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Published: Friday, Jan. 17 2014 9:50 p.m. MST

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Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

I wish I could've seen it tonight. But I will be sure and catch it on Netflix. I understand he never previewed it before it was shown tonight. That's very unusual for any politician.
Thanks Gov Romney for showing America what a real man is.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

I can't wait to watch it. I love movies about people born on 3rd base who think they've hit a triple.

Sandy, UT

I look forward to seeing how this unfiltered view of Governor Romney lines matches the picture that was painted in the 2012 election cycle. President Obama based his entire campaign on destroying Romney, I believe the exact phrase for their campaign strategy was actually "kill Romney". Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent to paint Governor Romney as a bad person, a greedy, out of touch, heartless human being who could not relate to others, the Chicago Obama campaign machine certainly succeeded in painting that picture for a majority of Americans. That's politics I guess and unlike other areas of life in politics it often is NOT the best man who wins. I have little doubt that it will show the good, honest and principled person that I believe Governor Romney to be. On the flip side, imagine if a camera had followed President Obama around for the past 6 years, I wonder what character a documentary like that might reveal about the president?

Somewhere in Time, UT

Thanks Mitt. I hope people are now able to see the real you.

logan, UT

Sadly, if most Americans had seen this side of him during the election, he could have won. Instead, too many thought he was too fake, too stiff, too contrived. Little did they know he wasn't too good to be true, he was just good and true.

gmk17of TX
Arlington, TX

Can't wait to see it. It will be nice for Mitt detractors to see how they were wrong about him.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Dear Ed Grady: Mitt's success is self-made. He donated his entire inheritance to BYU. What he has he has made himself by hard work and persistence. I just think it's so sad that so many people have to put down someone who has spent his entire life in hard work and service to God and others.

Sandy, UT

While Mitt was born on third base, he took his own turn at bat and hit a home run. While I do not agree with some of his political positions, it is hard to look down on with a guy who has been an allstar in the business world, gave thousands of hours in community/church service and has a tight-knit family. Envy is one of the worst diseases affecting Americans today.

wj, UT

Ann and Mitt are great people, I can't wait to see MITT

Zebulon, NC

I can't wait to see this documentary about a true statesmen, not a politician. Mitt Romney was the right man in 2012 and were it not for cheating, voter suppression, and fraud, he would be our sitting President. He will be even more needed in 2016. Please run again, Mitt! Your character, integrity, moral fiber and decency are exactly what we need. You are the real deal and you would have my complete support once again!!! Everything that is worth it, is never easy....please sacrifice again for the good of this nation!!! God Bless You and your family!!! This nation doesn't deserve your goodness but we sorely need your business acumen and truly need a Statesmen, not a politician.

Eugene, OR

Romney may be a nice person, but I know plenty of nice people who I'd want nowhere near the Oval Office. I still have no doubt in my mind that the right man won.


America deserves the president it elects.

Sandy, UT

I want to see it and I did't vote for Romney, but I wonder if it would of made a difference in the election.

I do not think anybody was questioning whether he was a family man. Some may have had a problem with is religion but most peoples views are set on religion by the time they can vote. So I doubt this documentary would of changed their mind if they had issues with the LDS faith.

The problem with Romney is he had to go further right than he really wanted to in the republican primaries. In addition the primaries dragged out longer and this cost him money and time.

And the 47 percent comment didn't help either. It is funny that he said 47 percent do not pay income taxes considering he does not pay income tax either. He pays capital gains tax.



"born on 3rd base who think they've hit a triple."

A person's accomplishments cannot be lauded if they come from means? He may have started on 3rd base, but what he's done with that position is pretty impressive in the eyes of most rational people. You sound envious.

Oak Park, IL

I'd be interested in viewing the documentary. At this point I think Romney is a good person, true to his beliefs and his moral compass and well intentioned within the scope of his religious and personal experience.

What I saw and read of his beliefs and compass during the campaign led me to believe he has little connection with the greater mass of work-a-day citizens; his connections are with the well to do and not with those whe were born to families without wealth, connection or favored contacts. His treatment concerning even a schoolmate who appeared different causes me to believe he lacks empathy, inborn, or even acquired. Without those traits I don't see how an individual can take the helm of a ship of state where a quarter of the passengers are forced to steerage berths.

Perhaps the documentary can change my mind. But if there were moments in the campaign where other sides and depths of Romney were exposed, and not included, the documentary becomes a sham product for his glorification.

Mount Pleasant, UT

I'm so pleased this film has been made. I know it will be good because Mitt Romney is "good". He has a lot of confidence but he is not arrogant or self-serving. He loves the United States of America, his family and his Church. He believes in God. He is a very honest and upstanding man who would do anything for his country. He is not perfect and does not pretend so. He would have been the best President this United States had. His Integrity is without question and I feel it is a shame he was not given the opportunity to serve the American people. I'm just glad we have him amongst us and I hope I will be able to find a way to see that film.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Pondering if there has ever been another individual who lost the election for POTUS, who has been analyzed, had his campaign re-analyzed, had his life scrutinized, continues to be scrutinized.....
Are there more movies, documentaries, books headed our way concerning Mitt Romney?

A Quaker
Brooklyn, NY

RBB, I don't think many of us who voted against Mitt ever had anything other than respect for his family and church commitments. The biggest problem, in my view, was his foundation and outlook from that segment of the financial industry known as "Private Capital."

Mitt's companies were no worse in any way than others doing the same thing, but he was very good at it, and that thing they were doing was "liberating value" from companies, a destructive formula that sucks the assets out of an enterprise, including pension funds, sells off anything else of value, loads it up with debt, pays itself a huge management fee, and walks away when the husk of the enterprise fails and its workers end up unemployed and impoverished. It's basically a legal form of thievery, cloaked in financial smoke and mirrors.

I didn't see this so-called "vulture capitalism" as a positive credential for a President of a country that needs to continue to build value, rather than just cannibalize everything and funnel the profits to the richest.

Santa Monica, CA

I think the reason that we are fortunate enough to have brilliant and beautiful people like the Obama's (who have never, in the last six years done anything to embarrass the country)--is that America had every single chance it needed to get to know Mitt Romney. And it didn't like what it saw. Haircuts to unwilling classmates, not releasing taxes, Rafalka and her prancing hooves, a laughable European trip and "corporations are people, my friend." And the debates, where he seemed to give up after the first strong effort. I have a strong feeling that I would see this film and feel exactly the same about Mitt. No animosity, no real dislike, but a genuine mistrust. This is the opposite of what I see when I see our very flawed, but twenty times more impressive President and his graceful, strong, and intelligent First Lady.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

I will watch the movie, just to give the man a chance. Candidate Romney's in-person performance in my state was a man who spent Sunday giving out free sandwiches at a restaurant and spoke negatively about workers, congratulating Scott Walker for destroying unions. I think that Mitt's father would not have agreed, being the man who introduced collective bargaining in his state.

Now George Romney is a man I could have voted for -- a good Christian man with an eye more towards Main Street than Wall Street.

BTW -- other criticisms of this moving say that it helps make Mitt look more like a regular guy, but that it also shows that he and his family spend no time talking about the poor or healthcare. Lots of time talking about business. I've said it before, a President needs to listen to all corners of society, not just the ones with big wallets.

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