and Iowa State don't mean a thing - you lost all of them.

How quickly byu fans flip flop from what they said all football season.

Now losing to ranked teams is commendable, but it wasn't before?

Nope, no double standard there

Sandy, UT


Whats laughable is a WCC fan suggesting the WCC and Pac 12 are comparable since each has one team ranked currently. And as Chris correctly point out, you're bragging about simply playing ranked teams?

Congratulations, you must be so proud. You were on the same court as a ranked team. What an accomplishment. Never mind what the scoreboard said. Now that's laughable. For someone to be spouting off about RPI when not too long ago like Chris mentions such "deductive reasoning" would have concluded byu was better than many teams that aren't currently playing a poor WCC schedule. Why is that byu was never ranked this year even though byu's RPI was better than the teams Chris mentions and they WERE/ARE ranked?

Did the experts just forget about byu's RPI? Maybe it was just an oversight.

Layton, UT

Gonzaga can't compete with Arizona. byu can't compete Utah. Nuff' said.

Salt Lake City, Utah


I can cite hundreds of examples of teams ranked in the #30 to #50 RPI range getting at-large bids to the NCAA tournament.

Can you cite one single example of a team ranked #124 or higher getting an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament?

When it comes to major college basketball success, a Big Dance invite is the gold standard for success.

Conference affiliation is meaningless. Teams are judged on their own merits.

Sandy, UT


"Conference affiliation is meaningless" says the fan whose team isn't wanted by any major conference. And your statement is not true. Strength of schedule matters a lot. And as much as byu fans wish to believe that strength of schedule is basically only comprised of out of conference games, the truth is that conference play represents more of the schedule than non conference play. so teams playing in weak conferences(like byu does) must try and schedule a heavy out of conference. You byu fans are still trying to believe RPI equates to ranking. It certainly doesn't halfway through the season. If it did, why was byu never ranked and the previously mentioned teams were even when byu had a higher RPI?

Yes, Utah played a very bad out of conference schedule. And byu is playing a very bad conference schedule, which is more of the total schedule than out of conference. What do you think is going to happen to byu's RPI after playing 20 games against an overall very poor conference?

Sandy, UT

ekute, "Gonzaga can't compete with Arizona. byu can't compete Utah."

And according to byu fans Utah can't compete with the rest of the Pac 12. So that tells us where byu would stack up in the Pac 12. And if anyone wants to throw out RPI, again I ask: Why was byu never ranked even though they had a higher RPI than Duke, Michigan State, and Ohio State?

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