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Published: Saturday, Jan. 18 2014 10:50 p.m. MST

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Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Nice road win for the Cougs. BYU vs Gonzaga game taking shape. Go Zags. Congrats


fan in orem
Orem, UT

Keep it going at Portland,Cougs.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Beat who?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Let me guess Duckhunter, the big difference between Utah and BYU's games today was that one was a road win and one was a home win.
I'll go ahead and concede right now ... congrats to BYU, that was HUGE!
All jokes aside, nice wins by both programs today, congrats to all.

Hyrum, UT

An impressive double-digit win on the road. BYU's 5th in a row and now in 2nd place in the WCC... only to Gonzaga. All that combined with a very impressive RPI puts BYU in a position that no one can rightfully be criticizing them at this stage... even (and especially) rivalry fans who don't like them. They've proven they can win on the road and more consistently than any other in-state college team is currently doing.

As the neutral ROOT network tv announcers said tonight... BYU is back in the NCAA tournament hunt. BYU now controls their own destiny once again. Go Cougs!


As a BYU BASKETBALL fan i have to vent. I am utterly disgusted at what BYU did to the basketball program just so the football program could go independant. I have been a season ticket holder for a few years but if BYU doesnt care about the basketball program why should i support it? These games against this 1-2 bid league is getting so old! do any other fans feel my resentment?

By the way, no I do not wish the cougars were in the PAC, so ute fans please dont get on here pounding your chest. I am expressing my opinion to other BYU basketball fans. I would love for BYU to have stayed in the MWC and battled with SDSU, NM and upcoming Boise State.

Idaho Falls, ID

I love the play of Carlino since he was benched. He was outstanding again tonight. It must be tempting for Rose to put him back in the starting lineup.

BYU got outplayed in the second half, playing a bit sloppy and having defensive lapses. Mika was almost a liability. He is becoming a black hole from the post position and losing the ball frequently with his tendency to dribble when gets the pass in the post. Maybe he didn't get Rose's memo that the team was going to get away from selfish play. And his defense needs a lot of work.

Good win but with the the shooting discrepancy between the 2 teams, this should have been a blowout.

Alpine, UT

Nice win, the two biggest flaws were not running out the clock more toward the end of the game and a couple of bad fouls by Sharp and Carlino which helped Santa Clara get back in the game.


Matt definitely has his mojo back. That first half was, I think, the best basketball I've seen the cougs play this season. I don't understand why Coach Rose didn't play Anson much in the 2nd half. His first half play was brilliant and he and Skyler were hot. I don't really understand why he switched horses mid-stream.

Provo, UT

Too bad we can't beat a rank team!

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

Good win on the road. Next week is a big one! Keep up the hot shooting and make those FTs and we should be in good shape.

Go Cougars! Make it to the big dance!

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

BYU is loaded with talent this year and you never know who is going to have a big night. It could be anyone of 8 players that has the talent to go off. BYU needs to find a way to put a team away when the have the big lead.. They should have won this game by 30 points but lost focus at critical times. Rose needs to figure this out and quick.
BYU is on a roll ans should be able to go 3-1 on this road trip.


Great wins on the road this week for the Cougars!

Now if only BYU can keep up the wins next week, go Cougars!


First half vs second half; Winder vs Haws; huge lead vs narrow lead. Can we conclude Winder is a better than suitable replacement for Haws on the defensive side as well as offensive? Not sure but it is great to see so many actors stepping up and keeping the level of play high. Good win. Here's hoping the next two road games result in the same outcome for the Cougars.

Rexburg, ID

Nice couple of wins....however I truly miss being able to watch games in real gyms with lots of fans. Been fun watching Utah and I've been a BYU fan for ever.....WCC has some good teams, but still hard to realize this is where we are.

Glad to be Retired
Bountiful, UT

Hats of Carlino, he is playing team ball now and what a wonderful night Sharp had! Did you watch his rebounding? I was so happy for him that he got the minutes he did. It was a recognition of his contribution in my opinion.

Ken Lee
Pasadena, CA

washington state….says it all….

Carthage, MO

What is the deal with Root TV? I thought if A BYU game wasn't being shown on one of the ESPN channels that we could watch them on BYU TV. Anyone know?

Layton, UT

Black Diamond wrote: "Too bad we can't beat a ranked team"

I wholeheartedly agree. In my opinion you play to the level of your competition. Now yes, there is a Gonzaga in there and that is good but that is only one team. I cannot stand the Utes but I must say that as long as they continue to play quality opponents,the Utes are going to continue to grow to the level that they will compete well in the PAC-12. If BYU stays in the WCC then I can guarantee the program will become WCC quality and really no better with a win here and win there over a major opponent but it will not be consistent. Just like football.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Wasn't Santa Clara missing two starters? I'd keep the win in perspective. You beat a nobody team that's missing 40% of it's starting players. A win is a win but I wouldn't be beating my chest and get too excited about it.

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