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Published: Saturday, Jan. 18 2014 10:50 p.m. MST

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

"a crowd of 2,560"

Crowd? More like a gathering, as there were a fair amount of empty seats.

Roy, UT

Sharp has been helping the Cougars win lately, glad for him, need his complete game. Must trust Coach Rose on whom he plays when, he knows the team best. I did wonder if the team is a better team when not worried about getting the ball to Haws so he can get his points. The group of Sharp, Austin, Collingsworth, Carlino, Winder was really good, and Skyler Halford added hustle, Mika needs confidence and to learn to keep the ball up high, focus on footwork. Hope confidence is building to peak at tourney time.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

This is a great win in a very difficult conference. BYU should now be ranked in the top 20.


Congrats to the team on the win. One thing this year's shown in this state is that road wins are tough to come by, regardless of the strength of the opponent.


Alpiner, be careful what you wish for. Utes started to run conservative up 17 to UCLA, and the lead got cut down to 2 with 22 seconds left. I'm of the inclination that teams need to run what they know and do best. Sure, sometimes, they may go cold and lose a lead, but more often than not, it will still give them the best chance to win. Part of the Utes losing that big lead was because of turnovers against the full court press, but if you watched the game, UCLA was running the press several times earlier in the game, and they handled it beautifully when they ran aggressive, and got several quick scores off of it; it wasn't until they tried guarding too much that they started to turn it over frequently.

Good luck to your team the rest of the way. I think there's a strong possibility that no teams from the state make the NCAA's again, but wouldn't it be cool to see a few of them match up for either the first or second time in the NIT?

Salt Lake City, UT

Congrats to Santa Clara for putting academic integrity ahead of the W-L column.

BYU sports on TV in Missouri
Lebanon, MO

Great game cougars. It is nice to see different players stepping it up. I don't miss the MWC. Sure some of the venues were bigger, but between the MTN cable channel and mockery directed at the chuch by some of the opposing fans of certain schools I am happy with where we are. Gonzaga has made a name for themselves playing in the WCC and is highly respected. BYU should do just fine as long as they play a good non conference schedule.

Marysville, WA

The relationship with the MWC was broken a couple of years prior to the Utes & the Cougs' departure, mostly with regards to promises made and not kept about TV rights. It was dysfunctional and getting worse when Utah bailed, so the timing was ideal. Whatever you may miss about home games and old rivalries, without independence & WCC, no BYUtv, no ESPN.

I for one miss nothing and no one from the old days. And better days are ahead.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"washington state….says it all…."

Ken Lee:

If that was meant of a put-down of Utah, it missed the mark--badly--because you left out the most important part.

According to the RPI that coug fans love, Wazzu is #119, while Loyala-Marymount (or have you forgotten already?) is #159.

That is all.

Granstville, UT

@ potatoes,

Nice 5 game win streak the Y has going. It couldn't have anything to do with level of competition during this stretch, could it...

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU struggles guarding people straight up. The zone works in short stints because it presents a different look to the opposing offense but good shooting teams figure out the zone pretty quick. I'm surprised BYU can't even play man in the WCC where there are some, but fewer, really athletic, quick individual players. I would think BYU could man-up shooters like Pangos, Delavadova et al and be able to be effective in slowing down 3 point shooters. Nope.

Syracuse pulls off the 2-3 zone because they have lengthy, long armed athletic players who cover lots of ground quickly...and because they have the 2nd leading All-Time winning coach who has taught it for 35 years.

BYU has to either teach or recruit kids who can play man-to-man defense.

Overton, NV

The WCC is currently ranked 9th in Conference RPI.
The MWC is currently ranked 10th.

Yeah, sure. Step down.

I'm tired of all the knock on conferences. Good teams can come out of any conference. Stop believing the media hype of the "major" conferences. Yes, they usually have good teams on top of the standings. But just because the last place team is in "the best conference in the world, baby!" doesn't make them better than anybody else.

And a good team in a "bad" conference can be a boost. UNLV, in it's "glory" years, was part of the Big West. While UNLV played in that conference, they would often get multiple teams in the Tournament. UNLV's success brought recognition. What happened when UNLV left to go to the MWC? The Big West doesn't get more than their conference champ into the tourney year after year.

Gonzaga USED to be the only team in the WCC to get any recognition. Then St. Mary's started getting in to the tournament nearly every year. Good teams boost a conference.

Mission Viejo, CA

More complaints about the WCC. More complaints about independence. Should'a stayed in the MWC.

Well, when BYU plays Pepperdine, Marymount, they get press in the LA Times. When they play in Portland and Spokane, they get press in the Oregonian and Seattle Times. When they play in the Bay Area, they get, well you get the point. In short, BYU is exposed to the entire west coast.

When BYU used to play in Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Las Vegas, they got NO press in West Coast cities. Nor did they get exposure to the California recruiting pool. To play in California, Oregon, and Washington every year is good for recruiting.

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