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Published: Friday, Jan. 17 2014 6:40 p.m. MST

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There is no chance the Jazz will get a top pick in this draft. They are too good this year. They are too talented and united as a team.If you get rid of the first 12 games of the season this is a boarderline playoff team. Currently the Jazz would get the 5th pick. My guess is we will be picking 8-10. There is little chance of finding a franchise player there. On the positive side, this team is definitely good enough to make the playoffs next year, especially if we pick up a good player in free agency. The bad news is we don't have a real franchise player. There is no Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, James Harden, Lebron James, etc. I do like the energy of this group. Go Jazz, win or lose, hopefully more lose than win.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Maybe the guys we have are better than the guys we would get in the draft anyway. I really like the law firm backcourt of Burke and Burks. Kanter and Favors are playing well together now that they have their spacing right. I like this team. Go Jazz.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Tanking is not going very well at all. Adios to the Jazz's chance at a superstar from this upcoming draft.

Santa Monica, CA

Anyone who would call themselves a Jazz fan and still root for them to lose as many games as possible in hopes of picking up the next Michael Jordan is either a teen or pre teen or a sad Ping Pong Ball Fan. Do you honestly think you could walk up to this group of players and convince them that you are a good fan who would like to request that they lose as much as possible so that maybe they would get the honor of playing with Andrew Wiggins next year? Good luck with that. The best thing for the Jazz to do is to win as many games with their youthful squad as possible, finish as well as they can and hope for a draft pick that will eventually fit into their system. Hopefully they will find another John Stockton or Karl Malone who were not--I remind you, top 4 picks. The Jazz, when they drafted those two players, were in the process of becoming a tough and respected playoff bound team every year with Adrian Dantley, Mark Eaton, Darrell Griffith and Ricky Green. Fans loved the wins. Cheer for your team. Be a real fan.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

This team is getting too good to fast if the GM goal was to tank.

Burkes scores 11 points in the final 65 seconds on the road in San Antonio? What rookie does that?

Oh well, I guess it just means they are better faster than we thought.

I imagine this has thrown a wrench in the GM Lindssys plans but that is what he gets the big bucks for.

He will have to go about it another way. He has several draft picks stockpiled after all that wheeling and dealing last offseason. He may have to use them or one of our young pieces to get a clutch go-to star scorer. Sprinkle in a few other players to fill roles and you could have a legit team.

The thing is though is that if Favors or Burkes goes down with an injury this team crashes and burns in a hurry. At this point those are two indispensible players at their positions. Favors defense is not replaceable with our bench. Our backup PG situation is horrific.

Fine line to walk.

Burley, ID

The Jazz have two picks coming, a ton of cap space, and many tradeable assets. Don't be too surprised if Dennis Lindsey trades up to a higher pick.

The Jazz is starting to look very good across the board. Favors, Kanter, Burks, Burke, Evans, Rush, Jefferson, and Williams are improving. Even if the Jazz fail to re-sign Gordon Hayward the cupboard will not be bare. And the Jazz might just end up re-signing Rush and possibly Williams. I don't think Jefferson will be back and he might just end up getting traded before the deadline. Gone too, will be Andris Biedrins.

Should the Jazz miss out on Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid, or Julius Randle there are still many other good players that will be available in the top 10. (Personally, I like Embiid the best with Parker a close second.) Dante Exum (Australia) would also be a great pick.

Even if the Jazz fail to move up in the draft, they will be a whole lot tougher to beat next season. Just look at what Ian Clark did at the end of the Detroit game. And he rarely plays!

Tokyo, Japan

I think the only guy that has superstar written all over Joel Embiid...and he is still thinking of returning to kansas...Jabari Parker...offensively is as good as advertised...but he does have his D...and his first step...he doesnt have blow by speed...which i think is ok..since i think he is more of a Paul Pierce kind of player....Julius Randle is a beast on the boards...and his game could translate well into the NBA...however...his ceiling isnt that high....Andrew oozing with potential...but it seems that he isnt that interested in reaching it...he doesnt take over games as one with such potential should...Dante Exum has the size...but we already have Trey...a trade up for two picks if we fall outside the top four would be nice...we would need pistons like camaraderie during their championship run..if we ever want to succeed without a superstar....regardless of what happens...this group of guys is showing everyone that...they can hang with anyone...and only time will tell...till we get to the playoffs again

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