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Published: Saturday, Jan. 18 2014 10:00 p.m. MST

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Los Angeles, CA

Well soon they will have no choice! And we all have a more happy and equal country!

W Jordan, UT

The only reason why young people are more accepting of gay marriage is due to being hammered constantly in universities and colleges to accept it.. It's pure peer pressure not wisdom.
A young man at church during one of our metings expressed his views on the matter by saying that he got so much pressure from friends that he felt like caving into agreeing with gay marriage.
The bottomline is, the issue it's being forced unto young people by making them feel guilty for being honest.. Alinsky tactics are being used such name calling, ridiculing, and shaming people into agreeing with gay marriage.
I will advise young people to stay true to their religious principles and analize the concept of gay marriage from a secular prospective as well as religious and the answer will always be the same.. gay marriage does not offer any benefit to our society, infact history shows that societies that accepted and embraced the gay lifestyle will eventually dissapered go to ruin and self destroy.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Goooooood for you, Governor Herbert?

Draper, UT

I'm probably like most people and couldn't care less what people do with their lives as long they don't interfere with mine. That's the problem with gay marriage though, while some gay couples are happy to keep their sexuality in their bedroom where it belongs, too many gay folks make their sexual preferences their entire identity, and try to force their attitudes towards homosexuality on others; such as the gay couple in Colorado who sued a cake shop for refusing to make their wedding cake.

The fact is that to many, homosexuality is a sin and against the doctrines of their various religions. Supporting homosexuality is also seen as a sin. Therefore, I think if we're going to have gay marriage in our society, it is prudent that we also implement laws protecting the religious rights of those who feel the moral need to distance themselves from it.

Disrespecting the rights of religious people is no less myopic and bigoted than disrespecting the rights of homosexuals or anybody else.

Harwich, MA

It doesn't matter what the majority thinks. It's what's right, fair and within the law. Discrimination and bigotry are illegal. It's pretty simple. What if the "majority" of the population outside of Utah decided Mormonism couldn't be practiced. Would that be OK? The fundamental rights of the individual are bound by the constitution.

Salt Lake City, UT

Consider the source of this poll. The poll the Tribune conducted showed that 48 percent of Utahns approve of gay marriage. Anyway it doesn't matter because we don't get to vote on peoples rights. If that were the case then the majority could reinstate slavery or deny women the right to vote or outlaw the practice of certain religions.

Karen R.
Houston, TX

"72 percent said laws should be passed to protect churches, synagogues and other places of worship from having to perform same-sex marriages."

I sincerely hope this finding is in part a testament to how rattled religionists are at the growing challenge to religious dogma and authority.


As a resident, tax payer, worker, community member, and church attender in the state of Utah, I appreciate this poll and article above all others in the past month. These polls reflects the opinions, feelings, beliefs and attitudes of my neighbors and fellow state citizens, and not the opinions of those outside this state. That is what I was seeking several articles ago, and unfortunately berated by my out-of-state friends for. Thank you DN/KSL and Dan Jones for conducting this survey.

Yes, times are a changing, we see that in the poll numbers. However, it also seems likely that with the same rulings going on in different stares lately, the citizens of Utah recognize that Judge Shelby should have immediately stayed his decision and let this go to SCOTUS to determine constitutionality and States vs. Federal rights.

IMHO, I believe this ends up being a States Rights decision and the citizens of Utah and all other states will be allowed to choose and vote according to the dictates of their own conscious.

sandy, UT

"if gay marriage were legal, Utah should pass laws to protect places of worship from having to perform weddings for gay and lesbian couples." That is already the case. Quit pandering to the mob. If the State of Utah had the right to control everything they wanted in Utah you would eliminate the Constitution. If other states had the same right(s) they may eliminate religions that they don't like, such as those that label their religion(a) an abomination.

Salt Lake City, UT

Now I know that this is how polls work, but it seems crazy that only 700ish people in the state were asked their opinions. Such a poll needs to be scrutinized as the information might be, and probably is, very flawed. For instance, here are a few questions that need to be asked: Were those polled spread out across the state or from specifically chosen locations? What was the primary religious beliefs, if any, of the people polled? How were those polled selected? Were those polled part of the voting process in 2004? I am not trying to say that the statistics are incorrect, but I am suggesting that we should always be weary of such a poll.

Mr. Smitty
Salt Lake City, UT

The article failed to mentioned that more LDS members than every before support gay marriage.

American Fork, UT

This nicely sums up the reasons why rights accrue to individuals before mobs or states. If all it took was a simple majority to overrule the constitution, Utah would be a very different place today. We're americans first, and I'm not giving up the rights and freedoms that are inherent in being american no matter how many locals disdain them. I am grateful for the protections offered by the constitution against the will of a utah majority.

Minneapolis, MN

Heaven help us all if that 22 percent were to ever become a majority.

Bob A. Bohey
Marlborough, MA

When same sex marriage becomes legal in UT. no additional laws will be needed to protect any religion. Ample protection already exists under the Constitution. UT should not let UT politicians continue to pull the wool over their eyes and needlessly spend their tax dollars for frivolous endeavors. By all accounts tax dollars are needed in UT's public schools and shouldn't be spent on a crusade to no where. Wake up Utahns

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I saw a poll published by the SL Trib a few days that found very different results. It found support v opposition to gay marriage to be exactly equal. I wonder if both polls just found what they wanted to find?

Salt Lake City, UT

it is absolutely astounding that anyone could believe or led to believe that anyone's religious freedom is being infringed upon. Even more so is the crazy belief that the government is going to force any church to marry anyone. It is absolutely inconceivable! But what is of interest is how a religion operates that they can get into the consciousness of people that they would believe such utter and complete nonsense. That is the scary part of certain religions. How can you possibly believe it?

Oak Park, IL

Where, in any legislation at any state or federal level do we see forcing of religious groups to perform same-sex marriage? I can't find any, but I can find a great deal of writing that states the exact opposite: religious groups are not forced to perform any act or service concerning marriage that goes against their tenets. Why, then, the constant harping from religious groups about this subject? Fear, of course, and ignorance, which breeds and feeds on fear--a vicious, destructive cycle. And, of course, I must believe that many religious individuals and groups use the existing argument as an attempt to force their own religious and personal ideas on others; an activity that was observed by the framers of the Constitution as a threat and dealt with in the First Amendment.

South Jordan, UT

So 57% think they should have civil unions and yet 54% would still vote for amendment 3 that expressly prohibits and bans civil unions. That right there is pure animus towards gay people. They are so intent on discriminating against gay people that they would pass an amendment prohibiting something that they themselves believe gay people should have.

Springville, UT

I would bet that the majority of people in the South, and perhaps the entire U.S., were opposed to civil rights for minorities in the early 1960s. Regardless of your views on the issue, and you are entitled to believe as you wish, if this is an equal rights under the law issue, then a poll is meaningless. The Constitution is the prevailing authority, which is what conservatives want. The application of the Constitution does not apply only on those issues you like. It doesn't work that way, at least not in the U.S.

Gilbert, AZ

This is how a democracy dies. To say that the basic moralities of the majority are subject to the whims of the minority and their lifestyle choices is to kill democracy.

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