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Published: Friday, Jan. 17 2014 9:30 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

The PAC 12 dominating, as was expected.

The premier conference in the west, with the Mwc second

Hyrum, UT

Chris is throwing out his own take on things again.
The article never used the word dominating once in describing any conference. However, it did use the word parity a few times. You should look it up in a dictionary, Chris. Hint: It's basically the opposite of dominant.

This article does a great job of explaining how almost any team can beat another on any given night. And how that doesn't necessarily mean they are the better team... except on that day. It's the season long performance that really counts. A team can lose a battle but still win the war. And that's every team's goal.

After 4 wins in a row, things are again looking pretty good. Keep it going, Cougs!

Salt Lake, UT

After beating up on top 25 powerhouse UCLA, the future looks bright for the Pac 12 utes!

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