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Published: Friday, Jan. 17 2014 8:50 p.m. MST

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Reasonable Person
Layton, UT

Look, Utah.
YOU wanted the stay and YOU want this to go to the 10th.
If you don't already know what your arguments are, one can only ask "Why?"

Do your work. Instead of fiddling and hiring outside help, why didn't you just prepare your case?
OR....is our AG's office still not qualified?

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

So . . . they want more money and more time. Let's see, these are lawyers, right? Is anyone surprised?

Ogden, UT

When, as in this caes, a party is trying to deny the Constitutional rights of a group of people for no rationally-based reason, they deserve to be on as short a track as possible. here's hoping Utah loses this request too.

Berkeley reader
Berkeley , CA

More time needed to devise a plan to deny Utah citizens their civil rights.

It's just outrageous what the government of Utah is doing.

Salt Lake City, UT

How long does it take them to say "its our club, and we don't want you in it." Which is what the anti gay marriage argument boils down to.

Salt Lake City, UT

Well they do need to come up with a new plan since the original one didn't go so well. As long as it's only 10 days and the rest of the process continues on a fast track I suppose it's fine (though that's totally my straight privilege talking since I'm not the ones who have to wait for this).

Kaysville, UT

This is the landmark social issue of our time. All rational reporting I have seen on this issue, whether Pro- or Anti-Gay has cautioned for civility, restraint, and comprehensive two-way dialog. Asking for a few more days to prepare a case for the most complex social issue of our day sounds fair to me. I know there are many LGBT couples anxious to 'get married', but we first need to define what this marriage they want really is. For example, why should Utah allow same-sex marriages and not polygamous marriages? Rushing to grant equal rights needs to be considered in light of all the other issues that are attached to this one action. And remember, this recent Federal ruling in Utah went against an overwhelming Utah majority vote, so in this case needs due diligence before overturning a popular vote. I am all for LGBT couples getting equal protections under the law, but we first need to define what constitutes a legal marriage. DOMA was just part of the picture; I hope these comprehensive court proceedings uncover ALL the issues that require legislative action.

Huntsville, UT

No more time. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Coyote Solo
Denver, CO

I thought the 10th had already granted an expedited appeal at the state's request. What rational and constitutional argument against same sex marriage does the state think it will find in 10 extra days?

J. S.
Houston, TX

"why should Utah allow same-sex marriages and not polygamous marriages?"

Well, if a man has multiple wives, but each of those wives can only share her husband with other women. that is clearly against gender equality, Utah government certainly should not endorse that.

Los Angeles, CA

Yes more time to drop this case and get real.

Poplar Grove, UT

Why did the state ask the court to expedite the process only to turn around and ask for an extension? It makes the AG's office look like they have no clue what they are doing.

Brigham City, UT

"... the state says it needs an extension to complete a 'fulsome, detailed and quality' brief ..."

In light of a couple of senses of "fulsome," I find the choice of the word interesting and amusing:

"2: aesthetically, morally, or generally offensive"

"3: exceeding the bounds of good taste"

- Merriam-Webster's Dictionary.

Ogden, UT

Remind me again, please. How many millions of tax dollars are we going to spend before our state loses this inane battle?

Freedom to choose one's lifestyle or belief is not a matter majority vote.

Just ask several thousand former religious citizens and inhabitants in the 1830s to 40s of the states of New York, Ohio, Missouri and Illinois!

South Jordan, UT

@ JS If the woman is a consenting and competent adult then why is that such a different case than SSM? The straw man argument - "It won't hurt YOUR traditional marriage so why are you making a fuss?" - could be used in exactly the same way. The polygamous marriage won't hurt YOUR LBGT or traditional marriage...

Individual choices affect the whole society. Sure, someone else's marriage might not hurt mine, but the overall attitude of a society might hurt my children's and grandchildren's chances of having successful marriages. No Fault Divorce is a prime example of "they're adults, let them do what they want".

When building a society we should put our children well before our romantic lives.

People really hate this argument, but gay and premeditated childless marriages are an evolutionary dead end. Romanticizing gay relationships can change how individuals who might have proclivities will decide to live their lives. This does affect the social attitudes towards family structure.

Getting married isn't a club or the "happily ever after" ending of a romance. It's a commitment to each other to be the foundation of a family that brings children into the world.

J. S.
Houston, TX

If the woman is a consenting and competent adult then why is that such a different case than SSM? The straw man argument - "It won't hurt YOUR traditional marriage so why are you making a fuss?"
in both SSM and traditional marriage, spouse and spouse are equal, they have each other and only each other.

in polygamy, one husband has multiple wives, the man and one of those women are not equal in this configuration. simple as that.

What is the harm? have you ever heard "lost boys"? polygamy community kicks those poor boys out so the "chosen men" can have multiple wives. still no harm?
gender inequality is not harm?

Salt Lake City, UT

This is rather funny since Utah was anxiety-filled to have an "emergency" stay for Shelby's allowance of SSM found in agreement with equal constitutional rights. Hopefully Utah will follow the laws of the land as Joseph Smith counseled in the Articles of Faith. If needed to leave their beatifications reminiscent of their exodus from their beautiful Nauvoo occurred for religious polygamist freedom to a new country of Mexico, now Utah. Of course, their long belief in alternative marriage of polygamy may have led to their openness to accept SSM. Utah's important role in the SSM equality plea will always be remembered - perhaps they are more open than thought.

Provo, UT

If this issue now rests in the arguments of lawyers, the deliberations of judges, and judicial review, rather than in the rhetoric of the public square, and the democratic process, then there is no good reason for a hasty verdict.

A Quaker
Brooklyn, NY

That would just be another ten days they could use to delay justice to the plaintiffs and those similarly situated.

Here's a suggestion. Why doesn't Utah just ask the Supreme Court to withdraw the stay, and then the State could have as long as they want to file as many truckloads of brief as they like? Meanwhile those couples who already have their marriage licenses can have their weddings, and anyone else who wants could apply.

Dietrich, ID

Were gay people hurt for the many millennia they could not legally marry someone of the same gender? Why are they now claiming for a so called civil right they have not had for millennia before?

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