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Published: Friday, Jan. 17 2014 6:00 p.m. MST

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Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

With BYU playing to 7,362 fans in the last three road games, they could go the entire season away and be seen by less than at the "Pit". Seems like a high price to pay for independence.

Lindon, UT

The great thing about basketball is that teams from all different sizes of schools get the chance to prove themselves on the court. Last I checked, the court is the same size every where and only five players are allowed on it at a time for each team, no matter how many are watching. I read that another local team was celebrating improving their average to 9,000 in attendance. That's great! They could fill half the Marriott Center now. There is still time for the Coug's to win the conference but it will take better consistency and at least one win over the zags. Go Coug's!

Omaha, NE

I'll answer the question to you name. Addicted. I don't know any BYU fan who would count the number of people at opponent games in a road trip. The fact that you counted means you looked at BYU's schedule, looked at each opponent website somewhere, then calculated a number, just to post that on this blog. Then you conveniently picked a certain number a games that appears to be to your liking, then make a ridiculous claim related to football. Addicted and obsessed. We LOVE your following of BYU sports. You are most welcome to follow the best team in the state any day!

Springville, UT

who are U

Nice of you to chime in with some attendance smack.

I seem to remember that over 12,000+ empty chairs attended last Sunday's Ute game. I'm pretty sure there were plenty of people choosing to watch NFL football instead and not wasting their DVR space on the Ute game as well.

Let's face it, I'm betting most Ute fans were content to read about the loss Monday morning than watch it on Sunday.

Since I don't travel to attend BYU games, nor do I leave my home to go to a noisy MC, I, like many of thousands of other Y fans, am just content to watch our team from home.

Go Cougars!

Ken Lee
Pasadena, CA

playing in front of a live crowd at the pit never did much for us…these WCC games are against high quality good people and in basketball, the conference doesn't matter…good teams can win out and be national champions…watch Gonzaga…a top seed last year….by the way…tv audience is the only measure of visibility anyway….this is a tv sport…not a live gate game...

American Fork, UT

To "Who Am I?": It really doesn't matter how many fans are at away games to watch. That's irrelevant. What matters is how many are watching on TV around the country and world. BYUtv and ESPN give the cougars great visibility everywhere. Independence hasn't hurt them. They get more revenue now than what they did in the MWC. Plus who wants to be in a league that is blatantly bigoted, condescending and afraid of a school with convictions.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

The WCC is by far the best it has ever been as a league this season. No team left the preseason with a losing record. BYU has a fair shot at winning the league as does Gonzaga.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

War Memorial Gymnasium is small - it seats 5200 give or take. There is as much basketball history in that gym as there is in any other in the country. Three national championships and some other final four plus numerous tournament appearances. And some of the greatest players emerged from that place. The games played there are some of the most intense you will experience. Why? Because it is a small venue. Nuff said.

Now - go have fun around 3000 of your best friends in the HC. We will all be impressed beyond belief to hear the echoes in that massive place. lol.

River Falls, WI

I would much rather go to/watch a game at "the Pit" and judging by our low road attendance numbers against small venue WCC teams so would many other fans. So what? Would I rather be playing New Mexico in football than Texas? No. Would I rather lose road basketball games than win road basketball games? No. Not quite sure what "who Am I?"'s point was but I'm quite content to be cheering the Cougars, regardless of who or where they play. Excited to watch the game tonight. go Cougs!

PAC man
Anaheim, CA


Conference Games

Utah vs Oregon - 13,426
Utah vs OSU - 14,044
Utah at Washington - 3,424
Utah at Washington State - 2,375
Utah versus USC - 9,231

BYU at Pepperdine - 2,317
BYU at LMU - 2,908
BYU versus Pepperdine - 14,012
BYU versus LMU - 15,187
BYU at SF - not available

Frankly, there's not much difference, but the dramatic drop in attendance at the HC for USC suggests that Utah fans are already beginning to lose interest in their team.

Not surprising for a team that hasn't been a factor in a conference race since 2008.

Mtn Tracker
Ephraim, UT

Along with what Ken Lee said. I would love to see the TV statistics. I'm willing to bet BYU's TV audience even against these so called High School size programs is double what the utes get. Even on BYU TV.

Salt Lake, UT

2nd place in a league that has ZERO ranked teams isn't much to be excited about.

And speaking of ranked teams, byu's big brother just beat a top 25 powerhouse UCLA team

If I knew the mascot of Santa Claire, I would say "Go whatever they are" so we'll have to stick with just Go Santa Claire.

Bluffdale, UT

@ souptwins "They could fill half the Marriott Center now."

A lot more than that if the Marriott Center took out the bleachers and put in arena seats.

Woods Cross, UT

Can't fathom why some people are still wrapped around an axle concerning Utah vs BYU.

As of the recent events of PAC12 vs independence/WCC, the schools' pathways are diverging --- different venues, different objectives, different opposition, different numerators, different denominators, virtually different everything.

Why not acknowledge hard work and exceptional skills on both sides, understand the dedication all these athletes have demonstrated, and not worry about comparing apples to oranges.

Today's Utah victory over UCLA is something every Utah fan can celebrate, and whatever will happen later today in California with the BYU game will be fun to watch, too.

Let it go. Rise above the petty jabs and zings. Life is too short, let's enjoy it while we can.

BYU fan of the North
usa, UT

Before BYU's win tonight, their RPI on ESPN was 36. That should be increasing considering that they have now won 5 in a row and gotten out of the slump that Utah caught them in.
Before Utah's win, their RPI was 144. It won't let me post the link, but it is on That was a great win for the Utes, but if they get even to 130 RPI, I would be shocked. Congrats on the last 2 wins, but that does not make you king of the state just yet. I am still laughing at all of the Ute fans bragging about their membership in the pac 12. Isn't that the same BCS conference that you all sued? What happened to BCS conferences being equal to all the other conferences? I remember Dr. Chris Hill pushing our Attorney General to lead the lawsuit against the BCS, and then suddenly the lawsuit was dropped once you guys were allowed into the PAC12 clubhouse. Kinda funny, if you can't beat'em, join'em!

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